Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Article Marketing for the Purpose of Building Links

by: Jeyanth Watson

One of the problems that is associated with submitting the same article to multiple directories is that sometimes the search engines will flag some of the content on the article directories as being duplicate content, and then not give you credit for the inbound link coming from that site. Many of the article directories have already addressed this issue by adding in additional content to the page, or requiring that you only submit articles that are exclusive to them. I have found that when I submit the same article to many directories, I still get a lot of links, although I lose a few. I imagine this will get worse in time, as the search engines begin to do a better job of filtering content.

One way to ease this issue is to rewrite your article, changing a few crucial words throughout the article. You can do this in your word processor by selecting words, which you have used repeatedly throughout the article, and using the find and replace feature to replace the words with words of similar meaning. Change the intros to the articles and possibly add in or change existing sub topics. Many of the link building services too stresses on article submission over the other ways such as to buy high PR links.

Another way to do this is to purchase article-rewriting software. I have tried this in the past and have not been satisfied with the results – I feel it is too much work for the result. Some professional link building services too uses this software for link building.

I think that a better approach to this issue is to write one article per 10 article directories, and simply submit each article to 10 directories, then switch to another article to submit to the next 10 directories, and so on. This will not eliminate the problem, but it will give it enough of an improvement that I think it is a superior method of dealing with duplicate content on the article directories than rewriting.

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