Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gold Investment

What is the best investment this time around? Would you invest on properties or go into the stock market? You could gain a very large amount of money if you invest on properties or stock market, but you could also go broke. With the unpredictable of world's economy you can not be sure if your investment would pay off in the end. But there is one investment that is quite stable from time to time and offers a very good benefit. That is gold.

Why gold? There are a lot of reasons why you should invest on gold. The most important one is that people see gold as a good way of maintaining their wealth and pass it on to their next generation. Gold has maintained its value from the past up until now. Gold is not affected by inflation thus people like to buy gold and use it as an investment. Your next question would be where can you buy gold coin? There is nothing to worry about because you can buy bullion or gold at The site is a member of Aurum Advisors which is licensed for gold and bullion acquisition. You will not find another site on the internet where you can gain information easily about gold or bullion. You can also invest on other metal such as platinum or silver should you choose to do so. Check also the Gold Investing Info section where you can have useful information on how to secure some financial for your children. So what are you waiting for start your investment today and have a brighter future for you and your family.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SEO For Online Marketers - The Truth

by: Trevor Weir

Search Engine Optimization for Network Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a substantial part of what I puzzle out all day. It is part of Who i am at this stage. I have been Engaged in seo from previous to that date when Stanford university did the Now famous deal with the two Gentlemen that Created Google.

A Bit of search engine optimization history

Prior to the Times when Altavista, Yahoo and OpenText were At the top of the heirachy, that’s when Seo was Created. And that’s when I Earned incredible amounts of 7 figure money for several very specific industries.

Seo has always been about getting your Site As high in the search results as possible

Is it always about How many visitors arrive ?

If you Have a business in which The number of visitors is not the Only significant factor, but Visitors that purchase are, then any position on page one of The major search engines is going to potentially bring you some measure of business. How you then Go about conversing with that potential customer As they navigate around your web page is often in the realm of “the lost art of online conversions� – which is another topic.

If you are on Page one but in position number 5 or number 7 or number 10 then your traffic is truly a trickle compared to what websites in the number one, two and three positions are getting.

If A hundred visitors a day review a certain Google Search engine result page, and your site is in position 7 Through 10, you may be fortunate to get merely 3 of those Persons. Don’t ever think that People evenly click on the top 10 positions. Positions 5 though 10 may get a Total of 12 visitors while position 3 all on its own gets 6, and positions one and two Together may get 25-30.

About now you are Rolling on the floor and saying, “Trevor, your math sucks, These numbers simply don’t add up to 100?.

Correct, you would be, but you can stop laughing because of the 100 visitors That arrive at that search page, a few will click on the paid ads at the top and right and perhaps more than 50% will simply try another search term or phrase.

This is what many of us do, right ?

Getting people to click

The goal however isn’t Just about just getting into the top 10 positions on the search engines, its Really about getting your would-be Purchasers to take action ( on your listing in the search results ).

I should remark at this moment, that it is feasible for a site in spot 3 to pick up more Internet traffic than positions 1 and 2 if the title tag is Very compelling and the search topic is such that there is a Greater level of appeal for real solutions than merely just casual searching.

A number 3 spot with a title Such as : “Discover how an Incredible 2 in 3 cancer patients Were cured by …�

Could induce more clicks than a title that simply says “More cancer information�

The most frequent demand that I obtain !

If a potential client demands to be on the first page of Google search within weeks, I almost never think about using Search engine optimization techniques.

Why not?

Because traditionally, search engine optimization Might take A significant amount of time to achieve 1st page results and in a truly competitive area where there is a Lot of Income involved and many seo Companies Charging huge monthly fees to push their client’s Website to the top, getting a page one result on Yahoo in the natural search results Can be nearly impossible. Incredibly competitive Search terms such as diamonds,credit cards, mortgages etc Would be examples.

Long time ago, when Google was just Just getting started, Being in the first page result for Many terms was more a result of onpage seo techniques. Seo specialists used to spam the title of the page with 3 or more variations of their search terms – some persons in the real estate industry are still engaged in this pursuit. Those who claimed to know would then ensure a keyword density of 4-6% on the Web page in question and with just a few links coming back to that page, this would be enough to put that web page into serious Competition.

But this activity was pre-Google and even in the real early Google times it still worked. And unfortunately I saw some Housing gentlemen employ this spam technique just last month and Google gave them recognition for it – though it Shouldn't have.

Lately, the Maneuver for Achieving 1st web page search results has revolved around getting Back links back to your web page from other Web sites that are in your interrelated topic. It helps A lot if a number of these links have the exact Key phrase that your page is Trying to rank For.

The film “Field of Dreams� comes to mind at this statement. And the phrase, “If You Build it They will come…� sounds better while being whispered than the real world reality. In a large amount cases, when it comes to online Opportunities, this is really just one hundred per cent and utter myth.

At hand are tens of millions of dying Online ventures testifying loud and clear that if you build it, they won’t necessarily come.

The Halo'd message being passed on, fromThose in the knowp, is just keep adding significant Media to your web properties and other persons will link to your pages and the more back links you get is the better you will be ranked and the entire globe will go around joyously.

What is not being whispered, but powerfully implied here by the Google team who makes these things up — is that other webmasters who take “a shine� or “who heart� your Lovely website are going to link to your web property using the exact same arrangement of search terms that you so gravely need to rank for. Can you chew gum and say “incredible coincidence� 5 times really quickly ?

This Situation is as Common as the weary youngster who just ran 3 blocks, to catch the ice-cream truck, giving away his newly purchased triple vanilla icecream cone moments Shortly afterwards. Some would say, “It ain’t gonna happen“, but a few of you would contradict me ,so ok, let’s leave it at — “Yes, improbably it really happens but not as frequently as that kid is going to give away his ice cream …“.

So, if associates won’t voluntarily link back to your web property using the search terms that you really need to rank highly for on the search engines, what Can you do?

About The Author
Discover how top online network marketers get the coveted backlinks with the specific keyword anchor text that Google craves for the top positions in search results. Have a look at the thousands of articles, videos and comments at Join in and have fun.

Watches For Your Partner

Giving a surprise for your pair is always a good way of maintaining a healthy relationship. Whether the surprise is a present or just by showing up in front of her/his office is enough. But sometimes people prefer giving a present as a token of their affection to their partner. This is thought to be showing of how much they worth to them. Now if you are looking for a present what would you buy? Jewelries would do the trick on women. For men this would not be sufficient you have to improvise on that.

If you are looking for jewelries and watches then you should visit ShopWiki. Why? Because in ShopWiki you will be given guidance on what you should choose. For example if you are on a very tight budget but would like to buy something then you can search products by their price. Searching is another key benefit if you use ShopWiki. ShopWiki lists all shops on the internet and present those which suit your search criteria. This will ensure that you have the cheapest price available for you on any product. So if you are looking for any present such as watches and jewelries for your loved ones be sure to use the revolutionary shopping in ShopWiki.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Readers DO Judge An eBook By Its Cover

by: Michael Cheney

The saying “Do not judge a book by it’s cover” is false. People judge everything by its cover and appearance. Even if none of them is a judge…

What is the possibility that your ebooks will be judged the same way? A big, big and expected possibility. This is why before everyone start giving out their verdict, arm yourself with the most solid defense in this case: a good and effective ebook design.

Ebook design must-haves:

Eyeball-Popping Title.

Once your readers’ eye pop, they cannot stop. This is your title should do. It should not only grab your readers, it should bowl them over enough to stop dead in their tracks. And why not? You have something to tell them. The title is just the beginning.

Your title will be the first thing people will judge. It should be interesting enough to pique the curiosity of your readers so they will continue reading what your ebook is all about. This is your hook and bait. The catch will be in the content when they get there.

Crystal Clear Fonts.

Not in the literal sense. More like fonts that are readable and easy to comprehend. Read is the key term. EBooks are read. Using the eyes. And you do not want to strain the eyes that are reading your ebooks.

Impact and Arial are ideal ebook font choices. One or two fonts are fine. A third font is alright. But going beyond that will be an eyesore already. Ease of reading. Keep the fonts simple and steady enough to not cause your readers to have upset stomach and non-stop puking.

Vision-Friendly Colors.

You want people to read your ebook. But you definitely do not want them to be blinded with your color choices. The colors you choose matters. They should be pleasing enough to make reading easy as well as enticing.

Vibrant colors can be perfect if designed correctly. These kinds of colors are attention grabbers. Too much of it is a different story though. It would be best to experiment with varied colors to see which one will work best with your ebook design.

Mind Tickling Pictures.

Illustrations on ebook covers can be perfect. How else can you paint your words better than with the use of pictures? A picture can open your reader’s mind and imagination. Pictures can also convey your message even before they read what your ebook is about.

Choose the proper pictures to go with your design. You can also come up with your own to distinguish your business from the rest. There is no limit to what you can create and use in your ebook.

Everything Unique.

The more unique your ebook is, the more it will be noticeable. There are already a lot of ebooks out there. There is still a slim chance that yours will just be one of the usual stuff people will set aside.

Step up from among your competition. Think unique. Plan out a design that readers have not seen yet. Innovate so you can stay ahead.

There are two kinds of judgment: the good and the bad ones. By following the steps above, you are sure to get raving reviews more than catastrophic ones. Which would you rather have?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dream Getaways

Jamaica has been well known because of its most famous reggae singer, Bob Marley. Through his songs people around the world get to know Jamaica better. But did you know that Jamaica is also a very beautiful countries? It has one of the richest landscapes in the world with waterfalls, springs, rivers and streams all going from mountains and end in the sea. These landscapes open up various choices of activities such as rafting, waterfall climbing and horseback riding. Of course, you can also just sit and relax under a palm tree and enjoy the breeze and the softness of the white sand with cocktails on your hand. All of these are inclusive in Jamaica should you consider to visit it on your next vacation.

If you want to go to Jamaica you should prepare your accommodation really carefully. You surely don't want to arrive there without a place to stay. Check out to know all caribbean hotels which are available for you at your arrival date. First of all you need to search the most suitable hotel by filling in some information such as place of departure, departing and returning date, number of adults, etc. If you are going by cruise then your ship will surely dock at Ocho Rios which is the main port in Jamaica. Check out also Ocho Rios hotels which are recommended by the site. So book your vacation now and welcome to Jamaica. It's reggae time!

Friday, July 24, 2009

How to Earn a Sizable Income Without the Sweat

by: Steve Wood

I am speaking of an earnings that is above the out-go. In other words, after all bills paid, the amount you have left over for you.

Many economist call this the profit and it is the difference between the revenue and expense.

So many Americans today, the fortunate ones that have a job, are sometimes working two and three jobs to keep their head above water. This is not the American "way" that we grew up believing in. How to earn a substantial income without the sweat doesn't seem possible under these conditions.

Many people have produced these circumstances by poor reasoning and bad decisions, but not all.

Do you know that the majority of people in America would like to be their own Boss. People realize that owning their own business is "The American Dream" and the way to get ahead in most cases.

With the ordinary American family being so strapped for cash, who can think about owning their own small business today?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the news media is pointing out the actuality that gas prices are rising again. This alone should cause people to want to know how to earn a sizeable income without the sweat.

The answer is, almost anyone can own their own business today. You might be thinking that's not doable but I believe it is. The Internet has leveled the playing field for the average American.

We have all heard achievement stories of immigrants who have come to America with just the shirt on their back, who have become millionaires! Most of them persisted and worked hard without access to the Internet, which has a world wide market.

This American dream is still alive and well because of the Internet.

There are many online businesses that have bare minimum start up cost that can be built and some very quickly.

What the average person doesn't know, is there are ways to build a crowd of followers with just a small investment. Once a person has created this following by offering help and training alone, they can then opt into an online business and bring their whole group with them. This is the "smart" way to build a business on a limited income.

The beauty of this arrangement is, a person is not purchasing products from a company ever month. Don't get me wrong, being involved with a company that pays residual income for the remainder of a person's life is a great thing, as long as one can afford the products while building a down-line.

I believe most people could stay on this plan for two to three years as they continue to work their job and then reach a point where their online income would far exceed their job. By the way, another bit of depressing news, jobs are not a sure thing in today's economy. This is another great incentive for people to own their own business and be in control of their own destiny.

A person who creates leverage with a huge down line doesn't waste their day wiping sweat!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Myrtle Beach

I have always wanted to visit the US all my life. But so far that dream hasn't come true yet. The reason is that I want to feel the summer there. Is it different than in Indonesia, or is it just the same? One place that I really want to visit and is on top of my list is the Myrtle Beach. If you haven't heard of the place then you should really consider to go there sometime. It is located in South Carolina and Myrtle Beach is considered as one of several beautiful beaches in the US. There is a good Resort in Myrtle Beach and it has a nice oceanfront view. Spending holidays there with your family would be really awesome.

Grande Shores is the best Myrtle Beach Resort in terms of view, quality of service and hospitality. All of the rooms there featured generously-sized one, two and three bedroom condominiums. These rooms are guaranteed to provide a comfortable accommodation for any size of family. Moreover room prices are really affordable and should fit any type of budget requirement. Your stay there will be welcomed by the friendliness of every staffs and this helps you to redefine the idea of vacationing. So if you are looking for a nice Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach then you should choose Grande Shores resort. Check out the resort now and book for your holiday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Article Marketing for the Purpose of Building Links

by: Jeyanth Watson

One of the problems that is associated with submitting the same article to multiple directories is that sometimes the search engines will flag some of the content on the article directories as being duplicate content, and then not give you credit for the inbound link coming from that site. Many of the article directories have already addressed this issue by adding in additional content to the page, or requiring that you only submit articles that are exclusive to them. I have found that when I submit the same article to many directories, I still get a lot of links, although I lose a few. I imagine this will get worse in time, as the search engines begin to do a better job of filtering content.

One way to ease this issue is to rewrite your article, changing a few crucial words throughout the article. You can do this in your word processor by selecting words, which you have used repeatedly throughout the article, and using the find and replace feature to replace the words with words of similar meaning. Change the intros to the articles and possibly add in or change existing sub topics. Many of the link building services too stresses on article submission over the other ways such as to buy high PR links.

Another way to do this is to purchase article-rewriting software. I have tried this in the past and have not been satisfied with the results – I feel it is too much work for the result. Some professional link building services too uses this software for link building.

I think that a better approach to this issue is to write one article per 10 article directories, and simply submit each article to 10 directories, then switch to another article to submit to the next 10 directories, and so on. This will not eliminate the problem, but it will give it enough of an improvement that I think it is a superior method of dealing with duplicate content on the article directories than rewriting.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Choose Your TV Provider

My parents have just retired from their job and decided to move up north to live on the country side. Of course as their only son I have to follow them everywhere they go until I am mature enough to live on my own. The first thing that crossed my mind when they told me the news about moving was whether I could get any television programs there. I am a bit of a shy person thus I spent a lot of time in front of the television to watch my favorite programs. At first I installed cable there but later found out that to install all of my favorite programs it was going to cross more than $100 a month. This was before I found this great site about Direct TV.

With MYTVOptions you can find the most suitable Directv provider in your region. Just how exactly do you do it? It is really simple. Simply type in your zip code and press the button. The search result will give you a list of tv providers available on your region. For example if you type in the zip code 1242, it will give you the list of providers of Direct TV in California. To narrow down your search you can also add some criteria such as the availability of sport channels and packages, digital video recorder service, premium movie channels and etc. By using this site I was able to find the best direct tv provider in my region and save $30 a month compared to using cable tv.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Traffic

by: Samantha Milner

If you spend just a short amount of time searching Google you will find endless theories for improving your traffic through to your Blog. But the truth is all you actually want is hard facts not people that don't have Blogs guessing where the traffic comes from. So here it is in black and white the top 5 ways to improve Blog traffic that will work not matter what kind of Blog you actually have.

Twitter - We can't pick up a newspaper or magazine without reading about what Twitter is all about and what it offers online businesses. You really can't get any bigger as far as a traffic engines is concerned it is just like the eBay craze a few years ago where everyone was making huge profits by selling their junk. Just by putting a simple link through to your Blog as an update on Twitter can very easily add you hundreds of hits in just half an hour. If someone retweets your comment you are laughing and please don't ignore what it has to offer your business if you don't get Twitter research it until you do.

Commenting on Blogs - If a person reads one persons Blog they are likely to go off and then read another. Just by spending half an hour a day commenting on Blogs not only creates backlinks for you to indulge but it also brings readers directly over to your Blog. Make your comments interesting and witty this way people will want to know more about you through your Blog. Plus if your Blog doesn't disappoint them they will return over and over again. If the Blog has a top commentators section it is even better comment about five times with totally different comments on their Blog and you will feature in their navigation giving you the best chance for traffic building.

Yahoo Answers - This is a personal favourite of mine and whenever I have ten minutes to spare I will head over to Yahoo Answers to answer a few worthy questions. There are questions on Yahoo Answers about practically everything so stick to the niche of your Blog and in the resource box at the bottom include your Blog domain. If you have a review Blog this works particularly well as you can send them to the review post and lap up all the affiliate sales.

Online Forums - The secret with forums is to limit your time when you are visiting them, half an hour a day passing around your links is a perfect balance. I spent about ten minutes on them three times a day and if someone wants information that relates to a former Blog post I will send them directly to it in general from this I can very easily add 100 to my traffic statistics without even really trying. Have a look on Google for Forums in your niche and once you have set up a profile you can spread the word about what your Blog has to offer.

Creating the best Blog titles - This really is the most important part of your Blog posts and should NEVER be forgotten. When you have a subject in mind tailor it to fit it in with some long tail Google keywords and if you do it properly you will feature in the search engines in a matter of hours adding to your traffic. I wrote a Blog post at the beginning of the year about who to follow on Twitter and it still brings me 50 hits a day through a variety of different keywords with the same main words in it. Your ultimate goal with your Blog should always be to hit Google and quality titles is the easiest way you can possibly find.

Now that you have read this article instead of just leaving it go and put these methods into practice so that you can seriously improve your Blog traffic right now!