Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bloggerwave Payment

Another proof of paid review has arrived. Bloggerwave has just sent my payment to PayPal. I did not mention anything about Bloggerwave on my earlier post (Blogger for hire I, II and III), but I joined the site the same time as I joined Smorty and Blogsvertise. When I wrote blogger for hire I, II and III, I have not had any review offer from Bloggerwave. Since then I had only one review offer which I wrote here, here and here. Two of them have been approved. Now the first payment of the two has arrived. This is the screenshot of the payment details on PayPal.

This once again supports my beliefs that paid review is a good way to make money online. Unlike any other ways to make money such as Google Adsense or paid emails, this is the quickest and most awarding in my opinion. All you have to maintain is the traffic to your blog and of course your page rank. Just remember to balance the number of paid review written on your blog and your ordinary posts.

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