Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Idul Fitri di Indonesia

Indonesia merupakan negara dengan penduduk muslim terbesar di dunia. Oleh sebab itu nafas Islam tidak bisa dipisahkan dari kehidupan sehari-hari penduduknya. Ini dapat dilihat dari betapa meriahnya perayaan hari raya umat Islam di Indonesia. Idul Fitri merupakan hari raya terbesar umat Islam di Indonesia yang dirayakan secara meriah tiap tahunnya pada tanggal 1 Syawal pada penanggalan Hijriyah. Pada hari yang fitri ini digunakan oleh umat muslim untuk berkumpul bersama keluarga dan saling bermaaf-maafan.

Dua minggu sebelum Idul Fitri, umat muslim biasanya sudah mulai sibuk menyiapkan perayaan Idul Fitri. Kegiatan yang paling mencolok pada saat ini adalah "mudik" atau "pulang kampung". Umat muslim yang ada di perantauan sebisa mungkin mencari cara agar dapat merayakan Idul Fitri di kampung halamannya. Biasanya pulang kampung juga difasilitasi oleh pemerintah dengan menyediakan berbagai program seperti mudik bareng ataupun pos-pos pengamanan di sepanjang jalan yang dilalui oleh pemudik.

Sesampainya di kampung halaman umat muslim dengan mengenakan baju muslim mengunjungi sanak saudara yang sudah lama tidak bertemu. Mereka saling bersilaturahmi dengan mengucapkan "maaf lahir dan bathin". Para orang tua biasanya memberikan uang kepada anak-anaknya sebagai uang hari raya. Berbagai macam hidangan disediakan pada hari Idul Fitri sebagai rasa syukur telah berhasil menunaikan ibadah puasa selama sebulan penuh.

Sehari sebelum Idul Fitri diteriakkan takbir di mesjid ataupun mushala, yang mengungkapkan kemenangan dan kebesaran tuhan. Pada malam hari sebelum Idul Fitri biasanya juga ditandai dengan pawai obor yang dilakukan mengelilingi kampung. Di pagi Idul Fitri setelah mandi dan bersih, umat muslim mengenakan baju muslim barunya. Orang tua dan laki-laki melakukan salat Ied di mesjid ataupun lapangan terbuka. Setelah itu mereka mengunjungi sanak saudara ataupun berziarah ke makam anggota keluarganya. Tidak lupa umat muslim juga menggunakan kesempatan ini untuk mendistribusikan zakat kepada kaum miskin atau yang tidak mampu sehingga mereka pun dapat merayakan Idul Fitri dengan bahagia.

Monday, December 27, 2010

5 Stress Management Tips for Overworked Bloggers

by: TJ Philpott

Show me a blogger who can not benefit from some stress management tips and I'll show you someone unconcerned about the quality of their blog posting! When creating a blog, if you want your platform to make any kind of impact on the niche you are targeting you best have patience and plenty of it. No matter what you are blogging about it will take time to attract readers and then even more time to gain their loyalty. During this time you will be investing a lot of effort that will seem to go unrewarded. Additionally you will be challenged by continually developing new ideas for your blog posting. As as result it is likely that you will be dealing with stress and the temptation to throw up your hands and walk away!

Here are 5 dead simple strategies you can use anytime for dealing with stress and discouragement when blogging to help you cope and remain productive.

Step Back

If you are not getting anything accomplished and you can feel your stress levels rising step back from the source of your frustrations and allow yourself to re-energize! Find something else that will allow you to be more productive or at least to enjoy yourself. Many times dealing with stress may mean simply gaining distance from it until you are able to think clearly again.

Look Elsewhere for Inspiration

When blogging any frustrations generally stems from a lack of new ideas and usually that is because you have 'tapped' out your current sources. Look elsewhere in places you may not have thought of previously to get a new perspective and hopefully a fresh supply of new ideas and inspiration.

Filter Out the 'Noise'

Whether it is your physical environment or a possible 'overexposure' to the net you may need to distance yourself from distractions. Another 'signal' you may be receiving here is that if has become harder to focus you may be getting too tired to be productive Take a break and try again later on when you are more rested.

Do Something Good for the Mind and Body

Go for a walk, bike ride, run or some type of exercise that allows you to work out the tension which in turn makes it easier to think more creatively. Without the stress of forcing yourself to be productive it is amazing how much a more relaxed mental state can produce! Physical activity is one of the very best ways of dealing with stress so exercise should be a part of your daily routine if it is not already!

For the record exercise is known to increase the flow of blood to your brain allowing you to think more clearly, quickly and creatively! Imagine how this will impact your blog posting efforts!

Embrace Reality

As mentioned earlier when blogging you need to have patience because you must first attract readers and after that gain their loyalty, and this takes time! Further considered that once that loyalty is gained you will need to maintain your blog posting efforts to keep subscribers satisfied. However once you have a loyal following you have also achieved a certain credibility, trust and influence which are immeasurable assets when marketing online!

Most any blogger, no matter what stage of development their site may be at, can benefit from the 5 stress management tips offered above. When creating a blog you need to realize your intended impact upon the niche you are targeting will not happen overnight. This means you will need to have patience and plenty of it before you can expect to see results. These suggested tips serve as a way to help you stay positive and productive when dealing with stress while also developing new content for your blog posting! In the meantime continue to share your enthusiasm and knowledge with your readers as they in turn will grow in numbers and more loyal each day.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Curbside Mailboxes for Your Home

Recently, my friend have just finished building his new house. Everything about the house looked perfect. Interior such as lighting, furniture, walls, paint etc were absolutely brilliant. I took my wife and children there to see the new house. My wife was amazed and immediately turned to me and said "we should make our house looks like this". But although everything seemed perfectly wonderful I noticed something was missing. In front of their house there was no mailbox around. I asked my friend why was the mailbox missing. He said that he couldn't find a good store to buy a mailbox. Then I remembered about Mailboxixchange.

Mailboxixchange is an online store where you can find any kind of mailboxes. From resident mailboxes, commercial mailboxes or curbside mailboxes, the site provides them for you. If you are planning to have a residential mailbox then you might want to check Whitehall Premium Mailbox Packages or Mayne Dover Post Mailbox Package. Installing this gorgeous and unique mailbox would surely enhance the beauty of your house.

Commercial mailboxes is used to store your valuables. That is why you need to choose the safest yet affordable mailbox that you can get. For this type of mailbox you should consider CBU: High Security Cluster Box Mailboxes or Rotary and Freestanding Mail Centers. These two are known for their material and security.

Last but not least, let us not forget curbside mailbox. This type of mailbox is suitable for people who love beauty. Its exotic and mysterious looks could fool us from a distance. You would not believe that it is a mailbox until you take a closer look. This is the reason that curbside mail boxes are one of the top sales in the store.

As soon as I told my friend about the site, he opened his laptop and start searching for his mailbox. Later on when I and my wife came there again, I saw this pretty looking curbside mailbox in front of their house which make the house even more perfect than it already is.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Benefits of Haste When Working Online

by: TJ Philpott

When working online there are many distractions simply because you have placed your business right smack dab in the middle of the information super highway! Although in one respect this is good since 'information is king' it can also slow you down! Successful entrepreneurs are notorious for making business decisions quickly and have learned to filter out the noise. Top entrepreneurs in their field know the importance and benefits of taking action quickly and how hesitation could be the difference between success and failure.

Here are the 3 biggest reasons why many successful entrepreneurs feel that working in haste gives them their biggest advantages and offers the greatest benefits.

Catch the Wave

Not all opportunities have a long shelf life therefore immediate action is require in order to capitalize. Also as we all know opportunity waits for no one and that includes all of us! Many top entrepreneurs realize their biggest advantage is taking action quickly to see if any future efforts are warranted.

Baptism By Fire

Another distinct advantage to making business decisions quickly is that it allows you to get involved in the 'action' and gain a better understanding of what to expect. In this way you are than able to put together a more effective strategy instead basing one upon theories or projections with no first hand knowledge! Sometimes you have to ask yourself how can you plan for something when you really do not know what to expect?

Is Further Planning Even Necessary

Yet another benefit in taking action quickly on a business opportunity is the efficiency of time you can experience. Not all opportunities pan out, and if what you are 'investigating' does not show promise, little time or other valuable resources of yours have been invested in the planning stages! You see the actions you are taking are not really reckless provided you do not risk much except the little time it takes to check it out! If it pans out then it is time to get 'serious' and invest more time and if need be resources to make the most out of the opportunity!

To make the most out of your efforts when working online employing a sense of urgency or even haste when making business decisions is not a bad idea. Online opportunities are plentiful but do require your taking action since they wait on no one! Besides many may not have long 'shelf' lives so to capitalize you need to move fast. Although this may sound reckless, many top entrepreneurs follow this strategy with much obvious success. The 3 main reasons fast action works best for any entrepreneur are reviewed above and shows that their 'fast actions' are very well calculated. In this way opportunities can still be quickly pursued but in a way that may save time and effort while also minimizing risks!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Qualities You Will Need For Business Success Online

by: TJ Philpott

The internet offers very few barriers to people looking for business success but that is not to say every aspiring internet entrepreneur can expect to make money. The infra-structure does indeed exist to do well however certain 'intangibles' will need to be added before financial success can be proclaimed!

Here are 5 common characteristics most successful entrepreneurs share that contribute significantly to any financial success they experience. Check to see how well you measure up!


If you do not have a passion or little enthusiasm for what you are doing it will show in both your efforts and results. A successful internet entrepreneur is always one that has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for their field of interest or niche and being passionate helps to supply both. Without either it will be difficult to stay motivated!


Another 'must' is that you need to be confident that you can and will succeed and this confidence comes from a positive mental attitude. If you doubt yourself in any way it will make your efforts more difficult thereby challenging any motivation you do have. Your financial success is merely a product of your supreme confidence and your willingness to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes!


Whether it is the product, the marketing strategy or even the way you brand yourself or your business you want to be different in some way to help you stand out. This is an area most successful entrepreneurs excel in and focus upon since it is easier to gain a competitive edge this way then to try and 'outwork' the competition! It is simply a matter of being different!


Achieving financial success on any level normally requires overcoming setbacks and possessing the willingness to maintain a sustained effort until you reach your goal. In a nutshell this calls for a strong determination and as mentioned above, the belief that you can succeed!


As already mentioned unexpected setbacks will likely be a part of the landscape on your entrepreneurial journey. Your commitment, confidence and other resources will be tested and there will be times that you will need to improvise. The resiliency and resourcefulness you demonstrate in these times will contribute greatly to your level of confidence feeding back into your level of productivity!

When looking for business success online your expectation need to include a certain investment of time and effort to be sure. In addition however it seems that most internet entrepreneurs who experience financial success possess certain intangibles that give both themselves and their businesses an edge! As discussed above these qualities are 'ingrained' more or less in the attitude and energy most successful entrepreneurs bring to their work environment. The best news here is that these intangibles or qualities can be acquired by just about anybody provided the desire to do so exists!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

3 Steps to Success as an Online Entrepreneur

by: TJ Philpott

The steps to success when starting an online business always begins in the form of some type of inspiration from which everything evolves or develops. Being inspired is one thing however, it is what is done with the inspiration that separates the successful business entrepreneur from the daydreamer! There needs to exist the willingness for taking action along with the acceptance for change along the way.

Here are the 3 main stages of starting an online business that all entrepreneurs must cross to develop their dreams into successful financial realities!


Here is where it all starts with what amounts to be the seed or inspiration that helps dictate your actions. The idea can be one either developed by you or perhaps even presented to you by another, but it is normally one that captures both your attention and enthusiasm. It is at this point where taking action is probably the most important thing you can so you can convert your enthusiasm into something more tangible. Any progress you experience can now help you to establish momentum which is crucial when starting an online business for the motivation and encouragement it produces.

Tuning In

Listening to the 'resident' experts in the field, staying current with any new developments or simply continuing your own education in your chosen niche is an absolute necessity! There must exist a willingness to learn and accept new ideas, some of which may be in conflict with your own beliefs. By expanding your thinking as well as your own pool of knowledge you can expect to improve on both a personal and professional level. In this way you will be better able grow a more rounded and rock solid business.


The most common trait found in any successful business entrepreneur is persistence! Once you have taken action you must be relentless with your efforts! There will be mistakes made and unexpected developments that may tend to discourage you but it is up to you to make the necessary adjustments and continue moving forward. In fact learn to embrace these situations as learning experiences because that is exactly what they are!

The steps to success you need to take regardless of your field of interest or niche, will always be consistent when starting an online business. On the internet there are countless opportunities available for the aspiring business entrepreneur and all require you actually taking action to make them work! The point here is your taking action will be motivated by a specific inspiration or idea and needs to be accompanied by a certain adaptability and determination on your part. These stages, as reviewed above, are necessary for building a strong business foundation. Having a great idea or being inspired by one along with being motivated is a terrific start! By also possessing the willingness to continue your learning and being adaptable to change, you will be setting the stage for long term success!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Learn to Make Your Blog All It Can Be!

by: TJ Philpott

It is important to learn how to make your blog serve as a viable tool that can help you build your business because it possesses enormous potential for both branding and marketing purposes. The best blogging sites are successful at utilizing their platforms to not only promote goods and services but to also help create and establish unique identities. They have learned how to get the most out of their blogs and so can you.

Here are 5 simple guidelines you want to follow in creating and establishing your site to help you build your business and work more efficiently.

Crystal Clear Theme

The theme of your platform needs to convey a clear and consistent message that reflects both the image you want to establish as well as the business you represent! This will be the first and most fundamental step of your branding and marketing efforts and the key will be clarity and consistency!


You will discover that to build your business you will need quite a reserve of patience and energy . Possessing a genuine enthusiasm or passion for what it is you are building will make you efforts a lot easier and give you better results as well!


One of the primary reasons many blogging sites gain popularity is due to their uniqueness which is emphasized in the personality or tone of the site. Do not be hesitant to allow your personality to be reflected in your platforms design or the content you post. People will look for and be drawn to this and you will find that it helps boost your branding and marketing efforts as well! You can not have a brand without an identity and your unique personality will help to establish this identity.


Posting to your site is a great 'start' for generating the traffic you will want and need but do not stop there! Use other means to attract visitors such as article submissions, social networking, link building and any of the many other available techniques.


The most important task you will need to perform and as often as possible is posting updates to your site. This is where it starts and what attracts people in the first place. Always strive to use great quality content because this is what will build your business and reputation. As the saying goes your reputation proceeds you and what your updates reflect will be the basis of how people perceive you online!

Learning how to make your blog a more efficient and effective tool to help you build your business is not hard to do and is highly recommended. These sites possess tremendous branding and marketing capabilities that when exploited can make yours one of the most notable blogging sites in your chosen niche. The 5 simple suggestions offered above are not difficult to implement or follow but do require diligence and patience. If you are willing and able to invest the necessary effort, you will likely achieve a large and loyal following along with a business that can earn you a nifty income.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Benefits Of Blog Entries With Teeth

by: TJ Philpott

Many people feel more is better in terms of the number of blog entries they update their platform with and this is a widely accepted strategy. On the other hand it would seem that publishing content more frequently to your site would thereby compromise the quality of what you offer readers. With little time to conduct more meaningful research or develop new ideas, frequent updates would tend to be more conversational and less informative. Now the question is what makes popular blogs so attractive to people, what they have to say or how often they say it? It seems in most cases that visitors would be more interested in useful information than simply casual conversation. After all it appears that social network sites would probably already fill that void!

Here is a look at 3 reasons why publishing more useful information, even if it means less frequently, would be of more benefit to both readers and bloggers alike!

Impact vs. Impression

Most popular blogs tend to post updates that carry more of an impact and are less concerned with simply pinging the search engines on a more frequent basis. The reason behind this is that they realize their readers want something more worth their while to view that goes deeper than a simple 'journal' entry.

Quality Time Invested

By taking the time required to conduct the necessary research needed to create any useful information, bloggers get more out of the time they invest. They are able to learn more about their own interest and as a result can than pass it along to their own readers who in turn benefit as well! A much better investment of time for everybody concerned!

Bedrock vs. Sand

It comes down to whether the blogger wants deeply embedded loyalty returning visitors or lots of uncommitted traffic that reflects a high turnover rate. Do you want to build a foundation on bedrock or sand? By publishing content that holds lesser value, which is what the more frequent updates tend to contain, readers are prone to be less loyal. Reasons for this are that because the content is not that 'riveting' people invariably stumble upon other sources/blogs more compelling and useful to them! Now serving up quality content is like finding a diamond in the rough for visitors which leads to them developing a deeper rooted sense of loyalty to the site.

It would appear that the quality of your blog entries is what attracts visitors and not necessarily the quantity. Popular blogs gain their notoriety based upon the useful information they offer and not by publishing content that reflects little research or preparation. This is generally what you can expect with very frequent updates. The 3 reason you should focus more on quality and not quantity are discussed above and hard to ignore. By frequently publishing content to your site that is more conversational and less informative you will find yourself competing more with social network sites. This is a competition in which you will not do well and most likely eventually lose!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Should Blog Posting Be Methodical?

by: TJ Philpott

Does your blog posting follow a logical process by talking about or dispensing information on the same topic? What is being discussed here is whether it is important to maintain a certain 'continuity' with your blog entries. In order to become one of the top bloggers in your field obviously you will need to generate traffic and then of course keep attracting visitors back. The question is does the sequential process of your updates, in terms of the specific theme of the content, affect the popularity of your site? Does everything need to be presented in a logical order or is it OK to deliver it in random fashion like a Quentin Tarantino movie where it all comes together at the end?

Here is a look a 3 points to consider when deciding upon the direction to take and maintain with any new blog entries and how it may effect your traffic.

Some People Prefer a 'Patchwork' Approach

Many subscribers do not mind and rather enjoy constant variations or diversions in the content presented to them. In fact most people are use to randomly accessing blog posts according to their current interests and/or needs. This is made both possible and convenient for visitors by the fact that most blogs maintain categorized archives allowing people to view whatever posts or topics they choose and when they choose to do so.

Some People Like Order

Many people are more comfortable with being methodical and this is not unusual, at least I hope not since I share this trait. Presenting blog entries in an order where one leads naturally into the next works very well and is easier for people to follow. Keep in mind however that this approach can be hard to maintain since you may not always be able to develop new content for continued follow-up. Also it may make it uncomfortable for readers if you try to 'divert' to any new or late breaking trends or news relevant to your blogging theme.

As pleasant as 'order' may be it is impractical to expect that you can, or should always maintain it!

So How Do You Know?

In most cases, as mentioned above, you will be categorizing and archiving your postings as the amount of content grows on your site. This in turn will allow for readers to have easy access to related material with which they hold a 'current' interest. As far as I am concerned at this point problem 'solved' and you can take whatever direction your heart so desires. It would seem that some type of logical order would only be called for during the infancy stages of your platform when your archives are not yet stocked.

The logical manner of your blog posting would seem to be of more significance when you first launch your platform. Having little content to offer readers you would want to be mindful of giving your blog entries a more clearly defined direction to help you generate traffic. However over time to become one of the top bloggers in your field it would be the quality and not the order of your updates that ultimately counts. So do not get too hung up on trying to maintain a certain 'order' to what you publish if you already have a respectable archive to offer. Your focus now is purely your quality!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

How Can You Profit Using Public Domain Products?

by: Ian Basford

It is important that you attempt to maximize the potential of each business you begin, but you should start by spreading your income base quickly by setting up four or five small online businesses and focus on expanding them later. Using public domain products, this approach is fairly easy and quite successful.

You can pick several public domain works, create a different product for each of them, and after you have set up individual websites for each product, return to improve and expand on each website. This will allow you to generate multiple income streams and then maximize the income potential of each stream within a short period of time.

So many people think of the public domain for starting a new business that they forget the most important aspect of using the public domain – instant content. If you already have a website or blog that can use supplementary content, use the public domain for possible subject matter. Not only can such new content be used to increase any AdSense income you make, but it can also 'sell" your other products and services by building your business reputation as an expert.

It's not always possible to find relevant content. Information on the latest computer or DVD technology is unlikely to be in the public domain, but there are many niches that have timeless appeal. Woodworking or cookery, for instance, are popular subjects that have a timelessness about them. They were popular ten or twenty years ago and they will still be popular in another ten or twenty years. If you operate a business that works in 'timeless" niches, the public domain can become a far better resource than any ghostwriter you can ever hire!

When you begin an internet venture, it is a good idea to choose your first business from within your own hobbies and interests. Many people share their hobbies and interests, and if there are enough people like you searching for information on these topics, you could quite easily make a lot of money.

This advice is both good and bad. While it is helpful to start a first online business in a niche that you have an interested in, it's often the case that these niches are not very profitable. There might be too much competition, for example, or not enough demand, or there may not be any buyers for your product in that market.

Hobbies such as cricket, playing poker, crochet patterns or even architecture, on the other hand, are excellent avenues for starting small websites using public domain material. By using public domain works that outline everything from playing tips to history and immediately usable information, you can carve your own little niche and not only build yet another income stream, but enjoy yourself at the same time.

On a final note, you should assess your current resources (your business and your hobbies) to see how the public domain can bring in new income opportunities for you. Importantly, you should continue your education by reading as much on the subject as you can.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What Is Pay Per Click? - A True Story

by: Neal Coxworth

New people to the world of internet marketing may find themselves asking "What is Pay Per Click"? It's a natural question, because most of the time clicking is for free, right? Pay per click or PPC as it is sometimes known is also known as a 'contextual ad network'. Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

All that really means is that the appropriate ad will be shown to you based on what you are searching for. In other words, the ad you see fits the context of what you are looking for. If you are searching for Porsche Carrera sideview mirrors, you may see several ads on the side of the search results that show companies offering German car parts.

The whole idea behind any advertising or marketing, is to reach the correct consumer, with the right message at the right time. Because PPC does this so effectively, it has become the choice of many small, medium, and large companies to conduct their advertising campaigns. It has also led many beginners to go gray early or pull the hair straight out of their head. (I'm guessing here of course)

The nice thing about the Google Adwords program, which is Googles' PPC program, is that almost anyone can start an account and begin advertising. You don't have a minimum "spend" as you might with radio, TV, or print advertising, and you can do the whole thing yourself. Did I mention that is the nice thing about it? It is also the worst thing about it.

Here's why. PPC and Adwords is NOT for the faint of heart. It is program that has many rules, many nuances and details that must be mastered to get the contraption to actually produce profits for you. Because anybody can do it, many, many people end up losing money attempting to navigate this confusing and complex world. It's not impossible, but it is not something you can learn in a couple of hours either. The big cherry on the cake here is that once you do set up your PPC campaign and test it to know it is working effectively, you can pretty much let it run for as long as you like and it will keep working.

Just remember, it requires some upfront investment of time and money to get to that point. By the way, Google is not the only game in town here. There are others such as Yahoo and Kontera that also can produce the results you may be looking for. Oh yes, you'd better be sending that traffic to a website that knows how to convert it to sales.

So know you know the answer to the question "What is Pay per Click"? Are you ready to learn more and get some real details as to how this crazy program works so you can put some money in the bank? Click the link below for free information and details on how to get started learning PPC, site building, keywords and everything else you'll need to know.