Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Totally Different Story

Speaking at the pre-game press conference, Carlo Ancelotti has put Istanbul behind him. Paolo Maldini is proud to be captain for such a side and Ricky Kakà hope to write another page in the history books.

Carlo Ancelotti

It will not be easy, but I have no doubts we will give everything. All my decisions have been made. On a purely technical level perhaps Milan were stronger two years ago and for that side it was almost ‘normal’ to reach the Final. For today’s team it is extraordinary and we want to end this year on a high. We deserved this final more than any other side because we suffered like nobody else. We had points penalties and had to rush our pre-season training to prepare for the preliminary round. If we have the fortune to lift the trophy, then it will be absolutely and totally deserved. This has been the most difficult season in my time at Milan. We ran into problems we had never encountered before, but the great unity between myself, the team and club proved decisive. Steven Gerrard is charismatic, but you cannot base your match on one player. Liverpool, like Milan, have many other qualities. Our opponents are Liverpool, not Gerrard. I don’t see myself as the leader of the group, but rather a part of the group. We all come together to answer questions and solve problems. We have worked well and I hope it will be considered even better tomorrow. We never sought alibis or scapegoats, we just tried to resolve our problems together, so what we have been through makes us stronger for this final. We feel very strong in these days leading up to the match. It was here in Athens against AEK that we suffered three injuries, it was the most delicate moment. Being compared to Sacchi and Capello by Doctor Galliani is pleasing. We have all done well. Milan’s presence in this final shows the strength of Italian football and we do feel ourselves a very Italian side.

Paolo Maldini

I have never been crazy about looking at history, it difficult to find the comparison with Athens now and in 1994, there are great players, Kakà today, Savicevic then. The Golden Ball is not as important as the final in general. If I can say, no one deserves the Golden Ball more than Kakà. It will be an emotional final even if you manage it differently from when you were 18 or 19. The best image is fitting the cup in Manchester with the whole team behind me. The important thing to get there rather than not. Crouch can be difficult in the air but I want to get out there once again and experience the shiver of excitement you only get in games like this. To be doing this again at this level is something fantastic and I am proud to be captain of a team that is always at these levels.

Ricardo Kaka'

No team plays man-marking at this level. I think that it will be like this tomorrow. I had the chance to win the Champions League two years ago, hopefully I have a great game tomorrow and write my name in the history books. If we can repeat what we did in the first half against Manchester United then it will be difficult to face Milan. Thanks to the example of Maldini and Costacurta, there is always the desire to win. I requested not to play in the Copa America in the interests of the Brazilian national team as I have played every summer for the last three years.

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