Friday, July 10, 2009

Choose Your TV Provider

My parents have just retired from their job and decided to move up north to live on the country side. Of course as their only son I have to follow them everywhere they go until I am mature enough to live on my own. The first thing that crossed my mind when they told me the news about moving was whether I could get any television programs there. I am a bit of a shy person thus I spent a lot of time in front of the television to watch my favorite programs. At first I installed cable there but later found out that to install all of my favorite programs it was going to cross more than $100 a month. This was before I found this great site about Direct TV.

With MYTVOptions you can find the most suitable Directv provider in your region. Just how exactly do you do it? It is really simple. Simply type in your zip code and press the button. The search result will give you a list of tv providers available on your region. For example if you type in the zip code 1242, it will give you the list of providers of Direct TV in California. To narrow down your search you can also add some criteria such as the availability of sport channels and packages, digital video recorder service, premium movie channels and etc. By using this site I was able to find the best direct tv provider in my region and save $30 a month compared to using cable tv.

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