Friday, February 15, 2008

Blogger For Hire: Part II

Up until now I am really satisfied of the way things are going with Smorty. There are few things though that I would like to be improved. First, the deadline of the review is too short. I think a five hours deadline is a bit soon. I honestly think I can write a good review with the time given, but suppose you want to write an extensive and complete review and need to do a bit of research, that kind of time limit is way to little. Second, once you have put in the actual link of the review, it takes 3-4 days for you to have the decision whether it is approved or declined. This is different from ReviewMe as it will only takes 1-2 days for a review to be approved.

I have only recently joined Blogsvertise, but I'm really satisfied with it. I got a review offer every other day. The price of a review is quite good between $7.5 and $10. If that is not enough, there is also a bag system where you can grab review offers. This bag system is an interesting feature of the site. If you go to your blog list and see a bag icon beside the url link of your blog, click it as fast as you can. The bag system works like this, from time to time there are review offers that anybody can grab. It works in a first in first out system, so the fastest you click the accept button the higher the chance you will get the offer. But you must remember that the grab icon will only appears in one of your blog, thus if you have more than one blog don't expect to have more than a bag icon showed up. Once you accept a review offer from the bag, the icon will disappear. Be sure to check the bag system from time to time as there is no exact time when it will appears. Approval of a review will be received between 3-4 days. I can't give you any advice on the payment because I'm still waiting for my first payment. As soon as I receive the payment, I will post something here as comment. I almost forgot, a review offer will remain in your task management for five days, it will disappear if you don't write anything. It's better if you decline the job and put the reason why than just doing nothing. It will also affect your rank.

Next is SponsoredReviews. There is not much to tell you about it beside that it uses a bidding system. There are a lot of review offers but you must bid first. I have submitted many bids but none of them are accepted. I don't know the reason but maybe because there are others who bid lower than mine. Once you've submitted a bid there is a long waiting time. I find it a little bit disappointing to have waited for so long and get rejected. It should be more quickly so we can turn our attention to other review offers once our bid is rejected.

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