Saturday, March 22, 2008


Do you have an addiction of drug or alcohol? Or maybe you have someone close to you who is an addict? You would probably want to help him/her. But if you don't know a good drug treatment centers then it would be a problem. If your loved ones happen to be an addict you would also need a good source of information on how to treat them.

ProjectKnow is a website which provides you with the information and resources related to rehabilitation. Whether it is drug rehab or any other addiction this is the place where you should be. On the site you can find information regarding alcohol treatments, drug addiction, gambling addiction, internet addictions, drug detox. Treating an addict is not easy so if you have somebody who is an addict you need an extra energy to care for them. You need to be really patient and also strict. The word strict here means that sometimes you can take pitty on them but that should not change your goal. You are there so they could cure and free from their addict. ProjectKnow provides information on how to treat an addict such as substance abuse treatment, alcohol treatment, eating disorders, etc.

A good source of information is needed when you are treating an addict. Support from their close friends and families could really help them to overcome their addiction. ProjectKnow is really the place for you search for everything that you need to know on treating an addiction.

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  1. a source for families looking for drug rehab information is a good thing