Sunday, January 18, 2009

Computer File Extensions

Have you ever experienced problems with your computer? Especially after you have installed and uninstalled many programs the computer become more and more slow? This is probably because there are still leftovers from your uninstalled programs in the registry. It could also be because some file extensions are still associated with the previously uninstalled programs. That is why when you open the file it would take such a long time to find the right kind of program to open it thus your computer become slower. So what would you do then? Would you reinstall your operating system? It would do the trick but imagine how much time you would lose to reinstall the operating system and not to mention the time to backup your data.

There is one easy thing that you can do to fix this file extensions problem. Just surf to This site will do the work for you and fix your problem. For example if you have a difficulty with File Extension TORRENT. For people who are familiar with this kind of file will know that to open it you need to install BitTorrent or ĀµTorrent. By using the tool provided by the site you can scan and fix registry which is responsible for associating that file extension with the appropriate software. If it finds the matching software then it would fix the registry so next time you open a file with TORRENT extension it would be much faster. This software could also fix problems with File Extension DLL, File Extension BIN or any other extensions. Check out the site and fix your computer problems fast.

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