Sunday, May 06, 2007

2022 or 2202?

After we went to Timezone, we rested for a while at KFC. I went to Gramedia and bought a Bola tabloid. In there I found a cartoon which was really funny. As you can see in the picture below, a member of the football assosiation of Indonesia is attending a seminar. There he sees a banner which says "Seminar Indonesia Menuju Pentas Dunia 2..2". He soon realizes that the banner was missing two digits. He then calls an officer and ask for it to be fixed. The officer who doesn't have any understanding about the seminar fixed the banner. But the official then gets really mad because the banner now says "Seminar Indonesia Menuju Pentas Dunia 2202".

Do you get it? If not maybe you don't know Indonesian football. The football association of Indonesia have a goal, which is
taking Indonesian football to world level in 2022. The year is 2022 not 2202. This author of the cartoon maybe trying to critised the football association as they are trying to achieve a goal which is more realistic to achieved in 2202. It is also an irony because Indonesia has a population of more than 200 million yet they are still behind of Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia in the FIFA world rank. Singapore only have a population more or less the same as Bali. Isn't it amazing? How hard could it be to find eleven players with world class qualities such as Kaka, Ronaldo or Nakamura in a country with that many people? Or is it not hard to find but to find the willing to find is hard? Maybe the year 2022 or 2202 can answer that question. Let us all see.

Source: BOLA tabloid No. 1720, Friday 4th of May 2007

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  1. 200 tahun lagi dong.
    masih ada atau enggak piala dunia tahun 2202 :D