Sunday, March 30, 2008

How To Avoid The Google Sandbox

by: Pete Moret

There still is a lot of discussion going on wether the Google Sandbox exists or not. Some say it exists, some say it doesn't. Just pretend it does exist, how is it possible that some SEO's don't get hit by the sandbox filter?

First of all, let me explain to you what the Google sandbox is. The sandbox filter is a filter that Google uses on keywords with high search volume and high competition. The whole mindset of the filter is that new website go in some sort of quarantine so they don't rank high in the search engine result pages of Google. This quarantine could take from several months to a year. This was originally introduced to block out spam websites. Before the sandbox filter was born, as a spammer you could make a website, spam Google with it, get banned, and instantly make another website and get your original ranking in Google back again. But with another domainname. And because Google isn't really fast in giving penalties and bans it takes a couple of months before the new domains get caught. This was easy money making in those days! But not anymore, because now the Google Sandbox filter will solve the problem!

But that doesn't mean we're really stuck to that filter. We are optimizing for search engines, and the sandbox is part of that, so there is a solution.

Only new domains trigger the sandbox filter. So a solution may be to buy an old domain name, or if you already have one, use an old domain name. But this is often really expensive and it doesn't always fit your needs. But there is a solution for that: On this website are domains that come available the same day. Just search the age of some of the domains with the wayback machine, and if you find an old domain, you can buy it at a hosting company for as little as 15 bucks. You can also take a look in Google to see if the website on the domain is still indexed in Google, that fastens up the process a bit. It doesn't matter what domain you choose, the only thing you have to do is to 301 redirect the domain to your main domain. Then you have to hope your old domain get's indexed again so Google will know that the domain moved permanently to the new location. This will give you all the linklove of the old domain and you get the age of that domain. So you can easily build your website and gain high rankings without any sandbox restrictions.

There is another way that I used. I had bought a domain, but didn't use it at the time I bought it. I had plans for it but for the future. So I put a page on the domain, with a few backlinks to get it indexed, and a year later I started using the domain for real. But I could begin right away because the domain was already a year old!

This last one isn't really a way to avoid the sandbox but it happens a lot that you buy domains to use in the future. It isn't hard to get like 20 backlinks to it just to be out of the sandbox at the time you really want to start your website.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Auto Insurance

Having a car will really help if you have a big family. You could have a picnic or go on a holiday with your children once and a while. Go camping or fishing in a lake are good ways to spend time with your children. If you don't have a car then it will be a big problem to find transportation. But having a car means you need to have auto insurance. A good insurance have to cover some unfortunate cases such as fire, accidents or theft.

Choosing the best auto insurance for you is like finding a needle in a haystack. Advantage AutoQuotes helps you to find the best insurance policies for your car, truck or SUV. No matter what model you're driving: Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, Mercedes, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Mazda, Toyota, and Nissan, Advantage AutoQuotes is the best place for you to look for the insurance. If you have a good driving records than it is another plus for you even if you are a teenager you could get the cheapest rates and most affordable deals. Even if you have a bad record in driving you can still find insurance deals which will accept your condition. You can also check out the coverage of the insurance before deciding which deal will suit you best.

You could also get online quote from the site. All you need to do is a few simple steps such as selecting the area of living and the type of insurance you are looking for. You could also try to get the lowest rate available through the site. There are some things that affect your insurance rates, such as your driving records, number of points on license, accident history, deductible limits, vehicle value/cost of repairs, theft rates, age/experience of driver, married or single, location, distance traveled each day, and personal or business use. So finding the best auto insurance deal for you is as easy as a few clicks. Go to the site and find the best insurance for your auto.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Check Your List Twice, For Spyware

by: Doug Woodall

This season, if you have receive a new computer or new software, check em for the gifts you might not know about. Many computers come with bundled software that includes Adware, Malware and even Spyware. You may not find it until you launch the software program. It may give you a message that says it needs to connect to a site to complete the registration. Make sure you read the entire license agreement.

I know of many stories about how a user had to do a complete restore on their new computer just days after getting it. These stories involve the user spending hours on the phone with customer support trying to resolve the problem. In previous years, Dells customer support has been swamped after the holidays with calls from new users asking for help. Before you get online with the new computer, insure the AntiVirus and Firewall is functioning. The computer will probably prompt you that it needs to get updates. Check what the update is before agreeing to the install. Make sure you get the MS updates needed too.

If after all this, you still don't know which updates or installs to agree to, there are help sites that provide assistance.

Check the products site first, they may have customer support or even a Forum.

Visit Spyware Warrior for a list of rogue/suspect Anti-Spyware products and web sites.

Test your Firewall at Hacker Watch to make sure you're able to block attacks.

If you're unsure of a process thats running, check it at UniBlues process library.

These are just a few of the help sites out there, there are many excellent sites that can help you.

If after all the searching, you still need help, I recommend the Major Geeks Help Forum.

It will involve you registering and downloading the Hijack This program, running it and then uploading the log results to the Malware Forum there. They are good people there and will help you get your computer happy.

Think you've got it covered? Do the “How safe are you” quiz at Stay Safe Online.

Also a point to ponder. If you're giving instead of receiving, make sure what you give is safe and reliable.

Don't forget to create a restore point and maintain backups of important data is my last bit of advice.

So after the gift giving, after the clean up, after the nap on the couch, check your computer to insure your online safety.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guide to Web Hosting

Recently I have been trying to find a web host for my blog. I want to have a good web hosting because free services such as Blogger or Wordpress have their limitations. I want to be able to manage everything like querying the number of hits for each page and the most viewed page. These are really hard to accomplish with the free hosting, but if you have your own web hosting then it is really simple as I have good knowledge in SQL and MySQL. I have looked everywhere but couldn't find what I want.

After searching for a while I found this good site which gives you a guide to web hosting. It is a blog of Kaushal Shet. In one of his posts he gives a number of suggestions to where you should host your blog or website. He give these options after he experienced a black out with his earlier host causing all of his sites to be unreachable. Although this is something that happens out of your hand, a good host should always have at least one backup server. So if there is anything wrong with the main server they could always switch to one of the backups. After doing his research by browsing each of the top 10 web hosts, read reviews, compare the services provided and talking to his friends he gives this list: Host Monster, Host Gator and Yahoo Host.

If you really want to find a good review about web hosting, then this site will save your time. Stop wasting another minute to read all hosts reviews, just go to this site and you will have your answer. Don't hesitate because all the suggestions given there are based on facts and experiences from other people who have been using those hosts.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pay Per Click Jobs

Your Checklist To Finding The Right Job For You
by: Derek Rogers

When it comes to making a living online, the chances have never been brighter! You already see that there are plenty of people who are seeing a great deal of success when it comes to making money online, but what might not be immediately apparent is how you can join them. Search engine marketing, particularly through pay per click services, is becoming quite popular when it comes to earning a living from the comfort of your own home, but remember, you need to be critical of the opportunities that you will find. Take a look below for some tips that will steer you towards the right opportunity, and don't go forward until you can tick every single one off of your list.

Find out how much time you can devote to this opportunity.

The best opportunity for you will be one that will fit into the time that you have slotted for it. It doesn't matter how great an opportunity is if you are constantly trying to get more work, or it constantly expects more from you than you can give.

Think about the salary.

What are your current needs? Do you have a job that you are looking to get rid of, but does it currently pay the bills? Are you unemployed and need a situation fast? There is often a time period when search engine marketing opportunities and pay per click services will need to wait before they pay you. Ask how long it will be before you receive your first pay check and how much they think it will be.

Do you have the capabilities to do the job?

Think about your internet set up at home. Do you have a reliable connection and can you clock time on your own on the computer? Too many people need to fight for a turn to use the computer, and this can be quite detrimental to your plans. Take some time to really sort through your resources and what they will be for the foreseeable future. Think about any disruptions (visits, vacations, the busy time at your other job) and make sure you take them into consideration.

Do your research!

What do you know about the company that is hiring you? Do they have a good reputation online and what do people who have worked for them in the past say? Take some time to find out what people are saying in reviews and on forums about your new company. How much did the other people make, and were they paid in a regular and timely fashion? There are many points to consider when you are starting a new job, and you want to make sure that your newest opportunity is a good one.

By keeping to a checklist, you can make sure that you have criteria for judging the opportunities that you come across. This is a good rubric to use when you are choosing between pay per click opportunities because it gives you a place to start from. Take some time and make sure that this opportunity is the one that helps you succeed!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Student Loan

Nowadays education is really important. Why is it important? Without the proper education you won't be accepted for any jobs, even not for interview. Good education doesn't always means that you will be employed anywhere, but it sure give you an advantage over those who haven't had any education background. In developing countries such as Indonesia, lack of finance has been the reason why there are so many people without education. Finding student loans would be the easiest solution.

Where would you find information on loans? NextStudent is the best site to find the best loan deal for you. The site provides any loans including loans for college graduates, graduates students, college students, parents and also high school students. You must be wondering why parents are also targeted by the site. This is because sometimes parents who haven't saved money for their children's education usually need other source of money. This is where NextStudent take its part. Parents who are looking for college loans for their children should look no further. This is the site where you should be. Now if you are a student loan borrower and looking for a way to lower your monthly loan payment try the student loan consolidation program.

If you are a student and looking for a way to finance your study by applying for loans then this is the best site for you to start. It gives you the most detailed information on student loans or private student loans. It even let you to compare any loans so you could find the best loan that suit your needs. So what are you waiting for, go to the site and start funding your education.

SEO Training

How to Get the Most Out of It
by: Tracy Fredrychowski

You’ve just invested valuable time and money by completing your hands-on SEO Training. You are now sitting back in your office contemplating all the wonderful information you just gathered, but you’re really confused on where to start. You pick up your notes leafing through them hoping something will inspire you to know what to do next. You start to drift back to class wishing you where still there. You hated to leave, you didn’t want it to end, you silently wish your instructor was there telling you where to begin.

Good news! I am going to share with you a detailed search engine optimization and internet marketing plan to get the most out of your seo training and to get you started today.

Step #1 – Setting Goals

Before you can really get started you have to know what you want to achieve with your Web site. There could be a number of goals that you have in mind but your first step is get a clear picture of what you want the outcome to be. It could be:

• To gain higher rankings.
• To redesign your Web site to be more user friendly.
• To implement SEO basics throughout your site to make it search engine friendly.
• To increase your visitor response online.
• To open additional windows to your site through social media marketing.
• To launch an article marketing plan.
• Or all of the above.

What ever your goal is it is important to write it down and post it where you can see it every day. “Goals that are not written down are just wishes.”

Step #2 – Keyword Research

Any new project should always include this step. Keyword research is the basis for any successful page on your site. Let’s take the goals above and see how the keyword research you learned to perform in your seo training can be used.

• Higher rankings can be achieved by finding those keywords in your industry that have a high KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) and low competing pages. You should concentrate on finding five phrases that you can work on simultaneously.

• By redesigning your Web site you can be including your new found phrases and work them into your sales copy. If you are creating a new site this is the ideal time to make sure you are concentrating on your visitors experience while on your site.

o Include a call to action above the fold
o Contact information above the fold in straight html including area code and zip code.
o Only use Flash in small elements and not as the whole page.
o Include something that will grab your user’s attention. Something out of the normal that will make your visitor stop and take notice of your page.

• Implementing SEO basics can be a daunting task if your site is large or it is many years old. Tactics that where used years ago are no longer useful and most times are being flagged as spam. Depending on how many elements need to be addressed you need to determine if it would be better to start with a fresh page or redo the existing page. A determining factor would be if the current page is already indexed. If this is the case then it would be best to fix the existing page. If the page has too many errors and creating a new one would be wiser be sure to name the new page the same as the old one or do a 301 redirect to the new page. Include your keyword phrase when implementing your basic search engine optimization.

• Visitor response will increase if you are giving your visitors exactly what they are looking for. Only your keyword research will help you with this. We are in an instant gratification world and your visitor will only give you a few seconds to answer their search, so make sure it exactly what they are looking for.

• Open additional windows into your site by using your keyword phrases in your social media avenues. A couple great places to include your keyword researched phrases would be in your blog post and creating a lens in Squidoo around your researched phrase.

• Article marketing is not for everyone but it does allow you to open multiple windows into your site but writing articles around your phrase and submitting them to places like Scribd, and

Step - # 3 – Which one to choose?

I know you want to implement each and everyone of those goals into your site and you still don’t know where to start.

Stop here and go find five phrases to work with and don’t even think about anything else at this point.

After you find those phrases refer back to your SEO training notes and refresh your memory on how to create a search engine friendly Web page and create content for each of the new keywords you found.

It is going to be hard not to get side tracked but stick to the project at hand. Your only concern is finding 5 phrases, creating content and designing five search engine friendly pages.

Once that is done go ahead and publish the five pages to your Web site. Include each page on your site map, link it from and to relevant pages on your site and include keyword rich link text within the body of the page.

Make a note of the day you added the new pages to your site for later use.

Now that you have the first three steps under your belt you are ready to move onto step four.

Step #4 – Addressing Existing Web Site Issues

Now that you have gotten a good start with the above steps, you can start working on bringing your current Web site up to par while you are actually waiting for indexing on your 5 optimized pages. Your next plan of attack would be working on existing pages within your site. You may not be able to change every issue with your site but remember every small change could result in increased ranking for your site. You may only be able to change your title and Meta tags and not be able to change your corporate sites navigation so tackle what you can and don’t worry about the rest. Each and every issue is just one of the over 200 factors so learn to pick your battles and fix what you can.

Step #5 – Social Media and Article Marketing

Your whole goal is to open as many windows into your site as possible. You have already started this by creating 5 new pages into your site now it is time to open the windows even further. Whether you decide to use article marketing or all the endless possibility of social media marketing now is the time to concentrate on one or both of these window opening wonders.

You can use the five phrases you found in your first step or you can find 5 new ones but at this stage you are creating content to be used in articles, on blogs or bookmaking pages within the many social media avenues. Your title is the most important element when tackling this step. Make your title keyword rich, compelling and deliver what your title describes in the article or blog post.

If you are not quite ready to dive into social media start at least with adding a blog to your Web site. Your best results will come from the blog residing on your server and not one that is hosted on a free blogging site. Make a commitment to blogging regularly and always about your industry so your site and your blog are industry related.

Step #6 – Tracking Your Progress

Web analytics can show you information about all of your optimization projects. Not only will it show you your results for the 5 keyword phrases you are working on but it will open your eyes to how your visitor is moving through your site. Record your results on a weekly or daily basis. This step will help you in testing each one of your projects and help you decide which one you should concentrate more on. Usually I find 2 or 3 phrases that are really performing and those are the ones I concentrate on blogging and adding it to the social media venues.

Step #7 – Keep Up With the Changes

There is no other step as important as this one. The internet changes its landscape on a daily basis so it is imperative that what you learn in your SEO Training is always the latest information. Your Web site and or clients are depending on your expertise so don’t let them down by applying out of date or useless techniques. There are many places you can turn to for guidance.

The first place would be Google, Yahoo! and MSN’s Webmasters guidelines. Each is posted on their site and is updates each and every time they have made changes to them.

Another place would be to subscribe to one of many search engine optimization and marketing blogs created by industry leaders. Your instructor should be able to point you in the right direction to their most trusted resources.

Continue learning by attending your favorite SEO Training provider’s courses on a yearly basis. Principles and techniques change often so always keep on top them.

Often students are overwhelmed with the amount of information they are given at class but if you learn to take them in small steps starting with setting your goals you will find that your seo training is working for you and your Web site.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Content That Search Engines Will Like

by: Chris Malta

Improved search positioning means greater exposure to targeted traffic, but few E-Biz owners really understand how to run an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. According to Andy Jenkins, founder of online business forum, “Your web site ranking is determined, in large part, by the quality of your content – it must be both compelling to your visitors and consumable to the search engine spiders.”

A Matter of Substance

Jenkins reveals two key practices that can help you cooperate with the search engines and give them the kind of useful information they’re after:

Avoid Duplicate Content

When pages living on separate domains are extremely similar, the engines will classify them as “duplicate content” and rank them very poorly. One page will go in their normal index; the other will be relegated to their supplemental index, where none its value is manifested. This often poses a problem for eCommerce stores selling numerous similar items.

Every page of your web site probably has some design elements that are the same, like your navigation bar, header and footer, and any special messages, like “In Stock” or “Money Back Guarantee”. To keep from ending up in the supplemental index, you should strive to have at least more original content in your product descriptions than exists in the permanent template layout of your pages. In other words, if you have two hundred fifty words of repeating content on each page, you should also have at least two hundred fifty-one words per page of new and different content.

If writing interesting, witty descriptions of your products seems difficult, it may help to try manifesting your copy in some form of ownership. For instance, if you’re selling a box of tortellini, talk about how simple it is to cook, how good it tastes with pesto sauce, how wonderful it is to enjoy with your family around the dinner table. You’re simultaneously engaging your customers, sharing the benefits of using your product, and avoiding the mire of the supplemental index.

Implement Latent Semantic Indexing

Search engine algorithms have grown increasingly complex over time. Optimizing your copy is no longer a matter of stuffing it with keywords: “This pasta site is the best pasta site for the pasta lover’s pasta needs.” Now, in fact, repeating a keyword or phrase too often will raise red flags, and may even cause your site to drop in the rankings.

The engines have learned to recognize the relationships between many words. So to rank well for a keyword, you need to talk about things that relate to it, also know as “latent semantic indexing”. For example, if you’re trying to rank for the keyword “pasta”, you might talk about carbs, marinara sauce, fusilli, linguini, and so forth. It’s okay to sprinkle “pasta” throughout your copy, but concentrate on using latently related words. You’re generating copy that’s interesting to the users reading it, and palatable to the engines ranking it.

(Tip: To discover keywords latently related to your keywords, perform a Google search with a tilde in front of the keyword – like “~pasta”. You’ll bring back results containing latently related words: noodles, recipes, Italian, etc.)

While the search engines regularly revise their algorithms, the basic principles of SEO remain the same. You don’t need to play games or try to trick the engines to show up in their results. Advises Jenkins, “The engines want to give users the information they’re seeking. So if you create a user-friendly site with good, valuable content, you’re going to do well – period.”

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Do you have an addiction of drug or alcohol? Or maybe you have someone close to you who is an addict? You would probably want to help him/her. But if you don't know a good drug treatment centers then it would be a problem. If your loved ones happen to be an addict you would also need a good source of information on how to treat them.

ProjectKnow is a website which provides you with the information and resources related to rehabilitation. Whether it is drug rehab or any other addiction this is the place where you should be. On the site you can find information regarding alcohol treatments, drug addiction, gambling addiction, internet addictions, drug detox. Treating an addict is not easy so if you have somebody who is an addict you need an extra energy to care for them. You need to be really patient and also strict. The word strict here means that sometimes you can take pitty on them but that should not change your goal. You are there so they could cure and free from their addict. ProjectKnow provides information on how to treat an addict such as substance abuse treatment, alcohol treatment, eating disorders, etc.

A good source of information is needed when you are treating an addict. Support from their close friends and families could really help them to overcome their addiction. ProjectKnow is really the place for you search for everything that you need to know on treating an addiction.

Search Engine Optimization

Even Dummies Can Attract Targeted Website Traffic
by: Murtuza Abbas

Do you want to drive killer targeted website traffic without spending a single red dime? If you answered yes, make sure to tap into the power of search engine optimization. If you know how to optimize your site on the search engines, you are increasing your chance to get indexed by major search engines and get targeted website traffic in the process.

The goal is to get your site on the top 10 for multiple keyword searches.Here are 3 power steps you can use starting today to promote your site using search engines...

Step 1 - Website Optimization.
Step 2 - Get Incoming Links.
Step 3 - Setup a Reciprocal Linking Campaign.

Lets get down into dirty detail as to how to apply search engine marketing to promote your website...

Step 1 - Website Optimization.
Make sure to optimize your site with relevant keywords in your niche.Use your keywords in your domain name, title tags, meta tags, header tags and top and bottom portion of your website. Donot abuse the use of keywords. If you do this multiple times you will be tagged as keyword spammer.

Just make sure to include your keywords 2% to 3% times in the content of your website. Next step will show you how to get incoming links to your website which search engines really love. Having more links pointing to your site will boost up your website traffic.

Step 2 - Get Incoming Links.
Work hard to get incoming links to your website. Quality and quantity of your inbound links will determine search engine ranking of your website. The easiest way to get started with getting tons of inbound links to your website is by using article marketing.

Write articles and distribute them to various article directories. Next step will show you how to setup a reciprocal linking campaign to boost up your search engine ranking.

Step 3 - Setup a Reciprocal Linking Campaign.

This is a bit boring and time consuming task. But once you have few hundred link partners you will start receiving killer traffic to your website. You have to be sure that your website is rich in content if you want other quality websites to link to your site.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Horse Execiser

Are you an animal lover? If you are then what kind of animal do you have? Some people would love to have pets such as dogs or cats, but other also loves expensive animals such as horses. Why do horses cost a lot? A good breed horse is really hard to find. If you have one then you are very lucky because it could worth a fortune, especially if your horse is a horse race. To make them stay healthy you need to have a good horse exerciser.

Now where would you find a good horse exerciser on the internet? EuroXciser is your answer. EuroXciser was founded by Yves Lefay who on 1976 was a professional Show Jumper trainer. He stated that today there are many organizations who claimed to have knowledge about horsemen yet fail to do so. That is why he started this online site and these are his philosophy: most innovative and safest design, easiest to use and truly maintenance free, no compromises on quality / 10 years warranty, and most affordable.

EuroXciser provides a number of horse exercisers namely Derby model, Derby "E" and Derby "C" model. Using these horse walkers you would get a number of advantages such as exercising several horses at once thus saving you time and employees, prevent injuries and save your money. Compared to the old horse walker style the model offered by EuroXciser also has many improvements. Using the old model your horse will be force to work with their heads too high which can bring back and hocks injuries. Horses tend to learn to work on exercisers much faster. So using these models from EuroXciser will not just exercise your horses in a more intelligent and productive way but will also save you more money. That is why if you need horse exerciser be sure to get it from EuroXciser.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Increase Your Blog's Traffic

How to increase your blog's traffic? This question probably is the most question asked by bloggers including myself. It is really tricky to increase your blog traffic. The traditional way is to visit as many blogs as you can and leave comments on each blog. You comments must be related to the topic of the post. In those comments try to leave as many links to your blog or blog post. But once again make your links as natural as it can be, because the owner of the blog might think that your comments are spam.

Visiting many blogs can be very time consuming and the results depend entirely on the personality of the blog's owner that you're visiting. If the owner has a good sense of friendship, he will visit your blog in return. If you offer a link exchange, he will also add your link to his/her blog. Just pray that you've found a nice person, if not then just delete his/her link in your blog.

Now there are other ways to increase your traffic. First, you can but text link ads to promote your blog. This option is also a good way to attract traffic. Just make sure that you put your ads in a blog where there are many readers. Also try to make your ads interesting. Write something that will caught someone's eyes immediately. Second, you can participate in traffic exchange such as BlogExplosion, BlogMad or BlogSoldiers. I read about this traffic exchange from my friend's blog, AroengBinang. These traffic exchange oblige you to surf other people's blogs and in return your blog will also be viewed by other members of the traffic exchange. It is really simple, just spend an hour or two to visit as many blogs as you can. This way you will have a continuous page views. Third, join blog community such as Community Kompas. Fourth, try applying Search Engine Optimization. To be honest this is something that I dare not to discuss as I don't have any experiences in it. But if you want to know more, visit my friend's site

Use Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bloggerwave Payment

Another proof of paid review has arrived. Bloggerwave has just sent my payment to PayPal. I did not mention anything about Bloggerwave on my earlier post (Blogger for hire I, II and III), but I joined the site the same time as I joined Smorty and Blogsvertise. When I wrote blogger for hire I, II and III, I have not had any review offer from Bloggerwave. Since then I had only one review offer which I wrote here, here and here. Two of them have been approved. Now the first payment of the two has arrived. This is the screenshot of the payment details on PayPal.

This once again supports my beliefs that paid review is a good way to make money online. Unlike any other ways to make money such as Google Adsense or paid emails, this is the quickest and most awarding in my opinion. All you have to maintain is the traffic to your blog and of course your page rank. Just remember to balance the number of paid review written on your blog and your ordinary posts.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Internet is the best place for you find great deal on any products. But if you don't know the exact site to do your shopping then it would be a problem. It is impossible to browse all the sites and it surely would take a lot of your time. It would be really nice if you a have a directory of stores where you can just search for the product you want.

ShopWiki is the best place for you to find low prices products such as computers, electronics, clothes, home and garden and anything else. Just type the product you want to find on the search box or click on any categories provided. Clicking the "search" button will list all products related to the keyword you typed. Each search results will also lists all sites which sell the product. This way you will have the price comparison and choose the best one for you. There are many sites who give discounts for specific products. So be sure to check at least two sites before you decide where to shop. According to ShopWiki there are around 200,000 online stores who joined the site selling more than 250 million products.

Having a site such as ShopWiki will make shoppers around the world happy. They can easily find the product they are looking for. With the help of the site shopping will be very easy and fast unlike the traditional way. So go shopping with ShopWiki right now.

7 Must Know Ways To Prevent Spam

by: Timothy Rudon

Spam is the bane of everyone’s existence. Unsolicited mail flooding mail boxes has caused many problems world wide. The widely accepted definition of spam is “Electronic communication that contains material of a commercial, solicitational, or illegal nature, directed as part of bulk distribution to any address.”

The first step towards fighting spam is to learn how spam works. A useful source is CAUCE or the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email and the SpamCon Foundation. Log on to the World Wide Web and read about ant-spam laws, government stand against spam, and coalitions that are working towards prevention of spamming. Be sure to take part in anti-spam community efforts by joining forums and groups.

Spam can be prevented from entering your mail box by:
  1. Determining the IP address of the sender and blocking it.
  2. Use blacklist services like SBL ( or the RBL ( that maintain lists of IP addresses that are know originators of spammers. Blacklist services are efficient in blocking spam as they use the latest methods in preventing spam.
  3. Use the spam guard services offered by email services like gmail and yahoo.
  4. White list services where only mail from known addresses are approved by the recipient.
  5. Use heuristic engines that look for keyword patterns that match know spam rules and block messages that contain known patterns. Well known heuristic engines include SpamAssassin that has a high detection rate.
  6. Networked vigilance an open source initiative that involves continued maintenance of a data base and then the mail server asks a centralized VR node, Vipul’s razor for spam listings.
  7. Using Bayesian filtering engines like SpamBayes , This has its uses as well as downside.
Spam can also be blocked by configuring anti-virus software to scan emails for viruses. Desist from leaving your email address over the internet and signing up for freebies and news letters. Use a separate email account for this purpose. Stay abreast of anti-spam efforts and adopt the latest possible anti-virus software and firewall systems. Never open mails from people unknown to you and immediately report spam mails to the mail host/provider. Try standalone spam filtering software like Qurb eTrust Anti-Spam, iHate Spam, Spam Bully.

Experts at PC World reported that almost 75 percent of email is spam mail and that in their study they found that SpamCatcher was one of the most affordable and simplest of anti-spam tools. Another notable product was InBoxer which works only with Out Look.

Fighting spam is a world wide war and efforts are being made by software manufacturers, search engines, lay persons, as well as others.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


One of my wishes which I haven't got the chance to fulfill is to travel around the world. Aside from my responsibilities as a father, the most important reason is because I don't have the financial ability. Much of those financial have gone to my child's education and pension plan, not to mention the daily needs. But if you can go anywhere and rent an enjoyable place and affordable, would you go? All you need to do is rent a vacation rental.

Goin2Travel is a directory site where you can find information about vacation rentals all around the world. Some of them are really unique and you can't find it anywhere else. Owner of the vacation rental sometime directly submitted their properties on the site thus removing the use of middlemen. This means that it will be a lot cheaper. Find rentals in almost all destinations such as Costa Rican vacation, Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals, Carribean Villas, Captiva Island, Paris, Rome and all other top tourist destination. Clicking any of those featured destination will list all rentals available. The information on any of the rentals is very detailed including bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, activities and attractions close to the rental and of course the rates.

If you own a property and want to list it in the site all you have to do is sign up as a member. There are two member categories bronze and gold memberships. The different between the two is on the annual fee. But if you choose the gold membership then your ads will have the priority to feature on area page. Goin2Travel provide services that really help owners to promoter their properties, whilst for renters it really helps them to find the most suitable vacation rental.

Blogsvertise Payment

Finally, the email I've been waiting for a month arrived. As I have told you here, I am waiting for my first payment from Blogsvertise. I have received payments from ReviewMe and Smorty. All there is to left is the payment from Blogsvertise. According to the explanation from Blogsvertise, they will send you the payment one month after the review you wrote has been approved. But if the payment has not arrived on the 30th day, don't be alarmed. As this is not an automated payment system there will be delays. So I waited on the 30th day, still it didn't come. At last on the 31st day, the moment I've been waiting for finally arrived. First the email from "Lang Tech Corp" stating that I have received a payment showed up on my Google mail. You can see the screen shot below.
Then I confirmed the payment to Blogsvertise site. The payment status for the review has changed from "unpaid" to "paid". The screen shot is below.
Last I checked on my PayPal account. It has been credited with the amount paid by Blogsvertise.
So again I have proven that the service is really true. So what are you waiting for join Blogsvertise right now and start making money from your blog!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Credit Cards

Paying your monthly bills will give you headaches if you don't have a financial plan. Even if you do have plans, sometimes it is not always successful. In case of emergencies you need some source of money with low interest. The use of credit cards for those emergencies is necessary. But before you go to a credit company to apply for a credit card, you need to have the right information about the credit card you're applying.

Fool's Credit Card Comparison Centre is the first place for you to be if you are in need of credit cards information. They've got all the information you need in comparing credit cards offered by well-known companies such as Barclay, Virgin, Egg, Capital One, etc. Read the all the details offered by the company such as the minimum monthly payments, annual fee, interest rate for cash withdrawals, penalty for exceeding limits. All the information provided by an independent third party called MoneyFacts. You should always check terms and rates for a product directly to the product provider. After using the card for a while you might still have some balance, but you always pay on time then you should be eligible to apply for an interest free credit cards. You can then transfer your balance and for a period of time you will be free of interest. So the money you pay will directly pays off your debt. is not only about credit cards. Recently the site has added new services such as personal loans, secured loans and car insurance. Whenever you need information on comparing credit cards or any other loans, is a nice place to start.

Nokia 6500 Classic

Want a silver screen to watch movie on your palm! The Nokia 6500 Classic can offer fun imaging feature, allowing users to record, playback and stream video on the phone. Born with the best; the Nokia 6500 Classic Phone receives praises from the users because of its compact casing, 3G technology and a 2 inches QVGA LCD screen to provide sophistication while phoning, high speed broadband connection along with fast data transfer, multitasking capabilities and video streaming, and to provide excellent visual presentation respectively.

Order Nokia 6500 Classic from the retailing sites to get the excellent phoning, imaging, and web browsing at an affordable price. The Nokia 6500 Classic Phone encompassed with 2-mega pixel camera and music player provides users with the ultimate imaging and music experiences. The camera can steal the show by offering beautiful images and portraying videos on the screen. The music player can soothe the minds through its tuneful sound and melodious music. As far as messaging is considered; the Nokia 6500 Classic Phone has put much emphasis on text messaging, multimedia messaging and email to assess non-verbal communication. The clarity of communication is determined with wireless connectivity and networking. Order Nokia 6500 Classic online as it does not rely on cables t download games and applications, transmit data and files, send multimedia messages and email and browse internet on the move. In fact, the Nokia 6500 Classic Phone supports Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, Quad Band technology, HSCSD, WAP and XHTML to render wire free communication in the form of multimedia and mobile computing.

When multimedia communication is at its offing; the introduction of the Nokia 6500 Classic Phone has set a new trend of communication to develop computer-generated performance on the mobile phone. In short, the Nokia N6500 Classic is regarded as a sophisticated device designed with all the latest technology you could need.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to Make Money from Your Blog

For bloggers out there who haven't heard about this yet, do you know that you can get paid for blogging? Is it true? Is it only just rumors? Don't hesitate I have proved it myself and let me tell you that it is one hundred percent true. If you want to start making money then please read on.

Smorty connects advertisers with a great number of quality blogs. Why do advertisers need bloggers? They need bloggers to make a buzz about their new site or product. Blog advertising has now become a new trend on the internet. A blog with high traffic means a good place to get new customers. That is why advertisers love to advertise on blogs. For bloggers, it is really nice to get paid to blog. You can write about the things you like. For example if you like to talk about cooking, then you can write reviews about it as well. Smorty will ensure that you get offers for the topic you selected. Bloggers have to maintain their blog so it is not just a blog for money. You need to keep on writing the things you like beside reviews. That is the way to maintain your readers.

From my experiences, Smorty is a very good site. It is reliable as the payment is never late, not even one day. Smorty pays you every end of the week. It has a good user interface, you can easily know your way around. Payment is sent through PayPal to ensure security. So if you want to make money from your blog, Smorty is the right place for you.

What is DSL?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It is a service that makes the use of existing copper telephone wires for delivering data services at extremely fast speed rates. It does not hamper the existing telephone line. You can surf the Internet and talk on the phone, simultaneously.

DSL offers speeds that are around 5 to 25 times higher than a typical 56Kb dial-up connection. It is an always-on type of connection. This implies that websites would load quickly, downloads would be faster, buffering of videos would be fast and smooth and the domain of Online games would be illimitable.

Based on the types of service, DSL can be can be categorized in three divisions which are ASDL, IDSL and SDSL.

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It offers download speed of 1.5 Mbps and upload speed of 384 K. In order to acquire a ADSL connection, your location has to be within 3 miles of your local telephone office. Also, a DSL router is needed for this type of connection.

IDSL is a ISDN Digital Subscriber Line service which requires an ISDN router. It provides a connection speed of 144 K. in this type of connection distance is not a component to be considered.

SDSL means Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line. The speeds available under this type of DSL connection depends on the distance between your location and your local telephone office. The speed of downloads and uploads can go up to 1.1 Mbps.

Advantages of DSL

No installation of new wires is required. DSL uses the present telephone line to connect to the Internet. It provides extremely fast connection. Depending on the offer, you would not even have to pay for the DSL modem installation charges, since it is provided free by some of the companies on selection of the appropriate plan. The download rate is much higher in DSL connections. Many business organizations have gained the benefits of DSL. A DSL connection is very secure.

Disadvantages of DSL

The quality of your DSL connection depends on the distance between the DSL providers office and your location. Nearer you are, the better quality connection would you get. So, consumers located far from the local DSL office may face some trouble. DSL provide high speeds for downloading stuff but upload speeds are not that good.

DSL vs Cable Modems

The services provided through a cable modem can sometimes slow down or get hanged. It depends on the number of users accessing that particular service. But, in a DSL connection there is no such problem. The speed of DSL is consistent and high. This does not allow any kind of conjunction on the network. It provides more security than the cable modem connections. The popularity of DSL has risen to new heights which has resulted in disconnections and up gradations of the cable modem connections.


Home is where your heart is. This is true if you have a comfortable home to share with your families. A nice home is build by having a clean and healthy environment inside and outside of the house. You need to get enough amount of sun beams. Inside of the house you could make it a nice place with good decoration and furnitures. If you are a person who is following the latest trend you could try installing modern furnitures into your living room.

Now where would you find a site who is specialized in providing modern furnitures? Room Service is the place for you look for furnitures that are well-designed and well-made. They also ensure that the furnitures sold there are stylish, functional yet affordable. These low prices can be achieved because Room Service directly source some of the goods, thus cutting the use of middlemen. Keeping the operating overheads minimum is another way to have those low prices.

There are four main categories of furnitures that you can browse at the site: living room, dining room, bedroom and kids room. Each of these categories also have sub categories. Clicking any categories will give you the products filed under that category. Read the details of each product. Should you be interested you can add it to your shopping cart. The site accepts payment using Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express or you can contact the site directly if you want to pay by cash or cheque. Room Service offers a 5% discount on your next purchase. To ensure that you don't miss their great offers join the newsletter. Finding a well-design yet affordable modern furnitures is really hard, but with Room Service you can find almost any furniture you want.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Is Fantastico?

Fantastico is a program that comes with most hosting packages, integrated with the popular online control panel- Cpanel to offer web hosting useres the ability to install popular programs and scripts. The installation of these programs and scripts are significantly simplified, all with the ease of a click of a button. Web-hosting users are able to install multiple instances of popular open source programs for their web design needs. For users who intend to get their sites up and running in minimal time, Fantastico is the perfect solution.

Also referred to as Fantastico Deluxe, the popularity of this program seems to just keep on growing, and with good reasons. An interesting feature of Fantastico is that it is updated on a regular basis to ensure that users will always get the latest software patches and upgrades. Users will have that peace of mind of knowing that their scripts are kept up-to-date with security updates and functionality improvements.

It is important to note that Fantastico is available for Linux / PHP web hosting only. Having said that, this is not to be mistaken with its compatibility with the user’s operating system. Linux / PHP web hosting works perfectly fine for users using Windows as their operating system. In fact, most of the web hosting services on the web are running on Linux system.

Fantastico Deluxe also normally comes with Templates Express, which is a series of static templates for website building. This reduces the hassle of having to build websites from scratch, especially for beginners. Webmasters can expect to easily set up a fully functioning dynamic website and has many features such as polls, calendar, weblinks, message comments etc. Other features include multiple polls, templates, unlimited options, IP logging, IP locking, cookie support, comment feature, vote expire feature, random poll plus more. Fantastico includes easily over 40 scripts for you to choose from. For the more experienced users, you would notice that Fantastico is an amazing cPanel/PHP based Web application. It automatically installs preconfigured PHP/MySQL scripts and databases into a Cpanel-managed virtual host.

In short, Fantastico is ideal for any web designer or developer, ranging from someone with no knowledge of building websites to an expert web designer. It provides streamlined development and management process of your website, thus ensuring a hassle-free and a greatly reduce human error in web designing activities. The best part is that Fantastico would normally come as default and for free with every cPanel hosting plans and WHM Reseller accounts. So, needless to say that the next time you go on search for your web hosting solution, having Fantastico is a definite must.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Online gaming has now become a new trend on the internet. At my internet cafe usually customers come to play traditional MMORPG online games such as Rising Force and Seal. Those games are suitable for teenagers or young adults, but for someone who is already in his mid twenty or above they need something more challenging such as online casino.

Rushmore online casino is a good place for those who love playing in a stylish, yet fair and responsible environment. The site also upholds fairness and transparency of the game. This can be proved by providing a history of finance and game. All players can review the details of every wager placed. These details include the exact date and time, the amount, winning and the game results. The financial history shows all deposit and withdrawal made on the user's account.

To join Rushmore you only need to enter few details such as email address, account name, password, first and last name, your details of address and phone. Upon signing you will be eligible to get an $888 welcome bonus. To play you need to download the game software and then install it in your computer. The Real Time Gaming software used by Rushmore is guaranteed to give you a fast and user friendly environment. It is also known for its tight security. To play with real money you have to deposit to your casino account using Visa, Master, Eurocard, or Click2Pay and RC Cash for online payment. On your first deposit you will receive 100% match bonus worth up to $400 and on your second get 100% match bonus worth up to $488. It's really interesting isn't it? Don't hesitate, just go to the site and join to play with the best online casino on the internet.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Withdraw Money from PayPal

Hurray, after waiting for some time (three days to be exact), my first withdraw from PayPal is a successful one. From now on I will not have any doubt on PayPal, I will continue to use it as my online payment or to receive money online. I have already proved it, what about you?

This is my account activity on the 3rd of March 2008. You can see that I have withdrawn $200 into Indonesian Rupiah. For exchanging the currency from USD to IDR, PayPal did not charge me, so I guest this is another plus for PayPal.

This is my bank account. You can see that on the 6th of March 2008 there was a payment of exactly the same amount that PayPal sent me. So it only took three days for the payment from the time it was processed by PayPal to reach my bank account. The site officially states that it could take 5-10 days of work days for the process to be completed. But I know now that it took less than that. So come on guys look no further PayPal is the best online payment for you to use.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Making A Good Review - Part II

In the earlier part of the tutorial we have discussed how to make an opening paragraph. Now in this post we are going to discuss how to make a main paragraph. As we talked about earlier a good review consist of three paragraphs. First is the opening, then the main paragraph and the last is the conclusion.

The main paragraph is the most important part of your tutorial. This is what your review is all about. First thing that you have to do is read through all contents of the site. Find anything that interests you or mark the positive and negative that you find. To continue our last example about vacuum cleaners we are now going to make the main paragraph. Suppose the site you’re reviewing is selling vacuum cleaners. The opening paragraph is to make sure that the readers know the benefit of using a vacuum cleaner instead of the traditional tools like broom. You could start with the type of vacuum that is sold on the site. If the site also provides a search tool, you can also describe how to use it or what kind of search that you can do, for example: searching by keywords, type, price range, or the model of the vacuum. You need to explain what descriptions are given for each search you find. Commerce site often gives special prices or offers. This is also a good topic to write on your review. Payment method is also very important as the readers who want to buy need to know how they can make payment. If the site accepts credit cards, what type of credit card do they accept? Some commerce sites accept online payment such as Paypal. You must ensure that these things are there on your review. So your review would be a review and almost surely be accepted by the advertiser.

The last paragraph is the conclusion. You need to write at least one conclusion. If you find the site that you’re reviewing is a really good site, then your last sentence could be: “if you ever have the need to buy a vacuum cleaner, this site is the best for you to look because ….” Advertisers most likely want a positive review, but some also like your true opinion. In this case if you think that the site is nothing different than the others, you must say so. In the end the review you’re going to write really depends on the task that was given to you.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Champions League Results

Milan Knocked Out by Arsenal

In an almost one sided game, the defending Champions AC Milan has to bow down to their opponent Arsenal in the return leg of Champions League last sixteen. This result means that Milan could end this season without a trophy as they already out of the Coppa Italia and is behind Inter Milan with more than 20 points in the Serie A. Currently they are 5th in the league, which means one position behind the last team to qualify for Champions League next season.

Milan started the game very well, with chances from Pato and Pippo Inzaghi. Maldini also had his header cleared off the line by Fabregas. But on the half our mark, Arsenal began to dictate the game. Kalac had to save a thunderous shoot from Adebayor. A while later Fabregas hit the woodwork from just outside of the penalty area. Approaching half time, Arsenal still played their passing game while Milan sit back and tried to counter attack using long ball.

Milan tried to control the game in the second half only to find themselves forced to defend. Both Senderos and Eboue had chances but they missed. Pirlo then tested Almunia from a free-kick. Milan found it hard to break down Arsenal's midfield, these really frustrate them and was showed by Kaka who received a yellow card after throwing the ball to the ground. On a quick break from the midfield Fabregas launched a long shot which ended in the back of the net. Arsenal then had an away goal advantage thus Milan had to come out and really need the equalizer. By doing so they left their defense open. Walcott exploited Milan's lack of concentration. He was left open the right side and then he sent a low cross which was met by Adebayor to make it 2-0 for Arsenal. By then Milan's faith was sealed, they were really punished for their lack of stamina. This is understandable looking at their tight schedules which force them to play every three days.

Milan's elimination leave the competition wide open. So this year we will have a new champions. Last time a team win this competition back to back is Milan who won it in 1989 and 1990, since then there is no other team who can be champions two times in a row.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The game bingo is a common game played either in the US and Canada or in the other part of the world, United Kingdom. Both of these games have similar game play. The only different is the tickets and the calling of the card. In the US you play with printed ticket of 5x5 numbers, while in the UK your ticket is printed with 15 numbers arranged in nine columns by three rows. This is a really easy yet fun game and played by many people all around the world.

At PartyBingo you can play online bingo. You can play with your friends or find new friends on the site. You can find many bingo games there such as 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, instant bingo, Old MacDonald and Fruity Looty. To play with real money, you must first create an account. Creating a PartyAccount is fairly simple and straightforward, you just need to follow the on screen instructions. Before you can make any deposit you need to register few details at the Cashier. To make the deposit the site accepts major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, wires, iGM-Pay, FirePay, and many more.

To make the game more interesting, PartyBingo also offers lots of bonuses. For new players you can earn free extra cash upon registration. It also schedules promotions such as Sooper Dooper, Lucky Number 2, Full House Glory, Daily Specials, etc. All these special offers are sent by email or regular mail, so you need to login and check your emails regularly thus you won't miss any offers or gifts. With all of those great offers and exciting games, PartBingo is the site for you who love to play online bingo.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Making A Good Review - Part I

At first I'm a little bit shy to write this tutorial as I have only been writing reviews for several months now. During those months I have joined many advertising sites such as ReviewMe, Smorty, Blogsvertise and many more. But from many sites that I joined those three are the sites which generate most of my revenue. But recently I have also managed to write review offers from Bloggerwave.

Now let us turn ourselves to the topic here. How to write a good review? Good review means that it is not only acceptable and meets the standards given by the advertisers but also provides useful information for your readers. It is useless to just write about something that no one will understand. You need to use good words and sentences that make up a good paragraph. It is the same as the basic writing rules. You need to have a solid idea and then build your writing around that. Usually the advertisers want you to write a minimum of 200 words, thus you can divide this to three paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction, the second is the main and most important paragraph, the last is for conclusion and anything you want to add up.

You can begin the first paragraph by making statements that will support the reviewed product or site. For example, if you are told to write about vacuum cleaners, you can start by explaining what is the use of it and why is it important. So your first line could be something like this: "Keeping your home clean is a very hard thing to do if you are cleaning it by traditional tools such as a broom". This sentence contradict the traditional tools for cleaning, in this case represented by broom, and the advance tools that you are going to review, the vacuum cleaner. By now, the reader should have a slight idea with what you're trying to tell them. The second line of your paragraph will say: "This trouble can be overcome with the help of a vacuum cleaner". The reader will then think and may agree with you that a vacuum cleaner is a better tool to use in cleaning up a messy and dirty house. You can then build a good introduction paragraph about vacuum cleaner. The introduction is usually the most important and difficult part to write. But once you have a solid introduction the rest is really simple.

To be continued ...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Second Act

In this era of entertainment, tv is the most used means for broadcasting. In the big city such New York, Tokyo, London you can see big screen tvs that broadcast live coverage of exciting news araound the globe. Televisions went trough lots of revolutionary evolution from black and white tv to todays colour tv. Today you can choose from flat tv, plasma or HDTV which use the latest and most advance technology today.

Second Act is an online retailer from big names manufacturer such as Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Denon, Marantz, JVC, Hitachi who specialized on HDTVs. If you go to the site you can search HDTVs according to their brand, price range or their sizes. Sizes can be vary from 29", 30"-39", 40"-49", 50"-59", and 60" and larger. If you have a limited budget why not browse their products according the price range. The range can be from up to $999.99, $1000-$1499.99, $1500-$1999.99, $2000-$2499.99, $2500 and higher. Clicking any of these categories or just type the keyword in the search box will give you the search result. Click on the details if you want to see the full information of the product. Add it to your cart should you wish to buy the product.

On Second Act you can find not only the latest and newest HDTVs product but also factory refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, end-of-life, open box and more. That is why you most likely will find that the products sold on Second Act have the lowest price on the internet. Second Act also offers Deal Of The Day which will give you a further discount for the featured product. The deal will change daily at 7 am cst. So make sure that you check the site everyday because your dream product could be the next product for the Deal Of The Day. Now if you don't want to miss a single deal you can sign up and receive the offer via email or RSS. With all the great products and low prices that you can get, Second Act is really the place for you to look for HDTVs.

Waiting For Payment

A month has passed, I am still waiting for my first payment from Blogsvertise. If you don't have the slightest idea what Blogsvertise is then you should read my other posts: Blogger for hire part I, II and III.

During last month I have written some reviews, well around 14 reviews I guess. Unlike Smorty who pays weekly, according to the site, Blogsvertise will pay you 30 days after your review has been approved. Now, if you at the picture below which shows all the reviews I have written, my first payment will come around the second weed of March.

The first task given to me was on 6th of February. Now I usually write the review 3-4 days after the task was given. So we add it up by 4 days to the date to get 10th of February. This was when the completed review submitted. To get approved you will then need 3-4 days again. Adding 10th of February by 4 days yield 14th of February. This is the date when the task was approved. So if Blogsvertise pays you 30 days after the task was approved, it means I will get my first payment around 14th of March or the second week of March. It is worth the wait, because I will get around $130 richer by the time I get all the payment. Let us just pray that my payment will arrive soon. I will post on this blog if the payment has arrived. Till then keep on blogging!