Monday, December 27, 2010

5 Stress Management Tips for Overworked Bloggers

by: TJ Philpott

Show me a blogger who can not benefit from some stress management tips and I'll show you someone unconcerned about the quality of their blog posting! When creating a blog, if you want your platform to make any kind of impact on the niche you are targeting you best have patience and plenty of it. No matter what you are blogging about it will take time to attract readers and then even more time to gain their loyalty. During this time you will be investing a lot of effort that will seem to go unrewarded. Additionally you will be challenged by continually developing new ideas for your blog posting. As as result it is likely that you will be dealing with stress and the temptation to throw up your hands and walk away!

Here are 5 dead simple strategies you can use anytime for dealing with stress and discouragement when blogging to help you cope and remain productive.

Step Back

If you are not getting anything accomplished and you can feel your stress levels rising step back from the source of your frustrations and allow yourself to re-energize! Find something else that will allow you to be more productive or at least to enjoy yourself. Many times dealing with stress may mean simply gaining distance from it until you are able to think clearly again.

Look Elsewhere for Inspiration

When blogging any frustrations generally stems from a lack of new ideas and usually that is because you have 'tapped' out your current sources. Look elsewhere in places you may not have thought of previously to get a new perspective and hopefully a fresh supply of new ideas and inspiration.

Filter Out the 'Noise'

Whether it is your physical environment or a possible 'overexposure' to the net you may need to distance yourself from distractions. Another 'signal' you may be receiving here is that if has become harder to focus you may be getting too tired to be productive Take a break and try again later on when you are more rested.

Do Something Good for the Mind and Body

Go for a walk, bike ride, run or some type of exercise that allows you to work out the tension which in turn makes it easier to think more creatively. Without the stress of forcing yourself to be productive it is amazing how much a more relaxed mental state can produce! Physical activity is one of the very best ways of dealing with stress so exercise should be a part of your daily routine if it is not already!

For the record exercise is known to increase the flow of blood to your brain allowing you to think more clearly, quickly and creatively! Imagine how this will impact your blog posting efforts!

Embrace Reality

As mentioned earlier when blogging you need to have patience because you must first attract readers and after that gain their loyalty, and this takes time! Further considered that once that loyalty is gained you will need to maintain your blog posting efforts to keep subscribers satisfied. However once you have a loyal following you have also achieved a certain credibility, trust and influence which are immeasurable assets when marketing online!

Most any blogger, no matter what stage of development their site may be at, can benefit from the 5 stress management tips offered above. When creating a blog you need to realize your intended impact upon the niche you are targeting will not happen overnight. This means you will need to have patience and plenty of it before you can expect to see results. These suggested tips serve as a way to help you stay positive and productive when dealing with stress while also developing new content for your blog posting! In the meantime continue to share your enthusiasm and knowledge with your readers as they in turn will grow in numbers and more loyal each day.

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