Sunday, January 18, 2009

Computer File Extensions

Have you ever experienced problems with your computer? Especially after you have installed and uninstalled many programs the computer become more and more slow? This is probably because there are still leftovers from your uninstalled programs in the registry. It could also be because some file extensions are still associated with the previously uninstalled programs. That is why when you open the file it would take such a long time to find the right kind of program to open it thus your computer become slower. So what would you do then? Would you reinstall your operating system? It would do the trick but imagine how much time you would lose to reinstall the operating system and not to mention the time to backup your data.

There is one easy thing that you can do to fix this file extensions problem. Just surf to This site will do the work for you and fix your problem. For example if you have a difficulty with File Extension TORRENT. For people who are familiar with this kind of file will know that to open it you need to install BitTorrent or ĀµTorrent. By using the tool provided by the site you can scan and fix registry which is responsible for associating that file extension with the appropriate software. If it finds the matching software then it would fix the registry so next time you open a file with TORRENT extension it would be much faster. This software could also fix problems with File Extension DLL, File Extension BIN or any other extensions. Check out the site and fix your computer problems fast.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kids and Money - Why Is It So Hard?

by: Jenny Ford

We learn so many things as we grow up. We learn how to walk, talk, and get away with not doing our homework. We learn how to play complicated games, many of them involving pretend money.

So, why is it so hard for us to learn how to manage money?

Why do so many people struggle to make ends meet, even on reasonably high incomes?

Why do so few people manage to provide sufficiently for themselves in retirement?

It’s not rocket science. We know what it takes. And there are some people doing it. So why isn’t basic money management as widely understood as basic geometry?

Imagine what life would be like if making money came as easily and naturally as riding a bike or tying your shoelaces. Imagine graduating high school with a permanent, secure, passive income already in place. You wake each the morning to find more money has appeared in your account overnight! If you want to travel, you do. If you want to paint, write, or do any other creative activity, you do. You choose your occupation based on what you love to do, not the burden of having to pay the bills. You have all the time you need to socialise with your family and friends, to stay in shape, and to practice your spirituality.

This world is not a pipe-dream. It’s not unrealistic. The world is alive with opportunity, more so now than ever before, and the opportunity is expanding exponentially.

With the right knowledge and attitudes, today’s kids can capture their share of that opportunity, and set themselves up for life.

So, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because not everyone’s parents have the right knowledge and attitudes to pass along to their kids. Some of those who have the knowledge and attitudes are still setting themselves up in life, working long hours, and find it difficult to break the knowledge down into terms their kids can understand.

What can we do about it?

As parents, we need to be conscious that financial education ranks up there with education about nutrition, health, and communication. We must educate ourselves, so that we can educate our children.

There are many places to go on the web to get that vital financial education.

The Cash Smart Kids program ( provides lessons for the kids, plus additional reference material for their parents.

The Rich Dad website ( is rich in content, and contains information about the Cashflow series of educational board games.

There are numerous e-Books, ezine articles, and offline financial publications with an online presence.

And, of course, there are dozens of relevant books in your local book store.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Health and Beauty Guide

Keeping your body healthy is very important as a healthy body will allow you to do your activities freely. One way to stay healthy is by exercising every day. But aside from stretching your muscles you should also keep your body healthy by using health products such as soap, facial foam, makeup and etc. These kinds of product are very important for us especially for women who probably don't have much time to exercise due to their very busy schedule. You also need guidance in buying the best health and beauty products for your body.

You can find a very good source of information on what product to buy in the best online shopping site called ShopWiki. Unlike any other online shopping site, ShopWiki offers a very wide of information on any product you wish to buy. This is a very good innovation as you will be able to choose the product based on what you read on the site directly. The search result of the product you are looking for is listed with several sites which sold the product along with its respective prices. It is really easy if you shop with ShopWiki. So whenever you are looking for fragrances or any other health and beauty products, you should always check ShopWiki first for reference.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Freeware Games And How To Find Them

by: Aiden Zapora

There are lots of different ways to have fun. A lot of what you choose depends on where you are in life, old or young. Today's youth enjoy computer-based gaming. There are many choices. Some of the games can be expensive, and gaming firms are getting a large portion of the spending money of the kids purchasing the games. Luckily, there are also a lot of freeware games. Game enthusiasts have made this a popular, and much cheaper, alternative for kids. A kid can download the game and play it with no charges involved.

So what's in it for the people who put these games online for free? Most of these individuals are enthusiastic gamers who simply love to develop and produce new and exciting games. Freeware is simply a way for them to get their product out there are share it with likeminded others. It's sort of an "open mic night" for video games.

Furthermore, freeware games often serve as a means to display their grudges against the developers of proprietary games. Say if a gaming enthusiast believes that some feature of a popular proprietary game is not up to the mark, he will try to build a game with similar objective and playing rules with the improved feature that was missing in the original proprietary game.

There is no dearth of variety in freeware games. You can choose a freeware game from adventure online games (, shooting online games, driving games online (, strategic games online etc. Lately, there has been considerable variety of games within these broad groups.

Freeware games ( are often supported by the existence of pay-per-click ads. Usually freeware sites will feature a few advertisements, and if they are clicked, the site owner gets a small amount of money in return. At the end of a specified period, the dollar amount of all the clicks is tabulated and the owner is presented with his payment.

Until recently, freeware games were not concentrated on creativity and novelty. On the other hand, there have been drastic changes lately. These days one can take part in role playing games with a huge number of participants at no charge. One can also create one's own simulation inside the online worlds. There is an infinite range of possibilities.