Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blogsvertise Payment

Finally, the email I've been waiting for a month arrived. As I have told you here, I am waiting for my first payment from Blogsvertise. I have received payments from ReviewMe and Smorty. All there is to left is the payment from Blogsvertise. According to the explanation from Blogsvertise, they will send you the payment one month after the review you wrote has been approved. But if the payment has not arrived on the 30th day, don't be alarmed. As this is not an automated payment system there will be delays. So I waited on the 30th day, still it didn't come. At last on the 31st day, the moment I've been waiting for finally arrived. First the email from "Lang Tech Corp" stating that I have received a payment showed up on my Google mail. You can see the screen shot below.
Then I confirmed the payment to Blogsvertise site. The payment status for the review has changed from "unpaid" to "paid". The screen shot is below.
Last I checked on my PayPal account. It has been credited with the amount paid by Blogsvertise.
So again I have proven that the service is really true. So what are you waiting for join Blogsvertise right now and start making money from your blog!

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