Friday, May 25, 2007


This is a really funny story. It happened in my office, while we (I and my coworkers) were developing a project using Visual Studio Dot Net. We had to built a custom component using standard CheckedListBox. We were discussing where to put some code and for what event. Those of you who have experiences in programming must know what I am talking about. Then I suggested we put the code in an event called "MouseUp". I said, "that is the best event where we have to put the code". But a colleague of mine seem a little bit confused. After a while we finally knew what made him confused. He thought that the event "MouseUp" was triggered when we literally move the mouse up. I said, "if the event triggered when we move the mouse up, how does the computer know we move the mouse up or down?". We laughed about it for a while, then we explained to him and he understood. For your information, the event "MouseUp" is triggered shortly after we release the left or right button of the mouse.


  1. Kikikikik...

    Just like a moment, when Joey ask Phoebe about term UNISEX.

    Phoebe: U - N - I - SEX

    Joey: Hoh??

    I love language...

  2. wow... a fellow fan's of Joey and Friends... hehehehe thanks for the comment and keep blogwalking!

  3. hahaha! I seen that scene too, Joey is one funny and blur guy, even though his blur, but he is good in handling girls tho!