Saturday, May 31, 2008

Acne Treatment

Acne has been the number one enemy for most teenagers. As a newly mature person you surely want to have a great skin especially in your face. But for people who have oily face this would be a hard thing to achieve because the oil on the surface of their skin give a greater chance of having acne attack. I had experienced this when I was still in high school until I found the best acne treatment on the internet.

Acne treatment from Murad is called Acne Complex. It is worth to try as it has been proven by many people. With three simple steps which include cleanse, treat and hydrate the treatment will guarantee you to have a healthy and glowing skin. Use the clarifying cleanser to clean your skin deeply without irritation. It will also soothe and calm your skin and guarantee to kill 99.9% of surface bacterias. Use the treatment gel to heal existing blemishes. It is also used to prevent new ones from growing. The third and final step is done by using the skin perfecting lotion to free your face from oil and calm redness or irritation. Acne Complex guarantee to give results in 4 weeks.

If you have bought the products and not 100% satisfied by it you can return the products within 60 days from the time of purchase even if they are already empty. You can ask for a refund or exchange the products. If you have problems with acne then I suggest you take a look at Murad's acne treatment. The product from Murad is tested on humans and not animals thus the result is concrete. You can be sure of the product as it has received many recognitions from lots of beauty experts.

Good Website Content

by: Gally Reznor

Reading a website is not similar to reading a book or a newspaper, therefore before you start spilling money on campaigns be sure your site is built in accordance with internet writing standards. Lets talk about few simple rules you don't want to break when building a website:

Don't waste your visitors time

Time is money. Most people decide whether they are interested in what the website has to offer in just to seconds. Therefore make sure your landing page provides the most crucial and appealing information about your business.

Number one time waster is a heavy loading pages with lot's of flash animations and pictures. Make sure your web pages are not too heavy otherwise you might loose your visitors before they entered your website.

Most of the visitors need to find what they are looking for fast, otherwise they look for it elsewhere. As a webmaster you must make sure your data is well categorizes and divided to relevant pages , categories, headlines and sub-titles. A visitor must be able to navigate your website easily and successfully.

Avoid too much "Special affects"

By this I mean don't include too much flash movies and avoid using music if you don't have to. As we mentioned earlier, Flash has a large loading time which damages viewer experience, besides too much flash may be annoying and search engines can't read it.

Music is a great thing, but somehow music and websites do not fit too well. If you want to put some background tune anyway, make sure a user can silence it quickly and easily. Or in contrary , let the user click "Play" and begin the music when he decides.

Pop-ups and new pages

If you have links in your site , I strongly advise you not to use the pop-up option and not to open these links in new window. Seemingly pop-ups and new windows are a very good idea if we don't want the visitor to navigate from our website but many years of experience shows that users prefer to click "Back" buttons. As to pop-ups , most of browsers tend to block them , and you don't want to waste your viewer time on enabling pop-ups.


Use standard fonts which are supported by all browsers, like Arial and Times New Roman. You don't want your viewers to get gibberish and go away from your website. Don't use very small or very large fonts . You don't want your pages to smear for miles and you don't want to scare away people with poor vision.

Friday, May 30, 2008

AMS Fulfillment

In today's business a good relationship between companies are no longer based on words. Unlike years ago where you can rely on gentlemen agreement when doing business, people nowadays will judge you by your action. They tend to ask for prove then your words. So if you say that you will fulfill the order by the end of the month they expect you to do so or better if you can finish it before the end of the month. When your company is having a hard time to manage fulfillment then it is time for you to seek the help from third party services.

AMS Fulfillment is a company that provides services for warehousing, assembly and fulfillment. They help their clients to operate within their budgets thus help them to save cost. Through their advanced operating systems, refined processes and controlled overheads they also help clients to protect the inventory from damages and losses. Manage your product fulfillment operations from your desktops by using user friendly tools. These tools are based on AMS Technology which include internet based front end, order processing system, warehouse management system, shipping manifest system and disaster recovery system. Integration among these tools helps your business to get outstanding results.

Many industries have relied on AMS Fulfillment to maintain their order fulfillment process. These businesses come from variety backgrounds such as shoes and apparel, entertainment, costume jewelry and many more. If you are interested in their services you can call this Toll-Free number: 800 / 931-4267 to learn more about their fulfillment services. AMS Fulfillment is the name that you can trust if you are talking about fulfillment services.

Authorised and Unauthorised Software

by: Jane Smith

The bigger your business is, the harder it can sometimes be to keep an eye on what’s happening with your software.

All businesses need software for their computers; the type and amount of software programs required depends largely on the type of business being run and how large it is. But regardless of these issues the problem of whether your software is authorised or unauthorised can rear its ugly head in any business, and it’s important to have adequate measures in place to ensure that any problems associated with unauthorised software are kept to a minimum.

Many employees don’t recognise the problems that can occur when unauthorised software is introduced into the system. Of course the most pressing issue is that of keeping within the law; keeping a copy of the software locked up safely in your software library is perfectly acceptable, but installing that same software on half a dozen computers in a single office is most certainly not.

Unfortunately some employees are naïve when it comes to this kind of breach. It can be worth amending the staff handbook or guidebook to ensure that guidelines and advice regarding such matters are included there for them to read. Department memos and perhaps even training sessions to help raise awareness of these issues can also help to bring people in line with what’s required by law, and what’s required by the company as a whole.

Of course some employees will assume that they are doing the company a favor by using software in inappropriate ways. Why purchase more copies than you really need when one or two copies can be used to install the program throughout an entire office? Employees that take this line of thinking assume they are doing a good thing by saving the company money – not thinking ahead to the possible fines and fees associated with being caught.

The other main problem associated with using unauthorised software is the risk of introducing viruses and other unwanted ‘hangers on’ into the business systems. If an employee brings a copy of some software they have at home, or worse, accesses it from the internet, they are putting the safety of the whole company at risk.

It’s plain to see that using authorised software is the only safe and legal route to making sure you get the best from your computer system. The challenge is in making sure all staff members recognise and accept this same fact, and don’t do anything to jeopardise it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Choosing Life Insurance

Nowadays when the rate of death is increasing rapidly due to diseases or accidents we need to have a plan for loved ones whom we leave behind. The easiest to ensure that your loved ones will have a good life after you are gone is by having a life insurance. By having this type of insurance you will leave an amount of money paid by the insurance company to people that you have made beneficiaries when you pass away. The money your loved ones will receive is free from taxes. Of course in the beginning when you open insurance you need to pay the insurance company the premiums. is a good place for you to search for information on this type of insurance. Get quotes of life insurance instantly by entering some information such as the state you live in, date of birth, gender, height, weight, the amount of coverage you want, length of term and mode of premium. Once you have finished filling in these details you will also be asked some questions regarding your health and your driving history. One thing that you have to really consider before deciding the length of time of your insurance is that the longer the term then you will have to pay a more expensive premium. This is understandable because if you choose lifetime insurance then the company is bound to pay your heir sometime in the future. This is why lifetime insurance has the highest premium.

Now the most asked question when you are choosing a life insurance is the rate. provides you a search engine that will help you to find the best insurance with customized rate and policy. Choosing the right company to buy insurance with is also very important. If you have found an insurance that satisfied your qualifications, you also need to have a background check on the company that is offering that insurance. Finding the best life insurance for you is made easy by Remember that you may die anytime so you need to have a plan for people you leave behind. Check out the site now and choose the right insurance for you.

LeaderTask - Alternative to Outlook!

by: Ivan Abramovskiy

I once asked a friend of mine what is the best organizer? He said, "Microsoft Outlook, of course". Then he thought a bit and added, "The most popular one, anyway." But popularity is not the key issue for me. And since I have to write down (or keep in mind) a lot in my work, I decided to take it more seriously. I have studied a lot organizers and schedulers. LeaderTask from the Almeza company has turned out to be the most appropriate and convenient one for me. I will not compare it with all organizers, but only with the most popular one – Microsoft Outlook. No doubt Microsoft Outlook is a high-quality software product, but LeaderTask outdoes it in some things. Though Outlook is better in some other things. I will enumerate all these parameters in this article. So...

LeaderTask advantages.

1. Separate object groups.

There are different types of objects defined in LeaderTask. These include: projects, tasks, notes.

Projects in LeaderTask mean those things that have time limits. Something specific results from a project being completed.

A task in LeaderTask is the description of what should be done in order to complete a project (project steps).

Notes are chaotic records that can be assigned to projects and separate tasks (they may also deal with a contact/category/time, etc.). Notes serve as a convenient tool for taking down separate thoughts that can be useful for completing a project or a task.

A project may contain several tasks. For example, the "Writing an article" project may include the following: "Studying materials", "Writing a draft", "Sending it to the editor", "Correcting the article". The result of the project is an article. That is, something large is split into smaller parts, which is very convenient to use.

Besides, every project has the following properties: a name, a group (logical, the one the project belongs to), a contact (the list of project participants), a time period (the time the project will be completed within), notes (comments to the project). You can filter tasks by these properties (single out tasks from the list of tasks). I will dwell on filtering a bit later.

Each task can contain subtasks. For example, the "Studying materials" task may include the following subtasks: "Visit the library", "View information on the website", "View advertising materials". Any task has parameters (tags) that can be also used for filtering. These include: "Projects", "Contacts", "Categories", "Calendar".

Outlook has nothing like this - no different types of objects are defined in it. There are no separate projects, tasks, notes – there are only equal tasks. It means that notes (occasional thoughts) will be in one list, which will make searching for a particular note afterwards more difficult. It is completely unacceptable for a person who values time.

2. Tree-like tasks.

Tasks in LeaderTask are arranged in the form of a tree, which is achieved due to the task hierarchy (splitting tasks into subtasks). It allows you to classify tasks, combine them into one project (or into a task of a higher level). This way you get tasks that are not scatterred, but strictly structured. The tree-like structure allows you to see the heirarchy and understand what tasks belong to what at any time. It reminds the tree of folders and files in the operating system. It is much more convenient to keep tasks this way (since you are quite used to it). Besides, these hierarchies can have as much levels as you need.

The tree-like structure allows you to:

See all tasks at once;

Sort tasks. You can sort tasks by any property (important/unimportant, personal/business, etc.);

Group tasks. You can group tasks by criteria (either by one or by several criteria at once). Criteria include: project, time, category, contact;

Use the "Periodic Task" option allowing you to complete tasks that may occur at certain intervals;

Customize the settings. It is possible to customize the task tree the way that suits you best;

Hide completed tasks. You can show (or hide) completed tasks at any time. Which is also very convenient and allows you not to pay attention to tasks that are already completed.

Tasks are not arranged as a tree in Outlook. It has one level only. All tasks are arranged in one list, there is no embedment, which makes it sometimes difficult to make out what a particular tasks belongs to. It is as if all files on the computer were located in one huge folder. It is very inconvenient.

3. Flexible interface customization.

It is possible to flexibly customize interface in LeaderTask (as in many modern programs). Any user can customize tasks to be displayed in the way he finds convenient. The following items can be used to achieve it.

Floating panels. All panels in LeaderTask are floating – they can be dragged to any part of the main window. The user can set the panel size, set its position and type, specify how many panels should be displayed at a time. Besides, every panel has thee buttons in the right corner of its title bar. They allow you to maximize the panel (inside the main window of the program), activate popup mode for the panel (the panel will slide out when you move the mouse pointer over it), close the panel.

Highlighting. Every user can highlight task tabs in a particular color in order to see better in the task tree. Highligting is a perfect tool for marking the most important tasks, urgent tasks or tasks you must not postpone or forget about. An important task that is not highlighted may get lost among other tasks. LeaderTask allows you to avoid it. It seems as if nothing special, but highlighting in different colors is a very useful tool for planning your tasks right.

Skins. LeaderTask supports all kinds of skins, among which any user will be able to choose the one that suits him best.

Fonts. LeaderTask supports all kinds of fonts. You can use it to highlight various tasks in the list as well.

It is possible to partially customize the interface in Outlook (but it is no so easy to do it). In particular, panels are static in Outlook (they are not floating) and it is also impossible to highlight particular tasks in different colors in Outlook.

4. Structuring tasks.

That's where LeaderTask is completely incomparable - it offers extremely wide features for structuring tasks. First of all, it is structuring tasks by projects and subtasks (what I mentioned above). Besides, it is possible to structure tasks by categories, by deadlines, by priority, by contacts.

The most important thing in LeasderTask is structuring tasks by priority. Priorities are arranged into a library of priorities that you can cusotmize so that it meets your needs. Tasks structured by priorities allow you to single out the most important tasks among all other tasks and complete them first.

Tasks are not structured in Outlook. All tasks are displayed in one list where it is reall difficult to make anything out.

5. Clear view.

One of the main advantages in LeaderTask is a clear view of tasks (particularly on the "Today" panel). Along with the task tree and highlighting, it is achieved by the following:

Tabs. Multiple tasks are grouped with the help of tabs in the "Tasks" panel. Any items in the "Navigator" panels can be used as these tabs. Most often, they are projects. Using tabs is very convenient. For example, there are two projects: "Writing an article" and "Design development". And these projects include a lot of tasks. Not to view tasks from both projects at once, you should click the corresponding project tab and the "Tasks" panel will show tasks of one project only (for example, those from "Writing an article").

Filters. It allows you to view records by certain selected parameters. Parameters (criteria) are set when you create records: task start time, responsible person, physical locations where the task is completed and others. It means that filtering allows you to select records (from different projects) among all created records by certain criteria. This feature seemed the most actual one to me since it offers wide opportunities in selecting what is needed at the moment accoding to some event from the entire list.

There is no clear view in Outlook. And even more – viewing tasks is made as difficult as possible. As I mentioned before, all tasks and notes are displayed in one list. There are no trees, no highlighting, no tabs and only simple filtering (you cannot create custom filters).

6. Differentiated tasks.

LeaderTask allows you to plan your activity assigning tasks to a certain context. Context means circumstances that suit best for completing a task (for example, "in office", "at home", "at a conema" and others). Also, it is possible to single out tasks by parameters and attributes set for them. For example, by projects, by contacts, by priority, by urgency and by others. In other words, LeaderTask considers the same tasks with different attributes as different tasks (which they are).

Tasks are not differentiated in Outlook. All tasks are equal. That's probably the reason why it does not have such useful features as trees, filtering and others...

Microsoft Outlook advantages.

1. Data synchronization.

Microsoft Outlook (to be exact, a lot of add-ins both from Microsoft and from third parties) allows you to synchronize your data on the computer with data on other devices, such as cell phones, pocket PCs, etc.

There is no such data synchronization in LeaderTask. It should be mentioned that LeaderTask is not assigned to any system during its installation – you can store it, for example, on a flash drive and use it on different computers. It is a bit of excuse.

2. Data import and export.

Microsoft Outlook has automatic data impot and export. You can import quite a lot of items: address books, e-mail messages, account settings, etc. You can also export this data into various formats that are most convenient for importing by other programs. Besides, there are special add-ins enhancing the data import and export features.

I could not find data import and export in LeaderTask.


These are the main advantages and disadvantages of LeaderTask. Since I plan my time only using the computer and only in LeaderTask, I do not have to import, export and synchronize data. But, of course, it is no excuse for its drawbacks. Probably, they will be fixed soon. And if they do it, LeaderTask will become the best organizer ever. And there is no doubt that they will do it taking into account how thoughful software developers from Almeza are about their software making it comfortable, appealing and functional. Most probably, data import, export and synchronization are only a question of time.

All that may be even implemented already in the current version of the program – it all depends on when you are reading this article...

LeaderTask is a perfect choice for everyone who is looking for an alternative to Outlook!

Download the free trial vesion of the LeaderTask organizer

LeaderTask organizer homepage

LeaderTask support forum

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anti Aging

To live forever is long become an obsession of people. Centuries ago people have tried to find solution on how to stay young. Many of them believed that by doing some sacred rituals they would be able to live forever and stay young. Of course none of the rituals have come true as there were no known immortal people lived today. Scientists however have conducted many researches on making a good anti aging products that will help you avoid wrinkles on your face. is a site where you can find a lot of anti aging products that I am sure most women want to have. But before you buy any products you should always consult the site to decide which product is the best for your skin. Fortunately the site provides a tool to know the type of your skin thus which products should be best for you. Many categories of skin cares are provided on the site such as cleansers, moisturizers, supplements, etc. Browse the categories and choose the best product for you. To shop you just simply have to click on the "Add to Chart" button and specify the number of the product you want to buy. Proceed to check out your cart if you have finished shopping.

If your purchase worth more than $250 and you choose the standard ground or priority shipping you don't have to pay for the shipping cost. It usually takes 7-10 business days for the products to reach you or 14-21 days if you are outside of the US. You contact the site and talk to a Customer Care Representative to find the best anti aging products for you from Monday-Tuesday, 6am-6pm PST, and Wednesday-Friday, 6am-5pm PST, through this number: 1-888-996-8723.

Ezines And Content Nurturance

by: Scott Lindsay

Did you know that of the 25 million people in the United States that consider themselves writers only 5% of them will ever be published?

If that seems an astonishing figure it should also point to an opportunity for those who create business or industry related ezines.

How is this an opportunity?

If you are like most business owners you may have trouble locating fresh content. You may borrow from industry publications (with permission of course), you may try your hand at writing content yourself from time to time or you might use a free-article directory to make your ezine sparkle. However, you can also work to foster an atmosphere where struggling writers can add to their portfolio while providing fresh content for your ezine.

How can you do this?

Well, this can be accomplished through multiple avenues. Let’s take a look at a few.

1) Posting a classified notice within your ezine. Let your subscribers know you’re open to receiving reader content. If they are reading your ezine they probably already have an interest in the subject matter you address. You may have one of those multiplied millions of writers just looking for an opportunity reading your online publication.

2) Visiting a writer’s forum. In many of these forums you can post a freelance opportunity alerting writers to the fact that you have a need for material. You can determine what you can pay and either state it in the body of your need or let the writer know when they contact you. If you are not able to pay the writer then you should consider providing a byline and website link as a way of thanking them for their contribution.

3) Go on an intentional search for a writer. Many writers’ websites will feature writing samples from members. Look for a style you’re interested in and a writer who may have some understanding of your industry.

It’s possible to nurture writers from these three sources as you seek to grow and diversify your ezine. Many of these volunteer writers may have creative ideas to make your ezine better.

You might even suggest a writing contest as part of the ezine. This can be enhanced with the offer of free gifts and or business products. Many individuals respond very well to contests and, as evidenced by the opening statistic, there are a lot of aspiring writers looking for the type of opportunity you can provide.

Ezines can be both informative as well as a spiffy looking tool for marketing your business. Why not use the development of an ezine to help you fulfill your dream of an upwardly mobile business while offering an aspiring writer the opportunity to fulfill a few dreams of his or her own. The result can be mutually beneficial.

Inviting others to share in your dream can benefit your business and help lighten the production load. The diversity in the content can allow you the opportunity to improve readership and instill a greater sense of interest in your ezine.

Nurture the inner desire most writers have and provide an avenue of publishing that can help them reach their goals.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best Lockers

If you are a student then you must know what lockers is all about. It is a place at your school where you can put all of your things in there. Well maybe not clothes or other big things but you can put in small things such as books, pencils, pens or anything else. Every school nowadays has provide school lockers for their students and to ensure the safety of the things inside the locker's owner is given a private key. Thus no one will be able to unlock it beside the owner.

The locker itself has to be made by a good manufacturer which have been experienced in making good lockers. is an online site that provides a wide range of lockers made by big brand names. Whether you are installing lockers in your own house or public places such as school or swimming pool the site could provide you with depth. Those lockers also come with cheap prices. Browse the products available by categories such as standard or storage lockers. You could also search the product according to basic material such as steel lockers, metal lockers or plastic lockers.

If you are going to open a gym then you should check out the gym lockers section to buy the best and safest locker for your gym. To make your locker room looks nicer and not dull you could try installing locker benches. This way people can have a sitting place to wait or maybe just to chat when they are accessing their locker. I almost forgot, the site accepts payment with credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. You can also place your order using this toll free number: (800) 448-2870. A sales representative will gladly help you from Monday through Friday: 9am to 8pm E.S.T. and Saturday or Sunday: 10am to 4pm E.S.T.

Ecommerce Defined

by: Jimmy Mayon

In its simplest terms, Ecommerce or E-commerce or eCommerce – how ever which way the word shows up, is an interchange of goods or commodities (products or services) that is very similar to any kind of commerce that exists. It differs from the other types of commerce such as foreign commerce and domestic commerce on only two attributes. One, ecommerce can be both accomplished on foreign and domestic scales; and two, it accommodates every kind of trader, from those trading in small, medium and large scale businesses, to those in micro businesses.

Foreign and domestic commerce both happens on a large scale basis. Foreign commerce is between different countries, while domestic commerce happens with business entities between different parts of the same country.

Ecommerce is a fusion of the words “electronic” and “commerce.” This basically means that all transactions happen over the electronic systems like the Internet or other computer networks - a good example of which is stock brokering, where most of the transactions from bidding to selling can happen via computer links inside and outside the stock markets.

The word “ecommerce” has existed way before the Internet, busting the idea that this type of commerce existed only on the onset of the World Wide Web. The fact is that the original ecommerce or electronically charged commerce was first introduced on the onset of commercial billings over the phone lines and the automation of teller machines. Therefore, any form of business transaction that happened using the wires – phone lines, telegraph line, machine based transactions, etc. – were once considered ecommerce. Even when the Internet became accessible to the public, the term “ecommerce” was not immediately associated with it. That is, not until the development of HTML processes where business transactions became viable as a form of trade.

Trading over the Internet has grown dramatically over these last few years, especially since there have been innovations when it comes to the different aspects of transactions. Advancements have been made in the field of automated data collection systems, automated inventory management systems, electronic data interchange (EDI,) electronic funds transfer, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, and supply chain management. Although almost all modern electronic commerce now uses the Internet as a vantage point of all transactions, other technologies are also put to use, such as e-mail marketing or “virtual” marketing.

This sudden boom in ecommerce has apparently given the global vocabulary two new words that are now coming into active play. These are references to online retailers (e-tailers / etailers / Etailers / E-tailers) and online retail (e-tail / etail / Etail / E-tail.) Therefore, ecommerce is generally considered to be the sales aspect of any e-business / ebusiness / Ebusiness / E-business.

There are many forms of ecommerce in the contemporary world, everything from ordering “digital” content for immediate online consumption, to downloading postal stamps for printing, to ordering conventional goods and services for home delivery, to “meta” services to facilitate other types of ecommerce. In some cases, ecommerce companies tend to survive because they offer services not usually associated with many other businesses not web-based. These services are often customer related (people based services) and / or those that offer technical assistance.

With some ecommerce companies, however, organizational assistance to individual companies is being offered. These services include the completion of network infrastructure, post sales services, staging a competent management team, staging a well-organized business structure, staging a well designed but secured website.

Staging a well designed and secured website is know generally known as web development.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Men's Clothes

For working people clothing is a very essential part of their daily activities. If you wear something nice then people who are around you will love to work and cooperate with you. Most importantly for people who are into the design business wearing the latest trend can be a good and cheap way to promote your products. A while ago fashion is thought only for women but today it is also important for men. Men’s clothing is big business as there are a lot of working men who are into fashion nowadays.

Men who love fashion often need some guidance in choosing the best clothes for them. In ShopWiki you can find many kinds of men’s clothes including shirts and ties, t-shirts, sweaters, coats, blazers and outerwear. On the site you not only can find products you want to buy but also anything related to clothing. Check out the men’s clothing designers to get some information on famous brand names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Canali, Hugo Boss and many more. Having some information before you decide which product you want to buy is a must so the products will suit your taste.

You can also search the specific product that you are looking for. If you love dark suit you will find that there are a wide range of products that you can browse with prices ranging from $99 - $499. Compare those prices and choose the most appropriate product for you. So if you are men who love to wear the latest trend be sure to shop at ShopWiki.

TomTom ONE GPS Review

by: Kyle Hahn

I had recently purchased a TomTom ONE GPS Systems for my car. Here is my own opinion/review of this product. First off this system came with a 1GB memory stick for your applications and maps. The TomTom One GPS System was around $349 at Best Buy. I love this device because you can mount it in your vehicle as well as carry it around wheverer you go. It usually connects to about 8 out of 12 satellites available. I have had this device for about a year now and it has only got me lost twice, but that might be because I’m always to lazy to update it.

The other day my buddy was in my car, and he had the urge to try to hooked up his Bluetooth cell phone to my TomTom ONE GPS to see if it would give us weather, traffic reports, etc. It indeed gave us weather reports, but we could not get the traffic reports to work. It would come up with a green button in the top right hand corner but never notified us of anything else, so we weren’t sure if it was even working or not.

The TomTom ONE GPS also has a option for “Night Colors”, which is great in my opinion. I mean who wants a bright light glaring in the face from the GPS? Night mode changes all map colors to darker colors so you can still see them at night but they don’t blind you while you are trying to drive. I have noticed that the TomTom ONE GPS, has a option for TomTom Plus Services. I guess you can pay $15.00 a month or so and receive instant map updates as well as POI(Point of Interest) updates from this service. I personally am not in the car enough to pay for it, but some people may desire to have this.

In a nutshell, I think the TomTom ONE GPS Navigation System is well worth the money. I just recently moved to Florida and have no clue where I am going. The TomTom saves me from having to ask people where to go or to get on Google Maps everytime I want to get somewhere.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wood Products

Decorating your house interior is really an exciting thing to do. If you have a house surely you would want any friends that come to your house to admire your interior. That is why choosing the right furnitures is really important. Installing wood products could really boost up the look of your house. Now where would you find a good place to buy wood products online?

WG Wood Products is the right place for you to look for wood products such as tissue holder, bookcases, cabinetry, showcases or jewelry cabinets. What really interest me is the recessed toilet tissue holder which is a good way to improve your toilet's look. If you spend most of your time reading books then you probably want to store those books in a good place. Check out the wood bookcases section to find the best bookcase that suits your taste. If you have lots of books then this 72 in Bookcase - Double wide probably is a good choice. You should also consider buying magazine racks to put your magazines collections.

Decorating is not only about racks or bookcases but you should also try to improve the wall. One thing that you could do is installing wall niches such as 18 inch In-the-wall Standard Niche, 24 inch In-the-wall Standard Niche or 30 inch In-the-wall Standard Niche. It would really make your house more beautiful and comfortable to stay in. I almost forgot that the site accepts PayPal payment or credit card including MasterCard, Visa and Discover. You can directly contact the customer service via this number (913) 829-6000. They will be happy to assist you from 9 AM - 5 PM (Central Time) from Monday - Friday and 11 AM - 4 PM on Saturday.

A History Into Microsoft Products

by: Mehmet Onatli

Microsoft Windows is the name of several families of software operating systems by Microsoft. Microsoft first introduced an operating environment named Windows in November 1985 as an add-on to MS-DOS in response to the growing interest in graphical user interfaces (GUIs). The most recent client version of Windows is Windows Vista. The current server version of Windows is Windows Server 2008.

Windows 1.0 (1985)

The first version of Windows provided a new software environment for developing and running applications that use bitmap displays and mouse pointing devices. Before Windows, PC users relied on the MS-DOS® method of typing commands at the C prompt (C:\). With Windows, users moved a mouse to point and click their way through tasks, such as starting applications.

In addition, Windows users could switch among several concurrently running applications. The product included a set of desktop applications, including the MS-DOS file management program, a calendar, card file, notepad, calculator, clock, and telecommunications programs, which helped users, manage day-to-day activities.

Windows 2.0 (1987)

Windows 2.0 took advantage of the improved processing speed of the Intel 286 processor, expanded memory, and inter-application communication capabilities made possible through Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). With improved graphics support, users could now overlap windows, control screen layout, and use keyboard combinations to move rapidly through Windows operations. Many developers wrote their first Windows–based applications for this release.

Windows 3.0 (1990)

The third major release of the Windows platform from Microsoft offered improved performance, advanced graphics with 16 colors, and full support of the more powerful Intel 386 processor. A new wave of 386 PCs helped drive the popularity of Windows 3.0, which offered a wide range of useful features and capabilities, including:

Program Manager, File Manager, and Print Manager.

A completely rewritten application development environment.

An improved set of Windows icons.

Windows NT 3.1 (1993)

When Microsoft Windows NT® was released to manufacturing on July 27, 1993, Microsoft met an important milestone: the completion of a project begun in the late 1980s to build an advanced new operating system from scratch.

Windows NT was the first Windows operating system to combine support for high-end, client/server business applications with the industry's leading personal productivity applications.

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (1993)

A superset of Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 added peer-to-peer workgroup and domain networking support. For the first time, Windows–based PCs were network-aware and became an integral part of the emerging client/server computing evolution.

Windows for Workgroups was used in local area networks (LANs) and on standalone PCs and laptop computers. It added features of special interest to corporate users, such as centralized configuration and security, significantly improved support for Novell NetWare networks, and remote access service (RAS)

Windows NT Workstation 3.5 (1994)

The Windows NT Workstation 3.5 release provided the highest degree of protection yet for critical business applications and data. With support for the OpenGL graphics standard, this operating system helped power high-end applications for software development, engineering, financial analysis, scientific, and business-critical tasks.

Windows 95 (1995)

Windows 95 was the successor to the three existing general-purpose desktop operating systems from Microsoft—Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, and MS-DOS. Windows 95 integrated a 32-bit TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack for built-in Internet support, dial-up networking, and new Plug and Play capabilities that made it easy for users to install hardware and software.

The 32-bit operating system also offered enhanced multimedia capabilities, more powerful features for mobile computing, and integrated networking.

Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (1996)

This upgrade to the Microsoft business desktop operating system brought increased ease of use and simplified management, higher network throughput, and tools for developing and managing intranets. Windows NT Workstation 4.0 included the popular Windows 95 user interface yet provided improved networking support for easier and more secure access to the Internet and corporate intranets.

Windows 98 (1998)

Windows 98 was the upgrade from Windows 95. Described as an operating system that "Works Better, Plays Better," Windows 98 was the first version of Windows designed specifically for consumers.

With Windows 98, users could find information more easily on their PCs as well as the Internet. Other ease-of-use improvements included the ability to open and close applications more quickly, support for reading DVD discs, and support for universal serial bus (USB) devices

Windows 98 Second Edition (1999)

Windows 98 SE, as it was often abbreviated, was an incremental update to Windows 98. It offered consumers a variety of new and enhanced hardware compatibility and Internet-related features.

Windows 98 SE helped improve users' online experience with the Internet Explorer 5.0 browser technology and Microsoft Windows NetMeeting® 3.0 conferencing software. It also included Microsoft DirectX® API 6.1, which provided improved support for Windows multimedia, and offered home networking capabilities through Internet connection sharing (ICS)

Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) (2000)

Designed for home computer users, Windows Me offered consumers numerous music, video, and home networking enhancements and reliability improvements.

Windows Me was the last Microsoft operating system to be based on the Windows 95 code base. Microsoft announced that all future operating system products would be based on the Windows NT and Windows 2000 kernel.

Windows 2000 Professional (2000)

Windows 2000 added major improvements in reliability, ease of use, Internet compatibility, and support for mobile computing.

Among other improvements, Windows 2000 Professional simplified hardware installation by adding support for a wide variety of new Plug and Play hardware, including advanced networking and wireless products, USB devices, IEEE 1394 devices, and infrared devices.

Windows XP (2001)

With the release of Windows XP in October 2001, Microsoft merged its two Windows operating system lines for consumers and businesses, uniting them around the Windows 2000 code base.

With Windows XP, home users can work with and enjoy music, movies, messaging, and photos with their computer, while business users can work smarter and faster, thanks to new technical-support technology, a fresh user interface, and many other improvements that make it easier to use for a wide range of tasks

Windows VISTA

Windows Vista is a line of operating systems developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, and media centers.

Windows Vista contains many changes and new features, including an updated graphical user interface and visual style dubbed Windows Aero, improved searching features, new multimedia creation tools such as Windows DVD Maker, and redesigned networking, audio, print, and display sub-systems.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Visiting Europe

Europe has been one of my dream destinations if I had the chance to go on a vacation. There are a lot of exotic and interesting cities on the continent such as London, Paris, Milan, Venice and many more. If you are going to Paris then Eiffel Tower is most likely your first destination. Of course there are also other sites which worth the visit such as Champs-Élysées, Place de la Bastille, Place de la Concorde and other historic places. To visit all those places surely you need more than one day so you need a place to stay. Finding Paris Hotels is really easy if you use the service of You can be sure that you will have the most comprehensive hotels information by searching the site's database. You can compare the prices with other sites and you will find that the prices offered there are the cheapest.

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. It is known as the world's leading culture centers. While you are in London you must visit four World Heritage sites which are the Palace of Westminster, the Tower of London, Greenwich's historic settlement and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Information on London Hotels is also provided there and should give you a really easy way of booking your accommodation. My older brother stayed in Birmingham since 1999 until 2000 when he was pursuing his post graduate study. He said that it is one of the most populated cities in the United Kingdom and often considered as the second city of the United Kingdom. Places which you might be interested in Birmingham are Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Can you imagine how difficult it is to book your Birmingham Hotels accommodation? Well if you book it with this will not be a big problem. If I got to choose the city to visit it will surely be Manchester as it is the home of my favorite football club, Manchester United. Take a tour to the Old Trafford stadium and maybe watch the players in training. Be sure to book your Manchester Hotels a long time before you actually going there. All of your bookings can be done online through the site thus make it really simple for you and save a great deal of time.

How to watch TV on Mac

by: Jerry Bridgestone

Mac or Macintosh is a brand name for different kinds of computer produced by Apple, Inc. Production of Mac includes all aspects of hardware and own operating system already installed. The Mac is a computer that can run all the major operating systems, including Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Vista.

TV on a PC is in nowadays. How about TV on a Mac?

Widgets are mini-applications that are downloaded and installed to a dashboard for a new function. There are amazing widgets for Mac that will allow us to play TV right on our Mac. There is this widget that provides access to free Internet television. Besides, there is also the for viewing our favorite live stream channels. Before we can download these features, we should first check the system requirements. If we have what are needed to make this application works, we can enjoy watching our favorite shows directly on our Mac.

As we all know, we can’t depend on our Internet connection all the time. Heavy traffic is frequently experienced so we can’t enjoy our favorite show that much. It’s different when we don’t need to download and consume time to have our full view of the channels. But we can have our Macs installed with TV. Aside from widgets, we can enjoy the entertainment of watching TV on our Mac with the help of USB-based tuners like Elgato EyeTV Hybrid that allows us to watch analog and digital TV. Like other common pc, Mac also has its way to have TV on it.

If external devices (USB like EyeTV) do not satisfy us, we can use the PCTV cards like Miglia AlchemyTV Card that is a good choice for computer TV viewing and VHS-to-DVD transferring. It’s a PCI card that requires no additional power supply. We can check to check if we have the latest version. After that, set up the PCI card in our Mac, and then install the software using the cd included. To access the newly installed program, we need to restart our Macs and go to the AlchemyTV dialog.

Miglia also offers a TV Micro unit that comes with the unit itself, a cable as connection, an external USB 2.0 extender, a remote control and an Elgato EyeTV 2.

Slingbox is also a good choice. It works not only for common PC but for Macs as well. It has ports for TV input and for Ethernet. Another one is the iTele, which is a Mac application that allows us to watch TV and record a channel we want.

When we are familiar of iTunes, we’ll know Mac. We can go to the iTunes Store to browse different shows and channels. We can have our favorite shows in advance. We can watch an episode before it will be aired or have a copy of the one we missed. We can watch all of this in Mac.These are only some of the ways on how we can have TV on our Macs. More are coming our way, thanks to the advanced technology.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Easy Pay Day Loan

Having a family means responsibilities. The responsibilities are not just providing for your family but also caring and loving them so they are happy. Keeping your financial status healthy is also a good way of ensuring the happiness of your family. All bills have to be paid so you have to plan everything on the start of each month. But suppose you have an emergency but you haven't got the payday yet then what would you do? You need a source where you can get a cash advance and pay it when you got your pay check. provides an easy way to fill your cash gaps between pay days. In case you haven't known, cash advance is a small loan and it is intended to be short term that will you help you in case of emergencies. The amount of cash you can loan is generally around $500-$1500. How does the system works? Once you signed up with the site you will then be eligible to request a loan. Lenders will review your request and should a lender approve it, the amount of money will be sent to your bank account usually on the next business day. Please note that the lender will decide how much money they agree to loan and in some cases it might not be the same as your request. It is really simple and there is no credit check required for approval.

The term of the loan will also be discussed along with the payment plan. Lender and borrower need to agree on the terms before the deal can go through. Getting a cash advance really helps you when you are in need of emergency money. It is simple and fast. There is no better place to get the loan then

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Post Regularly Because...

by: Len Hutton

Keeping people interested in your blog, whether it is a business or personal blog, is key to attracting a lot of regular visitors. Many blogs have died because people have just lost interest. The main reason for the lack of interest is simply a lack of posts by the blogger. Regular, frequent posting, which will boost your blog’s ranking in search engines, is essential to the survival of any blog.

You might be asking yourself, what is frequent posting? How many blog entries should I make on a given week? How do I make frequent consistently good posts? What are the reasons for me to post frequently? In this newsletter, we will go over all of the above.

What is frequent posting?

Frequent blog posting is posting enough to keep your readers interested. Obviously, people will not want to come back to a blog that hasn’t been updated in months. They want to see consistent posting so that they know coming back to check the blog next week to see if there are more posts won’t be a waste of time.

How many blog entries should I make each week?

This is one of the tougher questions to answer. It really depends on the purpose of your blog. If it’s a personal blog, a weekly or twice weekly update is an excellent idea. A political/sports/music/religion blog should have 3-4 posts per week. Business blogs should have at least 2 posts, but preferably 4 each week.

The thing to remember is that quality counts. Posting frequently just for the sake of posting frequently tends to result in subpar posts which people won’t care about. It is important to find a balance—frequent, quality posts that won’t result in burnout on your part. Why create 4 poor quality posts each week when you could post 2 quality posts per week?

How do I create quality postings on a consistent basis?

It’s all about following a consistent pattern of writing. Maybe you’re not a natural writer and this is difficult. That’s why we’ll give you an outline to help you.

1. Pick a topic that is interesting to you and to your readers. Maybe if your blog is a personal blog, you could write about the latest happenings in Hollywood.

2. Carefully think about what you’ll write about the topic. It makes it easy to make quality blog postings if you know exactly what you’ll write. Plot out everything about the post before even beginning to write it.

3. Before writing your content, pick out some keywords that are relevant to your blog. If you naturally use keywords throughout your post, you will please search engine spiders which will get your blog ranked higher on search engines. Your visitors won’t mind the use of keywords if they are used in a tasteful way.

4. Begin writing your post. Don’t limit yourself to a particular amount of words. Just do what’s natural. And if any blog post is hard for you, just take a timeout and relax. You should be able to finish the post a bit later on, after you’ve had some time to think things through, you should be able to finish the post with no problems.

Why is frequent posting important?

Blogs are meant to be outlets for individuals or businesses. They are used to get an opinion out on something and to engage readers. Readers need to have something that makes them want to keep coming back to a blog. That something is usually quality, frequent posts.

Gaining and maintaining visitors isn’t the only reason to post often in your blog. Catching the eye of a search engine—and achieving a high ranking—is another valid reason for posting frequently. Most likely, each posting in your blog features some keywords or keyword phrases scattered throughout it. Logic says that the more natural keywords you have on a blog, the better. Thus, the more posts you make on your blog, the more keywords you have on there. And the more keywords you have, the more likely a search engine bot is to crawl your site. The more your site is crawled by bots, the more likely it is that you will have a high ranking on a search engine.

Frequent blog posting can be easy as long as the person who is posting takes the time to plot out what they’ll write about. So take a few minutes to think about your post and then just do it!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dementia Guide

Some of you might not even hear about dementia. Dementia is a deterioration of intellectual faculties which effects memory, concentration and judgment. This can be followed by emotional disturbance and personality changes. It can also bring bad effect on decision making and relationships with others. Understanding dementia is really important so we can prepare the best management strategies to deal with this issue. The sooner we know that your loved ones are having the symptoms then the chance is better for him to be cured. is a good place for you to start on finding plenty of resources about dementia. Each type of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease has different symptoms. There is a symptom library provided at the site to give you a clear understanding about these dementia symptoms. By knowing what we are dealing with will help us to know what to expect and give us peace of mind. Use the SymtomGuide to point you the right direction of the disease by providing information such as physical changes, personality changes, thinking and judgment and behaviour of the patient.

After knowing the specific type of dementia that a patient has then you can start to think about the right dementia treatment. You can do this by taking the symptom profile to the doctor and together you can choose the best strategy on treating the disease. Join the site right now as it is absolutely free and get the best tools provided to detect and treat your dementia.

Stop Blog Spammers

by: Len Hutton

Blogs are now an extremely popular and important part of the internet. Millions of people blog every day. As blogs have evolved over the years, so has the commenting system. Now anyone can make comments on a particular blog posting. As blog commenting has grown more popular, so has spam commenting. In this newsletter, we’ll go over why comments are a great form of feedback for your blog, how they help the credibility of your content, what spam comments are and how to prevent them from happening.

Comments – A great form of feedback

When blogs first came around, they were simply online journals. No one could post comments on a blog posting. That all changed in 1998 with OpenDiary, a site which allowed people to comment on blog postings. Now every blog, whether it is remotely or self-hosted, includes this option to comment.

Commenting is great because it allows real people to tell you what they think about your form. It gives you feedback on what you are doing right and what you may need to improve. Comments can be encouraging to you and motivate you to post more quality blog messages. Or they can be constructive criticism to make you work harder to get better at writing content.

Whatever the style of comment is, it is still very useful to your blog. High numbers of comments have the ability to make a blog look credible because they show that the blog is being read by a lot of people. That’s something that every blog owner wants, and comments help to let them know just how many people enjoy their content.

Bad comments

Unfortunately, spammers have now started to use comments as a way to spam. How do you know what a spam comment is? Well, a spam comment is a comment that only advertises another site or product. If the comment seems bland/generic with a cheap link thrown in, then it’s definitely a spam comment.

Here is an example of a typical spam comment:

“Hey, this site is really cool. Check out my really cool site at”

Of course not all spam comments will be this blatant, but you get the point.

Fortunately for bloggers, as spam comments have grown, so has the ways to prevent it. Here are a couple ways that you can prevent spam comments from even being posted on your blog.

#1: Close off commenting on older blog posts

There are options for you to stop comments from being posted on any particular blog post. Lots of times, spammers will post comments in weeks or months old posts. So take away this opportunity from them to keep it from happening. Most blog hosters now offer this as a standard option in the tool panel. If one of your posts has been up for a couple weeks, close it up.

#2: Take advantage of software offered to prevent comment spam

If you host your own blog using WordPress, you can use an option in that software to prevent spam. Even if you aren’t using WordPress, you can still use other Spam comment blocking software like Spam Karma, Akismet, and Bad Behavior. While these aren’t 100% effective, they have proven to be quite effective in preventing spam from happening.

#3: Take a look at your settings and see what can be tweaked to toughen your protection

Lots of blogs now have settings to help prevent spam. If you already have a spam blocker on in your blog and are still experiencing spam, take a closer look at the settings to see if there’s anything that can be tweaked to make your protection stronger. However, if you do this, you should closely monitor your posts to make sure legit comments aren’t being blocked out. If they are, you might have to lighten up a bit.

#4: Regularly read your blog comments

Be sure to keep an eye on your comments. Even the best software or setting can’t prevent everything, so you will have to occasionally manually remove comments on your own.

By applying the above principles, you can ensure that your blog is full of only good, quality comments, which will help your credibility tremendously.

Comments are a great form of communication between yourself and your readers. They help the credibility of your blog!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


If you love hunting then you must realize how hard it is to find your target such as deer or buck without first scouting them. Scouting takes time and you might end up with nothing instead. In that case you need a new tactic. This is where digital trail camera comes in handy. You can put it somewhere around your scouting area and leave them for a day or two. After that you can check out the camera and see if there is something to hunt. If there are none then you can start looking elsewhere.

A good place to find these kinds of cameras is On the site you can find almost any cameras such as deer camera and any other trail cameras. If you are shopping for your first trail camera then you can read the buyer's guide section to help you find the suitable camera for you. Select cameras from many big brand names including A-Data, Buckeye Cam, Bushnell, Cuddeback, Leafriver to Wildview or Zorb-it. All products sold on the site are guaranteed to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase the site also offers a 90 day return policy. So you can check out the camera and take it into action for the whole three months and if by then you are not comfortable with it you can return it as long as you keep the original packaging and the camera is undamaged. Prices on the site are the cheapest on the internet. If by 30 day after purchasing with site you can find other site which sells the same product but with lower price then the difference will be return to you.

So go to the site and purchase a trail camera before your next hunting trip. Install the camera and provide a camera trap for animals that you are hunting. This will ensure that you can get the most out of your hunting trip. Hunting will be a piece of cake if you are equipped with a trail camera and remember to buy it on

The Super Duper Problem Fixer

by: Ray geide

One of our customers pointed out a new program to me and wanted me to check it out. This program called itself a bug fixer. It was a sharp looking program and claimed to fix bugs on the user's computer that he didn't even know existed.

It sounded like a super duper problem solver until I downloaded it and took a closer look. Being a programmer I quickly saw behind its smoke and mirrors. It actually only performed six of the over 1000 cleaning processes which our A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner and RegVac Registry Cleaner do.

Even though it did little compared to our programs, it found 504 problems. How can that be? My computer was clean. The program did not show any details about the results but wanted $30 before it would clean them. I'll never know for sure about those results, but I suspect that they were fabricated and that the true number of problems was 0.

There are many shady developers out there that just want to make a quick buck. I doubt this bug fixer program will even be around in a year.

This provides a good lesson to anyone. Be sure to purchase software from a trusted developer and don't buy a program just because it looks nice.

We have been in the software business since 1996 and are continually improving our programs. You will not hear hype and lies from us. Our programs may not look that good on the surface, but under the hood they are super. When you purchase our programs, all future updates are free.

If you haven't tried RegVac Registry Cleaner and A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner, try them today.

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Accepting Credit Card Payment

If you have a retail business whether it is online or not you surely accept credit cards payment. Most of people who love to shop don't want to bring large cash around with them instead they will use their credit card to pay for products they purchased. It is easier and safer. Moreover if you currently don't have spare money to buy your dream mobile phone you can use the credit card and close it when you have the money. This way you can have your phone and it won't affect your current financial status.

To accepts credit cards payment you must first apply for merchant accounts. The easiest way to do this is to apply it online through Applying for credit card processing solutions with is really simple. You just need to answer few simple questions such as how much is your current accepting, how much is the average individual charge per transaction and what is the method you choose for accepting credit card payment. After that fill in some information about your business including your business name, type of products you sold or services provided, state and zip code, contact name, phone and email. Once you have completed filling in the information needed one of the merchant account executives will respond instantly or if you want to get immediate help simply call 800.749.2173.

If your application has been approved then you can access all of the merchant services provided such as cash advance program, gift cards program or merchant club. You need to bear in mind that the solutions offered by the site is not just for retail processing only but also for wireless, online and moto processing. For retail processing you will surely need credit card machines installed in your store. also provided these machines with the lowest prices. Credit card terminals which are available currently include big brand names product such as NURIT, Verifone, Ingenico and Hypercom. is simply the best place for you to apply for credit card processing solutions that will support your retail business for a quick and easy payment.

How to Clean your Keyboard 2

by: Ray Geide

When it comes to cleaning your keyboard there are many methods that can be used, some harder and more effective than others.

The easiest method is the Shake Method. It is so easy that you can do it right now. Pick up your keyboard, turn it over being careful not to press any keys, and shake it. See all of that stuff fall out? It is dirtier than you thought, isn't it? You can use one of the following methods to clean it further.

The Blow Method - You can buy cans of pressurized air at the computer department or computer store which are made especially for cleaning your computer. They usually have either a hose and nozzle or a tube extending from the nozzle. Hold the keyboard up vertically (that means that end of the keyboard is up and the other end is down), aim towards the keys and press the button. Keep blowing until all of the debris is blown out. Be sure to get around and in between all of the keys. This can be done with the computer on, but it is better if it is off so that you do not have to worry about pressing the keys and coming up with a page of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa's.

The Vacuum Method - This is just like the Blow Method except that a vacuum is used instead of a can of pressurized air. It is quite simple. Just turn the vacuum on, pull out the hose, and run the nozzle over the keys. Before doing this make sure your keyboard does not have any loose pop off keys that could be sucked into the vacuum.

The Cotton Ball Method - This can be done in addition to the above methods and in lieu of the following methods. Take a cotton ball or cloth and wet it with rubbing alcohol. It should not be so wet that the alcohol runs down into the cracks of the keyboard. Wipe the tops and sides of the keys.

The Dishwasher Method - I hesitate to tell about this method because there is the possibility that it could fry your keyboard. When I had less experience with computers, I dunked my keyboard in a sink full of water to clean it. It did work afterwards, so I don't doubt those who say this method will not mess up your keyboard, but if it does, don't complain to me. I warned you. If your keyboard is not the standard membrane type of keyboard or if it is on a laptop, do not even think of trying this.

This is how you do it. Unplug the keyboard and place it face down in an empty dishwasher. Do not disassemble the keyboard and do not put it in a dishwasher that has dirty dishes in it. Some say to add soap, some say not to. Run the dishwasher through a regular cycle. Take the keyboard out, shake the water out, and stand it on end until it is completely dry (this may take several days). If it does not work after doing this, it may not be dry. Let it stand another week and try it again. If it still does not work, I warned you.

The Disassembly Method - This is the most thorough method, but it should not be done on laptop keyboards or non-standard non-membrane keyboards.

Turn off the computer and unplug the keyboard. Turn the keyboard upside down. You may want to get two books or short boards to place the keyboard on. Position them so that they hold up the keyboard on the edges when it is turned over. This should leave the keys dangling and not touching the books or the floor. This is especially needed when the keyboard's back is off; otherwise the keys will be lifted out of their position by the floor (or whatever surface it is laying on).

Get a screwdriver and remove all of the screws from the back of the keyboard. Lay the keyboard down on the books and carefully remove the back.

Take everything apart and clean thoroughly. It is better to take the keys out one at a time and clean them so that you do not put them back in the wrong place. Wipe each one down with a wet cloth and then with a dry cloth. Any keys that may be hard to put back in, can be cleaned in place without removing them. Wipe around the keys as they sit in place and blow any debris out with your lungs (using compressed air or a vacuum may upset the keys). If you are really brave, you can remove all of the keys at once and give the frame a good wipe down too.

Do a once over and make sure that you have cleaned everything. Then reassemble it all.

Don't forget the keyboard's cable. Wrap a wet cloth around it and wipe it down. It may have an accumulation of grime that needs to be scrubbed off. Also if any of the letters on the keys have rubbed off, you can use a fine point permanent marker to draw the letter back on the key.

Use these cleaning methods and your keyboard will last a long time and be something you can be proud of.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hawaii Car Rental

Hawaii as we all know is one of the most exotic islands in the United States. It is known world wide for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather. If I got to choose my destination for holiday Hawaii would be on top of my list. I want to explore the island and find the best place to surf. It will be easier for me to check out the entire island if I have my own car. But to buy a car for short holiday is not healthy. The answer is to find a car in Hawaii Car Rental.

In Hawaii Car Rental you can find almost any sizes of your favorite autos including jeeps, convertibles, minivans and many more. The good thing about the site is that you can book your vehicle now but you won't have to pay it until you actually arrive at Hawaii. This is really a good service as other sites would oblige you to pay for booking fee. Find the best rates from rental companies in Hawaii or simply ask for the best rate from the site for your car. The next good thing is you will get a confirmation # without credit card payment. No fee will be charged for extra drivers or spouse and if you are a young driver then you are free of charge.

Hawaii Car Rental currently gives rental discounts in many convenient places such as Lihue Airport, Kahului Airport, Honolulu Airport, Hilo Airport, Kona Airport, Molokai, Waikiki Service Center, Lahaina Kaanapali, Kaanapali Service Center, Kihei Service Center and Princeville Kauai. If you can't book your choice of cars online then be sure to check those places for the best rental car rates in Hawaii.

How to Clean your Keyboard

Part 1

by: Ray Geide

I know most of you will not heed this advice, but KEYBOARDS CAN MAKE YOU SICK (how's that for tactfulness?). Germs live on your hands and fingers. When you type, many of them jump on to the keyboard. When someone else types on your keyboard, those germs transfer to their fingers. Or when you later type on the same keyboard, those germs reconquer your fingers. Regularly disinfecting the keyboard can prevent this.

To disinfect the keyboard, turn off the computer. Then spray disinfectant on a cloth. Be sure to use disinfectant and not just any type of cleaner because not all cleaners disinfect. Also do not spray the disinfectent directly on the keys. Spray it on the cloth. Wipe down the top and sides of the keys. Give the keys a few minutes to dry off before turning the computer back on.

Now that you know how to do it, you should make it a regular practice to disinfect the keyboard. It's one step towards a healthier you.

So you have your keyboard disinfected and life is great. Then your child spills koolaide all over it. What do you do? There are certain steps that you should take when something, like pop, beer, wine, coffee, milk, or kool-aide, is spilled on the keyboard.

The first thing to do is immediately unplug the keyboard from the back of the computer and turn the keyboard over so that its keys are down. This will allow the liquid to drain out. You will probably want to put a cloth under the keyboard or at least make sure that the surface you have put it on is washable.

Then use the mouse to shut down Windows and turn off the computer (this is important because later you will have to plug the keyboard back into the computer and you should never plug any device into a computer while it is on).

While the keyboard is upside down use a cloth to dry as much of the liquid off as you can. If you have a can of compressed air or a vacuum, while the keyboard is upside down blow or vacuum it out. Then let the keyboard set upside down for at least a night so that it can adequately dry out.

If the liquid that spilled on it was sticky, you may want to follow the extensive cleaning procedure explained in the next article, How to Clean your Keyboard - Part 2.

Liquid spilled on a laptop keyboard can easily reach the hard drive, so turn it over immediately and leave it in that position until it dries.

Keyboards are quite resilient and so it should work when you turn it on again. But if not, another attribute of keyboards is that they are cheap and so it won't cost too much to buy another one.

With these pointers in mind and a quick reaction, you just may save your keyboard from total destruction the next time it gets coated with coffee.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pinging Tricks

by: Len Hutton

You’re a blogger and are constantly hearing about pinging. The thing is, you don't know what it is and what it can do for your blog. Well that's fine because a lot of bloggers don't quite understand pinging. In this newsletter, we will explain what pinging is, how it helps your blog, and what the best pinging services are. After you've read this newsletter, you'll know exactly how to use pinging to make your blog popular.

What is pinging?

When a blog is pinged, it essentially tells a web blog tracking system that the blog has been updated. Thus, pinging is the process of telling tracking services that a site has been updated.

So how does pinging work? Well, a ping service scans regularly blogs for updates. Whenever there is a new update for a particular blog, that is reported back to the pinging service’s site. You can almost think of ping services being just like search engine spiders—both scan sites looking for information, and both report that information back to their specific site. The difference is, a ping service only reports back new blog posts.

Why is pinging useful for my blog?

Pinging, in effect, tells people that there is a new blog posting available. Those who are loyal followers of your blog will see the ping and want to visit your blog. Those who haven’t read your blog before will see the ping and perhaps think “hey, there’s a new blog I haven’t been to before, I think I’ll check it out”. Pinging helps to increase your traffic because it tells people when your blog is updated. Those who visit sites with pinging services will see this information in the form of a scroll on the left or right side, or top of the page. The scroll is usually in XML format and typically includes the title and URL of your blog, as well as the date and time of the update.

OK, so now I know what pinging is. Who offers pinging?

The answer is, there are several pinging services available which you can use to have your blog pinged. We’ll go over some of them right now. is probably the most well-known pinging service. monitors sites for updates and then pings whenever there is an update to report. Virtually every blog software is available to use Weblogs.

Yahoo’s Blogs

Another popular pinging service. This one is offered by Yahoo and has a built-in integration with movable type and other tools. One cool thing about this service is that it offers the ability to give out updates via Instant Messenging services like AOL and ICQ. It is a direct pinging service, so those who sign up for subscriptions to your blog will be sent an email anytime your blog is updated.

Blogrolling allows its bloggers to manage their blogrolls (updates) through a web-based interface. Recently updated blogs are also highlighted on Blogrolling’s web site. Data is automatically retrieved from other sites like and every 5 minutes. Often times your blog is already being pinged by Blogrolling, so you might not have to sign up for it. Search on the site first for your URL before signing it up.


Available at, Technorati is another service that pings blogs. It gets its data from a variety of places and is definitely a site you should go to for blog pinging.

These are just 4 of the many different blog pinging services available. A quick search on Yahoo or Google will reveal many other possible blog pinging services to use for your blog. It is best to sign up for as many as you possibly can to ensure that your blog is well-pinged. A well-pinged blog will definitely help your blog attract more visitors. So sign up for as many as possible and watch your blog traffic increase.

Pinging tells people when your blog is updated. It is an incredibly useful, and easy to sign up for service, so be sure to sign your blog up for pinging!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Card Games

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Remote Blog or Self Hosted Blog?

by: Len Hutton

So you’ve decided to blog, but aren’t sure whether you should host the blog yourself or sign up for a free service like It’s a dilemma that many bloggers face. There are pros and cons to both, which makes the decision difficult for many. Neither is perfect, and neither is for everyone. Fortunately, you should be able to make the best decision for you if you are armed with adequate knowledge of both. In this newsletter, we’ll go over services like and others, plus software that allows you to host your own blog. We’ll also go over the pros and cons of each. After reading this, you will know which is best for you.

Who offers free blog hosting?

Many sites offer free blog hosting. Among them are Forumer, Blogger, BlogEasy, Aeonity, BlogThing and Blogates. A quick search for “free blog” on Google reveals many possibilities.

What software can I use to host my own blog?

Like free blog hosting, there are many possibilities for software that makes hosting your own blog easy. Most of them are free to use. These include:

WordPress(the most popular software)
Apache Roller

There is also blog software which you can purchase for use on your site. These include:

Community Server
Movable Type
Radio UserLand

One negative about using software and hosting your own blog is that the process can often times be complicated. You have to download the software and install it to your server, which doesn’t always go easily. It’s particularly hard for those who don’t have a lot of experience installing things on servers.

Why should I remotely host my blog at a place like Blogger?

Places like Blogger allow you to host your blog there. It’s a good option for many people.

The Pros

• It’s easy to set up and maintain a blog. You don’t have to go through the trouble of installing software and configuring it to work on your server. All you have to do is sign up for an account and start posting.

• It’s friendly for beginning bloggers. Sites that host blogs offer good tutorials on how to make your blog postings, so that even someone who is completely new to the concept of blogging can do it easily.

• Most blog hosting sites are completely free to use. There is no need to pay for things like a domain name and hosting.

• Monetizing your blog is easy. Rather than having to manually put HTML/Javascript codes on your blog to manually set up things like AdSense and Pay Per Click advertising, you can select an option on most blog hosting sites that does much of the work for you.

The Cons

• You don’t have as many options to customize your blog. Remotely hosted blogs are admittedly somewhat limited in terms of what you can actually do on them. You have to stick with what is provided to you in terms of look and features.

• The URL you get is always You don’t get to have a custom domain name like This can possibly hurt traffic to your blog.

• Blogs hosted on free blog sites don’t look as professional as self hosted blogs.

Why should I self-host my blog?

The Pros

• You have more options and more flexibility. You are able to tweak the blog to your liking.

• Your URL is your address for your blog. Rather than having go to where your blog is hosted to read it, they can read it right from your site.

• The ability to make your blog look professional. Blogs that are hosted on sites of their own tend to look a lot better than those hosted on free sites.

• More space for your blog. Free blog sites usually place a restriction on how much space you have for things like photos and music. By hosting your own blog, you are able to use as much space as you need.

The Cons

• There are sometimes problems with setting up blog software to run on your site and server. If you aren’t experienced when it comes to working with mySQL, the process will be hard.

• Updates aren’t as easy to post.

• You have to manually set up programs to monetize your blog. However, if you are good with HTML/Javascript, this shouldn’t be too hard.

• You have to pay for your own hosting and domain

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both. Which should you choose? Well, it depends on who you are and what you intend to use your blog for. If you intend to use it for business, then a self-hosted blog is the best idea. If it’s a personal blog, then a free hosted blog will probably be fine for you.

Closely examine all of the pros and cons mentioned above. That way, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


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Biometric Time Clocks

by: Elaine Ester

In the fast-paced business environment where competition is stiff, companies need to protect themselves from espionage and piracy. Security begins with limiting access to company grounds and offices. Even employees can be granted only limited access to highly confidential documents and restricted areas. The latest models of biometric time clocks feature that capability, aside from just keeping time.

The biometric time timer is the electronic style of a time card clouting routine to screen attendance. It has also intensely enhanced on the authenticity of time account by with soul body part line as identification lettering for workers, making it impossible for workers to cheat as they can with time cards or swiping routines.

Models of biometric time timer’s scale from retina, palm, and feel scanners. The technology factory by meeting the aura scanned, for example the feel print, with the numbers stored in its recall. If the two auras meet, it allows and account the period of admission and exit. Fingerprints and retinas are impossible to hearth. A worker cannot clout in for another or use another's access rights.

As the expedient is also programmable Science Articles, it can keep path of attendance very well for companies that attempt compliant time schedules. It can be made to reckon overtime and festival hours worked per worker. This is definitely good rumor for those in the payroll entity. They wouldn't have to expend hours computing compensation every time payday nears. What's more important is that it eliminates soul blunder it lessens the odds of having worker complaint news or tiresome readjusting of wage and place computations. The expedient keeps its own account that can be downloaded frankly into a payroll routine. Attendance news can clearly be written. Monitoring of worker transfer inside the offices can be facilitated. This makes biometric time timers the right expedient for nowadays business centers.