Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blogger For Hire: Part I

Reading the title you must be wondering what on earth I am talking about. Yes, blogging now is not only for personal purposes such as online journal, news, personal website but can also bring profit to you.

The next question you should ask is how? If you have read my articles: ReviewMe or Monetize Your Blog I and II, you should know what I'm referring to. This is not another tutorial, but it is merely to share thoughts and experiences about making money by blogging.

ReviewMe is the first site I signed to. From my personal experiences, there are too few review offers. Sometimes you could go about a week without a single review offer. I have asked about this to the site and the said that maybe the advertisers used a very strict filter and my blog got filtered away. Maybe this is true but not a single review offer for a whole week that is quite astonishing. I thought maybe this was because the time difference between advertisers (who mostly live in US or Europe) and me(I live in Asia). Then I tried to log in at night here in Indonesia, I got lots of review offers. The same thing happened after; even though I logged in at night I still didn't get review offers. The amount of money you get for a review is between $5 and $25. This may differ from one blog to another. Although I got one review offer for $50 but that is a one time only. I've got nothing more than $15 after that. The good thing about the site is that the payment is punctual. You will get your money on the first of every month via check or PayPal. I have tried both of these methods and each one of them is a success.

Smorty and Blogsvertise are two of the latest sites I joined. Smorty has more tight rules on approving a blog who joins them. Your blog must be at least three months old by the time you submit it. I have no trouble adding three of my blogs. As for the review offers there are plenty of them. Each time I logged in to my account, there were at least 3 review offers available. Each of these review offers is available for all your blogs who have been approved. So suppose you have three blogs and all three of them have been approved then you will be able to write 9 posts. But remember, the amount of money is different for a PR 3 blog to a PR 4 blog even though the campaign is the same. I have written a few reviews and three of them have been approved. I am still waiting for the payment though.

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