Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Machine Ate My 50 Thousand

On Saturday, I went to Timezone at Matahari Duta Plaza, Denpasar with my family. Ewa like always wanted to play throwing basket ball which he didn't throw because he was always holding it (with strength). Even when the ball rang that didn't stop him from taking the ball outside. I had to distract him with something else. So we went to a game machine.

I didn't know the name of the game but it was a first person shooter (FPS - borrowing the term of computer game). There are a member of an elite squad (like SWAT team). Your job is to save people from terrorists. There are three different scenarios to play, 1st rescue on a plane, 2nd rescue on a palace, and 3rd rescue in the jungle. I have tried to play all of them and I prefer to play the 3rd scenario as it is more challenging to rescue people in the jungle where you can't see your enemies clearly. In the middle of the game I was partnered by a kid (don't laugh) who didn't last long because he soon ran out of money. It was a very addicting game, I think the game made it really difficult for you to survive. A play (which is 3900 rupiahs a game) for me only last about 5 minutes, and then either I was shot to dead or I shot dead a hostage. Either way I was doomed. I didn't realize I have spent 50 thousands for only 30 minutes of game. Only after Ewa reminded me (by crying), I stopped playing. But because we have surpassed the budget for playing we had to check out, while Ewa was still thinking where did his basket ball go.

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