Friday, March 07, 2008

Making A Good Review - Part II

In the earlier part of the tutorial we have discussed how to make an opening paragraph. Now in this post we are going to discuss how to make a main paragraph. As we talked about earlier a good review consist of three paragraphs. First is the opening, then the main paragraph and the last is the conclusion.

The main paragraph is the most important part of your tutorial. This is what your review is all about. First thing that you have to do is read through all contents of the site. Find anything that interests you or mark the positive and negative that you find. To continue our last example about vacuum cleaners we are now going to make the main paragraph. Suppose the site you’re reviewing is selling vacuum cleaners. The opening paragraph is to make sure that the readers know the benefit of using a vacuum cleaner instead of the traditional tools like broom. You could start with the type of vacuum that is sold on the site. If the site also provides a search tool, you can also describe how to use it or what kind of search that you can do, for example: searching by keywords, type, price range, or the model of the vacuum. You need to explain what descriptions are given for each search you find. Commerce site often gives special prices or offers. This is also a good topic to write on your review. Payment method is also very important as the readers who want to buy need to know how they can make payment. If the site accepts credit cards, what type of credit card do they accept? Some commerce sites accept online payment such as Paypal. You must ensure that these things are there on your review. So your review would be a review and almost surely be accepted by the advertiser.

The last paragraph is the conclusion. You need to write at least one conclusion. If you find the site that you’re reviewing is a really good site, then your last sentence could be: “if you ever have the need to buy a vacuum cleaner, this site is the best for you to look because ….” Advertisers most likely want a positive review, but some also like your true opinion. In this case if you think that the site is nothing different than the others, you must say so. In the end the review you’re going to write really depends on the task that was given to you.

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