Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coca-Cola Zero

You might be wondering what is the title all about. Well if you want to find out you can read on. Coca-Cola Zero is a new product launched by Coca-Cola (at least in Indonesia I know that this is a new product, I don't know about anywhere else). I myself just knew the new product when I was shopping at Carefour with my family. There were sales promotion girls who was giving away free Coca-Cola Zero for free. First taste, it seems like a regular Coca-Cola taste but after reading the advertised there where it said "Greate Taste, No Sugar" then I realized that the sweet taste of the Coca Cola is not from sugar.

If you want to read the full story of this new Coca-Cola product, you can go to the official site here. From what I read, this product targets young adults males. Advertising in the U.S. always says that this product is "calories-free" rather than "diet" because the word diet is usually associated with females. According to Wikipedia, the product began to launch in Norway on June, 2006. The latest celebrities to have been signed by Coca-Cola to promote their new product is Wayne Rooney and his girlfriend Coleen McLoughlin. I think that you should try it as the taste is really sweet but of course "calories-free", so don't be afraid to lose that six-pack of yours. Like the motto used in Indonesia "Ayo Coba, Pasti Suka!". Try it, you'll like it.

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