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SEO For Online Marketers - The Truth

by: Trevor Weir

Search Engine Optimization for Network Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a substantial part of what I puzzle out all day. It is part of Who i am at this stage. I have been Engaged in seo from previous to that date when Stanford university did the Now famous deal with the two Gentlemen that Created Google.

A Bit of search engine optimization history

Prior to the Times when Altavista, Yahoo and OpenText were At the top of the heirachy, that’s when Seo was Created. And that’s when I Earned incredible amounts of 7 figure money for several very specific industries.

Seo has always been about getting your Site As high in the search results as possible

Is it always about How many visitors arrive ?

If you Have a business in which The number of visitors is not the Only significant factor, but Visitors that purchase are, then any position on page one of The major search engines is going to potentially bring you some measure of business. How you then Go about conversing with that potential customer As they navigate around your web page is often in the realm of “the lost art of online conversions� – which is another topic.

If you are on Page one but in position number 5 or number 7 or number 10 then your traffic is truly a trickle compared to what websites in the number one, two and three positions are getting.

If A hundred visitors a day review a certain Google Search engine result page, and your site is in position 7 Through 10, you may be fortunate to get merely 3 of those Persons. Don’t ever think that People evenly click on the top 10 positions. Positions 5 though 10 may get a Total of 12 visitors while position 3 all on its own gets 6, and positions one and two Together may get 25-30.

About now you are Rolling on the floor and saying, “Trevor, your math sucks, These numbers simply don’t add up to 100?.

Correct, you would be, but you can stop laughing because of the 100 visitors That arrive at that search page, a few will click on the paid ads at the top and right and perhaps more than 50% will simply try another search term or phrase.

This is what many of us do, right ?

Getting people to click

The goal however isn’t Just about just getting into the top 10 positions on the search engines, its Really about getting your would-be Purchasers to take action ( on your listing in the search results ).

I should remark at this moment, that it is feasible for a site in spot 3 to pick up more Internet traffic than positions 1 and 2 if the title tag is Very compelling and the search topic is such that there is a Greater level of appeal for real solutions than merely just casual searching.

A number 3 spot with a title Such as : “Discover how an Incredible 2 in 3 cancer patients Were cured by …�

Could induce more clicks than a title that simply says “More cancer information�

The most frequent demand that I obtain !

If a potential client demands to be on the first page of Google search within weeks, I almost never think about using Search engine optimization techniques.

Why not?

Because traditionally, search engine optimization Might take A significant amount of time to achieve 1st page results and in a truly competitive area where there is a Lot of Income involved and many seo Companies Charging huge monthly fees to push their client’s Website to the top, getting a page one result on Yahoo in the natural search results Can be nearly impossible. Incredibly competitive Search terms such as diamonds,credit cards, mortgages etc Would be examples.

Long time ago, when Google was just Just getting started, Being in the first page result for Many terms was more a result of onpage seo techniques. Seo specialists used to spam the title of the page with 3 or more variations of their search terms – some persons in the real estate industry are still engaged in this pursuit. Those who claimed to know would then ensure a keyword density of 4-6% on the Web page in question and with just a few links coming back to that page, this would be enough to put that web page into serious Competition.

But this activity was pre-Google and even in the real early Google times it still worked. And unfortunately I saw some Housing gentlemen employ this spam technique just last month and Google gave them recognition for it – though it Shouldn't have.

Lately, the Maneuver for Achieving 1st web page search results has revolved around getting Back links back to your web page from other Web sites that are in your interrelated topic. It helps A lot if a number of these links have the exact Key phrase that your page is Trying to rank For.

The film “Field of Dreams� comes to mind at this statement. And the phrase, “If You Build it They will come…� sounds better while being whispered than the real world reality. In a large amount cases, when it comes to online Opportunities, this is really just one hundred per cent and utter myth.

At hand are tens of millions of dying Online ventures testifying loud and clear that if you build it, they won’t necessarily come.

The Halo'd message being passed on, fromThose in the knowp, is just keep adding significant Media to your web properties and other persons will link to your pages and the more back links you get is the better you will be ranked and the entire globe will go around joyously.

What is not being whispered, but powerfully implied here by the Google team who makes these things up — is that other webmasters who take “a shine� or “who heart� your Lovely website are going to link to your web property using the exact same arrangement of search terms that you so gravely need to rank for. Can you chew gum and say “incredible coincidence� 5 times really quickly ?

This Situation is as Common as the weary youngster who just ran 3 blocks, to catch the ice-cream truck, giving away his newly purchased triple vanilla icecream cone moments Shortly afterwards. Some would say, “It ain’t gonna happen“, but a few of you would contradict me ,so ok, let’s leave it at — “Yes, improbably it really happens but not as frequently as that kid is going to give away his ice cream …“.

So, if associates won’t voluntarily link back to your web property using the search terms that you really need to rank highly for on the search engines, what Can you do?

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