Saturday, February 16, 2008

Epson C90

I just had a bad experience using this printer. The color cartridge is empty, that is the cyan and red while the yellow is still half full. But you know what happened? Arrgh, I can't print to the printer. There is an annoying popup message saying that the ink is empty and need to be replace with the original Epson cartridge. Even though I am printing using only the black ink, it still won't let me to print. The black ink is still half full, it is not acceptable that I have to replace the color cartridge so I can print in black or white. What is the point of replacing the color when I want to print using black ink only? I understand that this is the way Epson ensure that we use the genuine Epson cartridge. But by forcing us to replace the color ink while the black ink is still available is nonsense. This is not the way you treat your customer, we already paid the printer and the cartridge so we have the right to print without the color cartridge . If this continues I am sure that we, the customers, will think twice of buying an Epson printer. If Epson want us to buy genuine cartridge, with all do respect, this is not the solution. Why don't they just make a special cartridge that no one can imitate that way there will be no pirated cartridge.


  1. It same with me, still find out if theres any application or configuration just to use the black ink alone if the others are empty, but the time i bought the printer, an IT guy told me that it is posible to use and print even with the others are empty.. that's why i found out your site.

  2. Hey me too facing the same problem...let me know if u found a solution..ill let u know if i find one..

  3. I am facing the same problem too. Before i bought this printer i was confirmed that we can choose either printing in colour or black. So that is why i bought this printer. I cannot do my printing because the cyan cartridge is empty but my black catridge is still full and other coloured catridges are still half full. If there is no solution i will sure spread around the lousiness of epson printer!

  4. This is one of the worst printer I have ever found.

    It's like your wife telling you that you can't drive the car because the bulb is burnt.

    But! you said, Hey I just want to drive it during daylight. If I have the money I'll fix it, but hey! let me drive ....

    Stupid Epson!