Monday, May 14, 2007


Do you know this site, ReviewMe? If you don't know it yet, please read on... ReviewMe is a site for bloggers or advertisers. If you are an active bloggers and want to make money just by writing blogs, this site is perfect for you. All you have to do is register and submit your blog address. The system will then verify your blog. There are few criteria which have to be met so your blog can be accepted, e.g. number of visitors, number of links to your blog, traffic, etc. If your blog is accepted, then you have to wait for review offers. If there is an advertiser who wants to use your service, they will sent a notification and information about the review you have to make. You can either choose not to take the offer or make the review under a certain rules. After you have published the review in your blog, you will have to give the exact address of your review. They will sent a confirmation to accept or reject your review. If they accepted it, you will be rewarded by some amount of money. This will be sent via check or to your PayPal account.
For advertisers, the system works the other way around. You post a review me add, and wait for bloggers to take the job. After he or she finished the review, then you have to accept or reject the review. If you accept the review you will then have to send the reward to the author.
I have tried this on my other site. You can see there I have posted a review about The CuteKid baby contest. And the advertisers have approved my review. If you would like to join click here.

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