Friday, December 10, 2010

The Benefits Of Blog Entries With Teeth

by: TJ Philpott

Many people feel more is better in terms of the number of blog entries they update their platform with and this is a widely accepted strategy. On the other hand it would seem that publishing content more frequently to your site would thereby compromise the quality of what you offer readers. With little time to conduct more meaningful research or develop new ideas, frequent updates would tend to be more conversational and less informative. Now the question is what makes popular blogs so attractive to people, what they have to say or how often they say it? It seems in most cases that visitors would be more interested in useful information than simply casual conversation. After all it appears that social network sites would probably already fill that void!

Here is a look at 3 reasons why publishing more useful information, even if it means less frequently, would be of more benefit to both readers and bloggers alike!

Impact vs. Impression

Most popular blogs tend to post updates that carry more of an impact and are less concerned with simply pinging the search engines on a more frequent basis. The reason behind this is that they realize their readers want something more worth their while to view that goes deeper than a simple 'journal' entry.

Quality Time Invested

By taking the time required to conduct the necessary research needed to create any useful information, bloggers get more out of the time they invest. They are able to learn more about their own interest and as a result can than pass it along to their own readers who in turn benefit as well! A much better investment of time for everybody concerned!

Bedrock vs. Sand

It comes down to whether the blogger wants deeply embedded loyalty returning visitors or lots of uncommitted traffic that reflects a high turnover rate. Do you want to build a foundation on bedrock or sand? By publishing content that holds lesser value, which is what the more frequent updates tend to contain, readers are prone to be less loyal. Reasons for this are that because the content is not that 'riveting' people invariably stumble upon other sources/blogs more compelling and useful to them! Now serving up quality content is like finding a diamond in the rough for visitors which leads to them developing a deeper rooted sense of loyalty to the site.

It would appear that the quality of your blog entries is what attracts visitors and not necessarily the quantity. Popular blogs gain their notoriety based upon the useful information they offer and not by publishing content that reflects little research or preparation. This is generally what you can expect with very frequent updates. The 3 reason you should focus more on quality and not quantity are discussed above and hard to ignore. By frequently publishing content to your site that is more conversational and less informative you will find yourself competing more with social network sites. This is a competition in which you will not do well and most likely eventually lose!

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