Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Reflection Of Trojan War

AC Milan vs Liverpool
Athena, 24th of May 2007

For the ancient Greek, myths have been part of their life which past on through all generation. Although binded by their ancestor's story, they have always believed that those myths was the foundation of their civilization, thus help them became the center of ancient world. One of the most popular myth which last until now is the legend of Trojan war. Trojan war became an important myth because it is the most told story in the Greek history. Even until now there are still arguments to prove the story.
The war started because of the kidnapping of Princess Helena, the wife of the Spartan's king, Menelaus, by the the charming Prince of Trojan Kingdom from France. To the Greek, this war has a very deep meaning and they are always proud to remember it. The war shown the Greek's ability to combine both muscle and brain.
Under the brave warrior, Achilles, Greek who before was torn into many countries which were fighting and competing against each other, was united with one ultimate goal to destroy King Priam's fortress. With the help of Odysseus, Achilles has an honor mission that is to bring back the pride of Greek which was taken after the kidnapping of Princess Helena.
In the context of the duel between AC Milan against Liverpool in tonight's Champions League Final, Milan's coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has experienced the price of a single carelessness. Like King Priam who let the Trojan horse entered his fortress, Ancelotti was arrogant and let Steven Gerrard torn apart his team's defense in the second half of 2005 final.
The effect was a total disaster. Just like the Trojan Palace which was destroyed and cancelled the honeymoon of Prince Paris and Princess Helena. Milanisti have to forget the glory of winning the Champions League trophy. Milan were careless, like Trojan who were partying with the presence of the Trojan horse, they were celebrating after they went 3-0 ahead in the first half.
The two mighty teams will again come face to face in this year's final. Maybe it is a coincidence, Rafa Benitez and Carlo Ancelotti will play in Greece, where the legend of Trojan horse came from. For the two side, Champions League trophy is the only silverware they can win this year, so they undoubtedly will do anything to win it. The trophy is like a pride they must defend, like Menelaus who was humiliated when his wife who was his pride, taken away from him. Liverpool and Milan surely won't let the pride of their season's lost.

Translated from: printed version of BaliPost, 23rd of May 2007

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