Friday, January 25, 2008

Monetize Your Blog: Part II

On the first part of my post: Monetize Your Blog, I have guided you step by step in joining ReviewMe. If you have added your blog then you will have to wait for a few days for your blog to be approved. Once it is approved then you can browse for review offers and start making reviews. This post will explain to you how to accept offer, making review and checking the status of your review as well as your payment. Check if there is any review offer for you by clicking on the link "There are ... offers" in your main page (as shown in picture below).

As you can see in the picture, there are currently no offers for me. But if there are, then the number of offers available will be shown there. Click on the link then a page like the picture below will be shown to you.

Click on the "View" link to get the description of the required review which you will have to write on your blog. On the next page click on the "Accept Offer" button to accept the offer. Then you will be given a deadline to post the review.

Note if you passed the deadline, the status of the review will change to "cancelled". You will get a warning message from the site saying that your review is cancelled and to improve your writing (if the your review is rejected). Now to avoid your review being rejected, here are some tips:

1. Note the deadline, post your review anywhere between the date you accepted the review offer and the deadline. Don't be too late or too soon to post your review.
2. Be sure to follow the rules created for that review offer such as: you have to use the link text at least once in your post (don't change the link text, because if you do your review will get rejected), count the words you use (at least 200 words).
3. Use proper English (spelling and grammar).
4. The structure of your review must consist of introduction, main and conclusion. For some review examples please click here.

If you have completed writing your review, go to the details of the review offer and put the permanent link of your review in the text box given. Click "Complete" to submit the link. All you have to do now is to wait while your review being reviewed. You should get the result in a day or two.

To see how much is your earning for a month, go to "Manage My Reviews" -> "Campaigns". You should see something like this:

Well, I think that is all I can explain to you about ReviewMe. Later I will try to post about PayPerPost, but for now it is goodbye from me. If you have any questions just shout on the shoutbox or post your comment on this blog post.

TV Series Download

Hey, a friend of mine just gave me this link. You can download lots of tv series episode there. Most of them are in Rapidshare. The most recent update is Criminal Minds Season 3 Episode 13 (one of my favorite). You can also find Dexter Season 2 (ooh I would love to start downloading this), it is a very rare tv series - really hard to find a dvd store which has the collection.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Monetize Your Blog

Do you have a blog? I mean do you really have a blog that is updated and has a good Google page rank? If you do, do you want to monetize your blog? Monetize means you get paid to post a review on your blog. The easiest way, well this is from my personal experience, to achieve that is by joining ReviewMe or PayPerPost.
I think I have posted something about ReviewMe here. But it is just an introduction to ReviewMe, a quick post about the site. Here I will give the step-by-step procedure to join ReviewMe, browse available offers, maybe a little tips about writing a review and about payments.
Ok let's get started. To sign up, go to the site, click on the signup button. You will be asked to enter information about yourself like the picture below.

Click create account you get your ReviewMe account. Wait for a little bit and then will be logged in automatically to your account and given this welcome screen.

The first thing you do if you are a blogger is to submit your blog. Click on "submit your blog" link shown in the picture below.

Oops let's not hurry now, hold your horses. You need to complete your blogger account setup first.

The most important in filling in your blogger account is the payment method. There are currently three method you can choose: Check, Prepaid Debit MasterCard by Payoneer and Paypal. If you choose Check then you have to specify the payee name and the minimum amount. If you click on Paypal then you will have to enter your Paypal account address (this is the email address which you used to sign up with Paypal).

Click on the "update" button to confirm the changes. To be continued ....