Sunday, March 02, 2008

Waiting For Payment

A month has passed, I am still waiting for my first payment from Blogsvertise. If you don't have the slightest idea what Blogsvertise is then you should read my other posts: Blogger for hire part I, II and III.

During last month I have written some reviews, well around 14 reviews I guess. Unlike Smorty who pays weekly, according to the site, Blogsvertise will pay you 30 days after your review has been approved. Now, if you at the picture below which shows all the reviews I have written, my first payment will come around the second weed of March.

The first task given to me was on 6th of February. Now I usually write the review 3-4 days after the task was given. So we add it up by 4 days to the date to get 10th of February. This was when the completed review submitted. To get approved you will then need 3-4 days again. Adding 10th of February by 4 days yield 14th of February. This is the date when the task was approved. So if Blogsvertise pays you 30 days after the task was approved, it means I will get my first payment around 14th of March or the second week of March. It is worth the wait, because I will get around $130 richer by the time I get all the payment. Let us just pray that my payment will arrive soon. I will post on this blog if the payment has arrived. Till then keep on blogging!

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