Friday, February 29, 2008

Making Money from Your Blog

In my earlier post I have written about how to make money from your blog. One of the site you can try is Bloggerwave. I have signed up with Bloggerwave, but it is only today that my blogs get accepted.

Bloggerwave is a place where advertisers and bloggers meet. Advertisers can look for a suitable blog where they can advertise their new product or site. Choosing the right and suitable blog will ensure that they will get a lot of readers. That is why bloggers who join the site need to have a good blog with lots of traffics and a high page rank. The higher your blog's rank then the more money you can make, as Bloggerwave gives more credit for blogs with high page rank. Just sign up with the site and receive review offers. You can choose which reviews you accept and then start writing the review. So don't wait no further, start by signing up with site and make money from your blog! It is really simple as I have proved it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Domain Parking

Domain parking has had a bit of a bad reputation, and rightfully so. Most parked domains are setup with a domain registrar and they are the ones who end up making most of the income from clicks on your parked pages, that is, if your parked page gets any clicks at all. In truth, the domain registrars are likely only interested in making money from your domain name registration.

I have been intrigued with the domain parking concept however was discouraged until recently with the potential of parking my domains. It is true, almost all parked pages are shunned by the major search engines because they lack any quality content and are simply filled with ads. Simple logic told me that if the search engines are not interested at all with parked pages filled with ads, and this means the chances of people finding my parked pages is slim to none.

Thankfully there is new hope for parking domains with rich content parking systems, for example the one I now use, WhyPark ( These domain parking systems don't just set you up with a page full of ads and forget about you, they provide you with simple tools that let you create rich content websites full of relevant articles that search engines love. This is the most exciting development in domain parking history because it means anyone can create a quality web site containing your own advertisements that you earn all or most of the income from.

This revolution in domain parking opens the doors for anyone interested in creating powerful websites and capitalizing on their income potential.

While it is possible to invest just twenty minutes of your time setting up a domain with one of these rich content parking systems, the more time and effort you invest in promoting your domain, the more traffic your domain will receive in turn increasing your domains earning potential.

Bad Credit Offers

Almost all people who have a family need a credit card. The use of credit card is really important especially if you haven't got your paycheck but there are bills to pay. This is when credit card becomes handy. You can use the credit card to pay your bills and give you a month of spare time. But suppose you haven't got any credit cards and want to pick the best one for you, how would you achieve that? features credit cards, mortgages, loans, and resources for people with bad credit. Most of the people who don't have a well understanding of what a good credit card is ended up having a "bad credit" history. This happens because they took the first offer that comes in the mail rather than having an intense research of the credit offered. In you can compare dozens of credit offers from major providers and choose the best one for your needs. If you choose credit cards then it will list the top 10 credit cards from major card providers. You can also read the details and application of each offer. Generally these offers are quick and easy to approve. Many of these credit cards also provide a month reporting to the major credit bureaus thus making you to have a history of credit. This in turn can help you to rebuild a positive credit rating.

Now the site is not only about credit card as it is also provides other useful informations such as home loans, auto loans and personal loans. Having a bad credit history will not prevent you of trying to get the loan you need. is the site for people who have a bad credit history as well as other who have a good record to seek the credit card and loan offers that you really need.

The Greatness Of Banners

Banners are probably the most common form of advertising on the Internet today. The reason behind this has to do with their randomness and prevalence throughout the cyber highway. Banners are not intended for target audiences; instead, these flashing, animated, sound-generating eye-catchers are intended to simply throw the message out there in an endless array of locations for everyone—professionals and public—to see. In this way, the company that is advertising becomes known instantaneously, which is the purpose.

The banner may very well be the prelude to sucessfully target networking. When the banners provide a vast acknowledgement of a business’ existence, networking becomes easier and more successful because a wider variety of other business owners will have become more familiar with those who have previously launched the banner. The banner, then, is a form of dynamic introduction for new business ventures and a constant affirmation of already existing ones. All types of businesses use banners due to their “in-your-face” nature and the company recognition they provide during short-term and over long-term periods.

Banners are initiated through particular HTML or PHP hyperlink coding. The more elaborate ones, however, are launched through specialized software like Flash® and Java®, both of which are designed for extreme animation, video and audio presentations, some of which are unrestricted by Windows® framing, such as the Adobe™ logo which is activated everytime a PDF file opens. Some banners feature only color stills with lettering, while others include motion and sound. That’s the great thing about banners: they can be constructed to show anything, and they are growing more and more sophicated all the time.

Among the more popular banners circulating the Internet, many represent the more well-known companies that have been around for a while. This suggests that the larger businesses tend to employ such technical and dynamic means of advertising. Cost isn’t low, and it continues to rise. This includes: software, design and development, and sponsorship with other businesses who offer space on their sites to feature the banners. Pricing varies, but it is usually beyond the budget range of the typical small business. Therefore, the banner not only advertises the company and its particular marketing pitch, it also boasts its success.

There is also the constancy of the banner. Unlike, say, television commercials, this mode of advertising can run on and on, non-stop, day and night. Because of this, in conjunction with their prevalence throughout the Internet, business owners need not ever fear that their banner ads will be going unnoticed. Ongoing advertising is sure to incessantly increase traffic, keep the inflow steady, and promote current development in the businesses the banners represent.

In the end, banners are, due to their countless advantages, the best form of advertising for online business. As a matter of fact, their impact in their effects and efforts make their employment just short of a necessity to ensure success. New online business owners who aren’t sure how to introduce their ventures would be served best to use banners, which are flexibly ideal, despite their potentially high costs.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Keeping relationship with your friends and families is a must. Even though you are living million miles a part you need to stay in touch. What would be your mean to communicate? In this internet era, the easiest way is by email. But for those who are still living in a conservative way the use of letter is probably the best for them. Daily mails will be delivered to your mailbox by the postman every day. To ensure your letters received in tact and in good condition, you need to have a good mailbox.

Mailboxixchange provides the best and the most complete collection of mailboxes and curbside decor. The mailboxes could be either for residential mailboxes or commercial mailboxes. For commercial mailboxes you can choose from 4B or 4C Standard Horizontal Mailboxes, CBU High Security Cluster Box Mailboxes, CBU Regency Cluster Box Mailbox Components, CBU Standard Cluster Box Mailboxes until Windsor High Security Drop Boxes. Bobi Mailbox Packages, Brandon Victorian Mailboxes, Whitehall Monogram Series are to name a few of residential mailboxes collections. You can also browse the collections based on the manufacturers such as Whitehall, Blomus, Mayne, Dahlhaus, Salsbury, Brandon, Still River etc.

Mailboxixchange also guarantees what the price they offer is the lower among competitors. If you can find a product in the site which have higher price than other's price, then you can contact the site to get the 110$ Guaranteed Price Match. If you find the item you purchased is not in good condition thus you are not satisfy by it you can return it up to 30 days after delivery. If you are ordering from Lower 48 United States and Canada, you can have a free shipping agreement. Wait no further, go to the site and buy the best mailbox that you can find.

Payment from Smorty

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I have been reviewing sites and I am waiting for my payment. Well guest what? They paid me yesterday!

Just take a look at the image shown here, you can see that my PayPal account has been credited by Smorty Blog Advertising. Doesn't matter about the amount, the point here is that Smorty is a legitimate business. It's true and it's not a fake. So if you have blog and want to monetize it then join me by clicking the link here.

I am still waiting for my payment from Blogsvertise. If I have received my payment I will surely post it here, so you guys can follow my step and getting money by blogging.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


A good home is a house that has enough lighting. The lighting can be brought by the sun in daylight. You need to ensure that your house gets enough sun beams to terminate any bad bacteria. During the night your house needs to be lighted by lamps so you can do your activities as well as making a more comfortable house to live in. is a site who provides various collection of lamps and lamps shades. Its collection includes floor lamps, table lamps, task lamps, reading lamps, piano lamps, desk lamps, and torchieres. Search the lamps you want by filtering the collection by their style, brand, type, finishing type and price range. The search tool provided will help you find your lamps faster. For each type of lamps you can also choose the best one for you from a wide range of styles. If you buy the item in a large quantity then you will have a chance to get general contractor, interior designer or other volume discounts. Be sure to contact the site before your making a purchase so their special services representatives can give you a special price.

Why shop at Farrey's? If you don't know it yet, Farrey's has a long history of selling high quality products and a very best professional service since it was founded in 1924. It continues to provide high quality products from top manufacturers at the lowest price. You can choose your payment method from the following: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. For international orders, you will have to use a credit card issued by U.S. bank to shop at the site. You have to contact the site for offline payment using wire transfer or other means. The site also offers a 30-day return policy if you have accepted the products but not yet installed it and want to return it because you are not satisfy with it. All products are shipped using UPS, this way you will receive your orders more quickly. Farrey's is the best site for you to shop for lighting and everything related with it.

Arsenal vs Milan: Post Match Analysis

Milan held Arsenal to a goalless draw on last night's encounter. The two met for the first leg of Champions League quarterfinal at Emirates Stadium in a highly entertaining game.

The scoreline doesn't really tell how the match goes. It was Arsenal who had 57% of the possession with Milan sitting back and trying to counter attack. Arsenal also had more shots on goal than Milan. From seventeen tries, six were on target compare to Milan who had eight tries with only two shots on goal. These missed shots left Arsene Wenger feeling sorry. "I think we had a great game and had many chances. Unfortunately none of them became a goal. But we didn't concede anything so this is a advantage for us towards the second leg.", said the Arsenal's manager. Wenger also confirmed that Milan is a great side and his squad was a little bit nervous to face the reigning european and world champions.

Aside from Wenger's disappointment, Ancelloti is really happy of the result. "I think we can still go through to the next stage even if we lose the first leg. It is important to know that we can always do it", said Ancelotti before the game. He said this comment remembering his side's triumph over Manchester United at last year's Champions League quarterfinal. Milan were beaten 3-2 at Old Trafford, but then won 3-0 at San Siro which made them went through to the semifinal. The fact is a draw for Milan is a good result and make them confidence of progressing through because the return leg will be played at San Siro next week.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For bloggers from Indonesia, Cosa Aranda is really a familiar name. Especially for those who want to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adsense and making money from Internet, this site is a must to visit. His latest blog entry, entitled "Wrong Way SEO" has really open up my mind on how to optimize your blog or website.

In his post he said that many bloggers have asked him about why is a blog/website is on the first page of Google's search result but there aren't many visitors. He said that there is a 99% chance for a blog/website to be on the first page of the Google's search result if you put in the domain as the search keyword. That is if your site/blog is not banned by Google. There are also other cases where a site is on the first page of Google's search result but with other keyword. Suppose, your site is talking about "blue monkey" yet it is shown in the search result for keyword "red monkey". This can happen because of two reasons, either the anchor text used as the back link is not correct or there are other words used more frequently than the key word defined. The third case is when you are talking about "blue monkey" and your page shown on the first page for the key word "blue monkey", yet it is lack of visitors. This is fairly easy to see, you can ask yourself how many people would like to search and read about a blue monkey? Surely there won't be as many people as if you talk about monkey in general.

He also wrote about paid review here. There he talks about the history of paid review, why Google hates paid review, what you need to start a paid review business, and last but not least how much potential does this new emerging business has. It also has so many good ideas on how to increase your Google page rank or the most basic technique of Adsense. It is really a good site for beginners who want to learn Adsense, paid review or making money from the internet. But for people with English as their native language, it will be a little bit hard to understand (unless your Indonesian is fluent). If there is an English version of the site, it will be really great. I hope he can read my post here and start blogging in English. Or maybe he already has an English blog but I just haven't find it yet. Who knows?


Trade Show Display

If you have a business, for example selling furnitures or antiques, what would be the best way to promote your goods? You could promote your goods to other countries by arranging road show or trade show. This way you could target your customers better. If you know that the people on a specific country is interested in your product, then you could arrange trade show for that country from one town to another.

Now, to arrange a good and successful trade show you need to have a good trade show displays. At Camelback Displays, Inc. you can find a wide range of trade show displays, exhibits and tradeshow booths with factory priced. You can also browse the site's online catalog to find their collection on portable trade show exhibits, graphics, banner stands, truss displays, directors chairs & all types of exhibit furniture, table covers, flooring. All of these products have custom options so you can customize them to suit your taste and purpose. Camelback Displays, Inc. offers the most complete truss products such as store fixtures, displays, concerts, night clubs, lighting and many more. You can also find many different types of banner stands from retractable and non-retractable banner stands, telescoping banner stands, motorize scrolling banner stands, specialty banner stands to outdoor banner stands.

Camelback Displays, Inc. is really the place for your organizations, business or companies who have exhibition or event needs to shop for exhibits and complete accessories. Most of the products at Camelback Displays, Inc. have been sold many times before so it is guaranteed to meet the customer's need. Shop at the site now and have a chance to buy their special valued products such as director chairs, curve display, graphic mural budget pop-up displays and many more. So remember the next time you have exhibition, event, trade show or read show be sure to buy everything you need at Camelback Displays, Inc.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Champions League Preview

Arsenal vs AC Milan
Quarterfinal First Leg

Arsene Wenger's Arsenal doesn't want to underestimate AC Milan, the opponent whom they will face in Champions League Quarterfinal first leg this Wednesday. The Arsenal manager is in a humble way say that Milan is still the favorite as they are the reigning European and World Club Champions.

The first leg of this tie will be held at Emirates Stadium. The return leg then will be at San Siro, Milan two weeks later. Wenger realizes that his young squad fill face a mighty and experience team. "We are a young squad while they are the reigning champions. I will say that they have a 55% chances to go through the next stage and we only have 45%", said Wenger as reported by Goal.

Arsenal will face Milan after a heavy defeat by their arch rival Manchester United in the FA cup, which made them out of the competition. But their performance in the Premier League is different as they are still top of the pack. On the contrary, Milan's performance in Serie A can't be described as great. They were held to 0-0 by a struggling Parma squad which made them fell behind Fiorentina by three points who is at 4th rank in the league.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mailbox and Beyond

Having a nice house for your family is everyone's dream. They say that home is where your heart is. This is true because home is the place where you gather with your kids, mother and father, have some laugh or just hang out. To have a nice home you need to decorate it so every part of the family will feel relax and happy to stay at home.

Mailbox and Beyond is the best place for you to find home accents and garden decor. The site offer you a wide collection of residential mailboxes, address plaques or personalized decor. Some of the type of residential mailboxes that you can choose are post mount mailboxes, whitehall mailbox packages, assorted wall mount mailboxes, victorian mailboxes and column mailboxes. Estate size address plaques, oval address plaques, round address plaques, welcome plaques and statement plaques are some of the type of address plaques you can find on the site.

All the prices on the site are guaranteed to be the lowest price. If you can find a lower price for an item (before buying the product from Mailbox And Beyond) with the same color, model, manufacturer then you will be eligible to get the "110% price protection" program. The site will refund 110% from the difference between the two prices. Products sold on the site are the production of big brand names such as Whitehall Products, Salsbury Industries, Architectural Mailboxes and Mayne Posts & More. All Address Plaques, Signs, Wedding Plaques & Memorial Markers, Whitehall Mailboxes and Whitehall Mailbox Accessories are free from shipping fee. But remember items with free shipping will only be shipped by ground. If you need a faster method that you can opt for UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS 3 Day Select. If you buy items in a large quantity then you can have special volume discount. The amount of discount is based on the types of product you ordered and the total order amount. Mailboxes and Beyond is really the best place to shop for home accents and garden decor.

Blogger For Hire: Part III

If you think that I am just making this up then I need to show you some proves. So I am going to show you my Smorty and Blogsvertise standing up until today. By looking at these images, you can see for yourself that I have been busy writing reviews and some of the reviews you can read it here on this blog. When I reviewed those sites I received new knowledge and information. It is really interesting as it is profitable also.


You can see that there are five reviews who have been approved and bringing a total of $55.20. I have done those reviews in just one week. If you have more than one blog, you can calculate yourself how much money you would get. There is also one review who is waiting for approval.
If you read my earlier post, I said that there are at least 3 review offers waiting for you, so this it the prove of that.

If you can't convince yourself yet, this is my Blogsvertise standing. Hope if you see these you will realize that I am talking about the truth.

And this is the new opportunities that I am going to have to review.

You should be interested right now. If you want to join then click Smorty and Blogsvertise.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tennis Plaza

Keeping our body healthy is really important. So have you done any sports lately? I, myself is interested in soccer. But that interest is now changing towards tennis because I found it really difficult to gather twenty two players each time I want to play soccer. This difficulty is added up with the lack of free soccer field here in Bali.

Playing tennis is really exciting. At first, learning the stroke is a bit difficult. But once you keep on playing it will be easier and in the end you will master forehand, backhand and any stroke that makes you a good player. Now finding a good place to buy tennis apparel is as difficult as learning the strokes. You need to be really thorough in selecting the kits you want. TennisPlaza is an online site that is dedicated for tennis players as a one stop internet shopping to find the equipments needed. It sells mens tennis shoes as well as womens, tennis rackets, junior rackets, tennis shoes, tennis strings, tennis bags, tennis balls, replacement grips and overgrips, and last but not least accessories.

Many kinds of rackets are available on the site. You can find almost all big brand names such as babolat rackets, Dunlop rackets, Prince rackets, Wilson and Yonex rackets. If you are in a limited budget you can try to find the perfect racket for you in the used rackets section. Browse the junior rackets section to choose the best one for your kids if you are playing with your family. Finding the shoes that fits your fashion is also as easy as finding your rackets. Big brand names are available including Adidas, Nike, Lotto, New Balance, Prince, Wilson, Yonex and a lot more. To accompany the shoes and rackets you can find the suitable apparel for you. Dresses, hats and visors, head and wristbands, jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, just to name a few. Shock dampeners, racket accessories, eyewear, posters are a few things you can find on the accessories section.

The item you ordered is free of shipping inside U.S and $50 for the rest of the world. Although the shipping is free, that doesn't mean that it will take forever to reach you. Once you order the item, it will be processed on the same day. If you purchase racket tennis over $100 you can get strings for free. If you can find a lower price for the same style, size, and color at another authorized internet dealer, the site will refund your money 115% of the difference between the lower price and the site's price. You must return or contact the site within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for this program. If you are not satisfied with the item you purchase for any or no reason, you can return and exchange it or ask for a refund. This site is really looking out for their customer as well as guaranteeing the best price.

Epson C90

I just had a bad experience using this printer. The color cartridge is empty, that is the cyan and red while the yellow is still half full. But you know what happened? Arrgh, I can't print to the printer. There is an annoying popup message saying that the ink is empty and need to be replace with the original Epson cartridge. Even though I am printing using only the black ink, it still won't let me to print. The black ink is still half full, it is not acceptable that I have to replace the color cartridge so I can print in black or white. What is the point of replacing the color when I want to print using black ink only? I understand that this is the way Epson ensure that we use the genuine Epson cartridge. But by forcing us to replace the color ink while the black ink is still available is nonsense. This is not the way you treat your customer, we already paid the printer and the cartridge so we have the right to print without the color cartridge . If this continues I am sure that we, the customers, will think twice of buying an Epson printer. If Epson want us to buy genuine cartridge, with all do respect, this is not the solution. Why don't they just make a special cartridge that no one can imitate that way there will be no pirated cartridge.

Cheap Hotels

I always have a dream to travel around the world. The place that would love the most to visit is Europe. Fortunately, as any other Indonesian people, the one thing that prevent us from actually visit Europe is the expensive rate of European hotels. It is so expensive thus makes it impossible for us to there.

But that dream could soon come true as there is a site who provides information on cheap hotels around Europe, CheaperthanHotels. You are guaranteed to have the lowest rates on any star hotels. If your destination is London, then get the Luxury London hotels at the last minute or you can opt for 5 star London hotel at key London Heathrow Hotels. Usually with this price you can only get bed and breakfast at London, but if you reserved with the site you could get last minute cheap luxury hotels in London with the same price. This site is not only about London but you can find information on Amsterdam hotels, Athens hotels, Greece hotels, Prague hotels, all over Europe and the rest of the world.

The last minute bookings are available for if you make your reservation inside 20 days. There are many offers for you that allow you to paid the full price on arrival with only a small booking fee as a deposit. The small booking fee is paid up front to ensure your room. The rate is guaranteed to be the cheapest because the site is partnered with one of the World’s largest hotel sales contractors of business and leisure accommodation. If you can't speak English that would not be a problem as there is a multi lingual support service operators in the region where you are making the booking. There operators are ready at your service 24/7. So hurry up and make your booking, there is a world for you to visit!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Blogger For Hire: Part II

Up until now I am really satisfied of the way things are going with Smorty. There are few things though that I would like to be improved. First, the deadline of the review is too short. I think a five hours deadline is a bit soon. I honestly think I can write a good review with the time given, but suppose you want to write an extensive and complete review and need to do a bit of research, that kind of time limit is way to little. Second, once you have put in the actual link of the review, it takes 3-4 days for you to have the decision whether it is approved or declined. This is different from ReviewMe as it will only takes 1-2 days for a review to be approved.

I have only recently joined Blogsvertise, but I'm really satisfied with it. I got a review offer every other day. The price of a review is quite good between $7.5 and $10. If that is not enough, there is also a bag system where you can grab review offers. This bag system is an interesting feature of the site. If you go to your blog list and see a bag icon beside the url link of your blog, click it as fast as you can. The bag system works like this, from time to time there are review offers that anybody can grab. It works in a first in first out system, so the fastest you click the accept button the higher the chance you will get the offer. But you must remember that the grab icon will only appears in one of your blog, thus if you have more than one blog don't expect to have more than a bag icon showed up. Once you accept a review offer from the bag, the icon will disappear. Be sure to check the bag system from time to time as there is no exact time when it will appears. Approval of a review will be received between 3-4 days. I can't give you any advice on the payment because I'm still waiting for my first payment. As soon as I receive the payment, I will post something here as comment. I almost forgot, a review offer will remain in your task management for five days, it will disappear if you don't write anything. It's better if you decline the job and put the reason why than just doing nothing. It will also affect your rank.

Next is SponsoredReviews. There is not much to tell you about it beside that it uses a bidding system. There are a lot of review offers but you must bid first. I have submitted many bids but none of them are accepted. I don't know the reason but maybe because there are others who bid lower than mine. Once you've submitted a bid there is a long waiting time. I find it a little bit disappointing to have waited for so long and get rejected. It should be more quickly so we can turn our attention to other review offers once our bid is rejected.

Mac Poker

Playing poker games with friends can be a lot of fun. But have you ever played poker online? Some of you maybe already had experiences with online casino as there are a lot of sites who provide such service. On the contrary for Mac users (that is a person who uses Macintosh computer) there are only few sites where you can play online. Finding information about such sites is really hard.

Mac Poker Online is a site for Mac users who want to find information about online poker and casino games. Rather than surfing for hours to look for sites who offer Mac Poker software - softwares for Mac are hard to come by as not many companies want to make Mac compatible software - you could easily save yourself hours by just going to the site.

On the front page of the site you can find top Mac Poker sites such as Pacific Poker, Fulltilt Poker and Party Poker. Clicking any of these links will bring up another page where you can read about the bonus and review of the site. The review of the site is really complete and thorough as there are plenty of areas inspected including layout, customer service, competition, games, real money traffic, online poker tournaments, casino games, deposit and withdrawal options, etc. There is also a direct link to download the software and skip going to the original site. From what I read in the site, Mac Poker Online now has had an agreement with Pacific Poker and Party Poker to provide the readers with exclusive Poker Bonus. If you play Party Poker, your account will be credited $50 if you enter the the bonus code given. Pacific Poker offers a bonus of 25% up to $100 plus an extra $25. You also get a free entry to this month's private $500 Pacific Poker tournament. Other sites also offer bonuses. These bonuses are divided into two categories, poker bonuses and online casino bonuses. Among the poker bonuses there is PokerStars bonuses. All the details of information regarding the bonuses are available by just clicking the link.

If you have forgotten about the rules of playing poker you can check the poker growth section. There you can find basic poker rules, poker strategy tips and poker related articles. There is also a forum where you can join and discuss anything about poker. In my objective opinion, for a new site Mac Poker Online has really done a good job. Reviews given there is fair, easy to read and take into account many areas. So for Mac users out there who also love poker and need information on it, this is the site where you should be.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blogger For Hire: Part I

Reading the title you must be wondering what on earth I am talking about. Yes, blogging now is not only for personal purposes such as online journal, news, personal website but can also bring profit to you.

The next question you should ask is how? If you have read my articles: ReviewMe or Monetize Your Blog I and II, you should know what I'm referring to. This is not another tutorial, but it is merely to share thoughts and experiences about making money by blogging.

ReviewMe is the first site I signed to. From my personal experiences, there are too few review offers. Sometimes you could go about a week without a single review offer. I have asked about this to the site and the said that maybe the advertisers used a very strict filter and my blog got filtered away. Maybe this is true but not a single review offer for a whole week that is quite astonishing. I thought maybe this was because the time difference between advertisers (who mostly live in US or Europe) and me(I live in Asia). Then I tried to log in at night here in Indonesia, I got lots of review offers. The same thing happened after; even though I logged in at night I still didn't get review offers. The amount of money you get for a review is between $5 and $25. This may differ from one blog to another. Although I got one review offer for $50 but that is a one time only. I've got nothing more than $15 after that. The good thing about the site is that the payment is punctual. You will get your money on the first of every month via check or PayPal. I have tried both of these methods and each one of them is a success.

Smorty and Blogsvertise are two of the latest sites I joined. Smorty has more tight rules on approving a blog who joins them. Your blog must be at least three months old by the time you submit it. I have no trouble adding three of my blogs. As for the review offers there are plenty of them. Each time I logged in to my account, there were at least 3 review offers available. Each of these review offers is available for all your blogs who have been approved. So suppose you have three blogs and all three of them have been approved then you will be able to write 9 posts. But remember, the amount of money is different for a PR 3 blog to a PR 4 blog even though the campaign is the same. I have written a few reviews and three of them have been approved. I am still waiting for the payment though.

Use Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item


Poker is a really famous card game. I think that almost all people know how to play poker. Playing poker in a real casino like casinos in Las Vegas is really expensive. For people who are from outside of the United States, it is even more expensive if not impossible. So how can you meet people all over the world and play poker with them? The answer is online poker.

There are a lot of sites in the internet who provide services to play online poker. PartyPoker is one of those sites. You can play any poker games here such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and many more. So whether you are beginner, casual or professional player you can challenge anyone and win millions. To play poker in PartyPoker, you need to download and install the software, or you can simply play using your browser. On the day you first make a real money deposit, you will be eligible to enter the New Player Lucky Dollar for that day. You will also be entered in the same tournament being held over the next six days. Now if you happened to be the winner of Daily Multi -Table Tournaments, Weekend Multi - Table Tournaments, or Single-Table Tournaments, you will be able to participate in the biggest tournament, the $300K Guaranteed Sunday.

If you are a beginner there is a new player table specially provided for new players. If you need to refresh your memory on poker rules you can enter the poker school. There is also a special poker trainer with whom you can play to increase your level of playing. It is really an interesting site, especially for you who love to play poker.

Valentine Day

Hey, it's Valentine day! Have you bought any presents for your loved one? If you heard the word valentine, you will almost immediately think about roses. Why is that? What is the story behind Valentine day and what is the connection with roses? If you want to know about it then please continue to read. According to Brownielocks, there are three versions of Valentine day history:
  1. When the Romans invaded France they were not just invaded the French physically but also socially. So they introduced a festival. In this festival's day, every Roman boy picks a Roman girl's name out an urn. These couple then exchanged gifts. This festival soon became a tradition or pagan, so in 469 C.E., a pope named Gelasius decided to put a Christian faith in it by declaring that the tradition was an honor to St. Valentine.
  2. The second version related to a man named Valentine who was imprisoned for helping persecuted Christians. He then became good friend with his jailor then ended up the jailor's entire family to Christians. The jailor had a girl named Julia, that Valentine fell in love with. But the story did not end well. On the morning when Valentine was executed, he sent a love letter to Julia signed, "From your Valentine".
  3. The last version of Valentine day does not related with Romans but Norse. The Normans had a god called St. Galantin. The name meant "lover of women". In the English language the "G" is pronounced like a "Gah". It was also pronounced like a "V" thus the word sound like "Valantin". So the Normans believe that it is also contributed to the confusion over the true history behind Valentine day.
Why roses? Flowers were always thought as a token of love even before there was Valentine day. The Romans believed that their god, Bacchus (The God of Wine and Joy) and Venus (The Goddess of Love and Beauty), both considered flowers with their beauty and fragrance related to romance and love. But since the Solomon era, the flower which was primarily linked to romance was only roses. If you watched movies of Cleopatra, there was a scene where she welcomed Marc Anthony. Guest what, the floor was covered with roses. It was a show of her affection to Marc Anthony. There is also a Roman myth saying that when Cupid was carrying a vase of sweet nectar to the Gods on mount Olympus, he spilled some of them on the ground. It was believed that roses grew from the spot of that spilled nectar.

Enough with the history lesson, I know I had enough of reading a very long history on Valentine day. The essence here is that Valentine day is a day to love and be loved. So go and be with your loved ones. As for the gifts, I personally think that love is not only expressed with gifts but really by the way you treat your loved one. But if you have extra bucks does it matter to buy your sweetheart a present once and a while?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

National Relocation

National Relocation is a portal who provides many relocation services. If you have a house and you want to rent it then National Relocation is the place for you. You can easily advertise your property to rent to about thousands of potential renters. You will only have to put in the rental fee. It is the easiest yet affordable and fast way to get your property rented. The portal also works for you who are looking for home for rents. It is never been this easy to find homes, condos or apartments for you to rent or lease. All that is required is a simple search and choose the most suitable place for you.

National Relocation also works for you who like to invest in real estate. If you have an area where you are interested to invest in then you can search home values and information about that area through the site. You will be able to gain access to property which is for sale. It will really save you time rather then exploring the area itself by your own. Now, if a home is you are interested in is listed under Multiple Listing Service (MLS) then it will be easier for you to get information on it. You will only have to contact the National Relocation real estate agents. If you want to invest in foreclosures then these real estate agents also can assist you in finding properties which are owned by Bank or REO.

There are plenty of other services that National Relocation provides for you, home inspectors for instance. Suppose if you want to buy a home but you don’t know the condition of the property you’re trying to buy, and then this is where a home inspector comes in handy. He or she can examine thoroughly your potential home, and if they find any existing or potential problems of that property they can report it back to you. I guest using a home inspector will cause you to postpone your moving for a moment but it may save you a lot of money. Another interesting service provided by National Relocation is finding movers. You can easily list your move and then wait for bids coming in from moving companies rather than waiting for quotes from traditional movers. Again it is a fast and cheap way in finding a moving company to accommodate your move. There are other services available for you at National Relocation such as insurance, realtor, mortgages & loans to name a few. It is simply the best portal for you to find information on relocation.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Sims: Castaway Stories

Publisher: Maxis
Developer: EA Games
Genre: Simulation

Have you ever thought of being deserted in an uninhibited island? What would you do if you were in that island? Trying to survive and find a way to get back to civilization? In this series of The Sims, Castaway Stories, you can live that experience The Sims’s way. The Sims: Castaway Stories is the third series of The Sim Stories after The Sims: Life Stories and The Sims: Pet Stories. This is a stand alone game so you don’t have to install the previous series to play it.

In The Sims: Castaway Stories, there are two mode of game that you can choose. In Story mode, you will be deserted in an empty island and you have to find a way to get out of that island. You will play six Sims characters who have to work together to get a chance to enjoy the day after tomorrow. It seems scary, isn’t it? In The Sims: Castaway Stories living in the wild life is not a frightening thing. To survive you can explore three different islands in 24 different chapters. You will have to find a place to stay and to look for food.

You will also have a chance to encounter wolves and even adopt an orangutan. The most interesting part here is that you can use this monkey as a servant to help you do your daily work. To increase the level of game variation, you can fish and make item. You will be rewarded if you can complete tasks given to you in each chapter.

Now if you miss the never ending game play, The Sims: Castaway Stories also provides you free play mode. In this mode, you can build your home and live happily ever after in the island. Below is a few screenshots of the game.

Source: Omega magazine, volume 49
Image Source:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coca-Cola Zero

You might be wondering what is the title all about. Well if you want to find out you can read on. Coca-Cola Zero is a new product launched by Coca-Cola (at least in Indonesia I know that this is a new product, I don't know about anywhere else). I myself just knew the new product when I was shopping at Carefour with my family. There were sales promotion girls who was giving away free Coca-Cola Zero for free. First taste, it seems like a regular Coca-Cola taste but after reading the advertised there where it said "Greate Taste, No Sugar" then I realized that the sweet taste of the Coca Cola is not from sugar.

If you want to read the full story of this new Coca-Cola product, you can go to the official site here. From what I read, this product targets young adults males. Advertising in the U.S. always says that this product is "calories-free" rather than "diet" because the word diet is usually associated with females. According to Wikipedia, the product began to launch in Norway on June, 2006. The latest celebrities to have been signed by Coca-Cola to promote their new product is Wayne Rooney and his girlfriend Coleen McLoughlin. I think that you should try it as the taste is really sweet but of course "calories-free", so don't be afraid to lose that six-pack of yours. Like the motto used in Indonesia "Ayo Coba, Pasti Suka!". Try it, you'll like it.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Care Home

Everybody in this world has their loved ones. You care about them so much that you would do anything to protect them, including your elders. But it would be really hard for you to take care senior members of your family if you have your own family to think about and not mentioning you also have to work to provide for them. A care home is your answer to this problem.

If you are living in the United Kingdom, BetterCaring provides you with information regarding care homes around the UK. Simply put in the nearest town from where you live or type in the postcode, then click the "search" button to find the nearest care homes. If there are care homes matching your area of living, you can see it in the search result. Click the "view details" link to read the full details of the care home. What is most important to notice is the care categories provided. Service provided for users includes Dementia, Older People, Physical disability, Sensory impairment, etc. Alzheimer's/Dementia, Convalescent, Hearing/Speech impairment, Older People, Parkinson's disease, Physical disability, Visual impairment are specialist care. Hopefully you can find the best care home for your loved ones. Remember that the service and specialist care provided is different from one care home to another. So please be sure to check before you choose.

BetterCaring also provides useful and vital information on care. For example you can find an article explaining how to spot the sign of epilepsy or to know if you have diabetes. It is a good read because you can now take better care of your body and really watch your diet so won't have diabetes. Join also the care discussion where you can share your experiences or thoughts. Maybe you have some experiences of caring for someone with dementia and you want to share it with others. Or maybe you would like to post a question regarding some issues you find when you caring for someone with AIDS for example. There are a lot of other people out there who probably share the same problems. What better way to share and discuss than BetterCaring. BetterCaring is the most complete care home search and a source of caring information.