Saturday, May 31, 2008

Acne Treatment

Acne has been the number one enemy for most teenagers. As a newly mature person you surely want to have a great skin especially in your face. But for people who have oily face this would be a hard thing to achieve because the oil on the surface of their skin give a greater chance of having acne attack. I had experienced this when I was still in high school until I found the best acne treatment on the internet.

Acne treatment from Murad is called Acne Complex. It is worth to try as it has been proven by many people. With three simple steps which include cleanse, treat and hydrate the treatment will guarantee you to have a healthy and glowing skin. Use the clarifying cleanser to clean your skin deeply without irritation. It will also soothe and calm your skin and guarantee to kill 99.9% of surface bacterias. Use the treatment gel to heal existing blemishes. It is also used to prevent new ones from growing. The third and final step is done by using the skin perfecting lotion to free your face from oil and calm redness or irritation. Acne Complex guarantee to give results in 4 weeks.

If you have bought the products and not 100% satisfied by it you can return the products within 60 days from the time of purchase even if they are already empty. You can ask for a refund or exchange the products. If you have problems with acne then I suggest you take a look at Murad's acne treatment. The product from Murad is tested on humans and not animals thus the result is concrete. You can be sure of the product as it has received many recognitions from lots of beauty experts.


  1. The tricky part about acne is that the problem can
    actually become worse if you overmedicate. That's
    because acne medication can overdry the skin, causing
    a boost in your skin's Sebum (oil) production. This
    results guessed it - more acne.

    So what's the long term solution? Find gentler
    solutions or even natural acne cures that won't
    shock your body into more breakouts.

    Here's what I recommend...

    Glycerin based facewash:
    Glycerin is gentler and will balance the
    pH levels in your skin.

    Antibacterial Soap:
    For body acne, try using an antibacterial soap
    to slowly dry out the skin. If your skin gets too dry,
    switch to a moisterizing soap like Dove to
    counterbalance the effect.

    Don't Overwash:
    Wash your face only 2 times a day max and gently
    pat dry with a towel.

    Use a gentle face moisterizer if the glycerin based
    face wash drys you out too much. I like using
    Aveeno moisterizers personally.

    Change Your Diet:
    Eat almonds, fiber, drink lots of water and avoid
    excess sugar intake. Food really does make a difference.
    This is because the food you put into your body has a
    direct effect on your Sebum (oil) production. By eating
    the right foods, you'll minimize oily skin, thereby
    preventing breakouts.

    Egg Whites:
    If acne medication isn't working or causing new breakouts,
    try applying egg whites to the pimples at night before bed.
    This natural remedy works by gently drying out the clogged
    pores and clearing up the pimple.

    Oatmeal Masks:
    One of my favorite natural skin conditioners is wearing an
    "oatmeal mask". The oatmeal with smooth your skin while
    simultaneously absorb toxins and oils from your pores.
    Try this for a few days straight. Wear the oatmeal mask
    for 10 minutes, then wash off. You'll have a nice
    glowing complexion right after.

    Lemon Juice:
    Lemon juice also dries up pimples and kills any bacteria
    in the infection.The citric acid also balances your skin's
    pH levels to prevent future breakouts.

    Yes, despite your initial beliefs, honey is FANTASTIC for
    skin care. Actually, you may notice on many moisterizers
    that honey is an ingredient. Much like the lemon solution
    above, honey balances the skins pH levels. Test out this
    sticky remedy by dabbing pimples with honey and leaving it
    on for 5-10 minutes. You can apply full honey masks to your
    face but I prefer the oatmeal masks instead.
    They're less messy.

    For more great tips,

  2. Avoid excessive scrubbing of the skin. It would irritate the skin and result in pore clogging and aggravate the problem of acne.

  3. it helps a lot of teenagers boost their confidence.

  4. i used to have so much acne also when i was in highschool. luckily it all went away a couple of years after.

  5. Just try to avoid excessive scrubbing of the skin.

  6. Find natural acne cures that won't
    shock your body into more breakouts.

  7. the human body is so complex that one treatment may work with you and may cause breakouts to another.

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