Tuesday, February 19, 2008


For bloggers from Indonesia, Cosa Aranda is really a familiar name. Especially for those who want to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adsense and making money from Internet, this site is a must to visit. His latest blog entry, entitled "Wrong Way SEO" has really open up my mind on how to optimize your blog or website.

In his post he said that many bloggers have asked him about why is a blog/website is on the first page of Google's search result but there aren't many visitors. He said that there is a 99% chance for a blog/website to be on the first page of the Google's search result if you put in the domain as the search keyword. That is if your site/blog is not banned by Google. There are also other cases where a site is on the first page of Google's search result but with other keyword. Suppose, your site is talking about "blue monkey" yet it is shown in the search result for keyword "red monkey". This can happen because of two reasons, either the anchor text used as the back link is not correct or there are other words used more frequently than the key word defined. The third case is when you are talking about "blue monkey" and your page shown on the first page for the key word "blue monkey", yet it is lack of visitors. This is fairly easy to see, you can ask yourself how many people would like to search and read about a blue monkey? Surely there won't be as many people as if you talk about monkey in general.

He also wrote about paid review here. There he talks about the history of paid review, why Google hates paid review, what you need to start a paid review business, and last but not least how much potential does this new emerging business has. It also has so many good ideas on how to increase your Google page rank or the most basic technique of Adsense. It is really a good site for beginners who want to learn Adsense, paid review or making money from the internet. But for people with English as their native language, it will be a little bit hard to understand (unless your Indonesian is fluent). If there is an English version of the site, it will be really great. I hope he can read my post here and start blogging in English. Or maybe he already has an English blog but I just haven't find it yet. Who knows?

Source: Cosaaranda.com

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