Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to Make Money from Your Blog

For bloggers out there who haven't heard about this yet, do you know that you can get paid for blogging? Is it true? Is it only just rumors? Don't hesitate I have proved it myself and let me tell you that it is one hundred percent true. If you want to start making money then please read on.

Smorty connects advertisers with a great number of quality blogs. Why do advertisers need bloggers? They need bloggers to make a buzz about their new site or product. Blog advertising has now become a new trend on the internet. A blog with high traffic means a good place to get new customers. That is why advertisers love to advertise on blogs. For bloggers, it is really nice to get paid to blog. You can write about the things you like. For example if you like to talk about cooking, then you can write reviews about it as well. Smorty will ensure that you get offers for the topic you selected. Bloggers have to maintain their blog so it is not just a blog for money. You need to keep on writing the things you like beside reviews. That is the way to maintain your readers.

From my experiences, Smorty is a very good site. It is reliable as the payment is never late, not even one day. Smorty pays you every end of the week. It has a good user interface, you can easily know your way around. Payment is sent through PayPal to ensure security. So if you want to make money from your blog, Smorty is the right place for you.

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