Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Youtube Blocked

Indonesian government has officially blocked any access to Youtube. An official statement has also been released by the Information and Telecommunication Department to all Internet Service Providers in Indonesia to block any traffic to the site. In case you you didn't know it yet, the blocking of Youtube is a form of protest as the site hosted the controversial film "Fitna". It has offended moslems all over the world. That is why Indonesia as one of the largest population of moslems in the world took this decision.

Along with Youtube there are also several sites that have received the same treatment. Those sites includes Multiply, MySpace, Rapidshare and Metacafe. The latest news is that the blocking is only for specific urls. These are those urls:
1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LyeviTOh2w
2) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-294954647556 1 399959
3) http://wikileaks.org/wikii Fitna_anti-islam_movie_by_ceert_Wilders
4) http://video.aof .mm/videodetaillfitna-the-movie/16966'16402
5) http://blogfi lmfi tna.blogspot.com
6) http://f ile.sunshinepress.org :5444s/fitna-fl ash-video.zip
7) http://wikileaks.org/lealdfltna-fl ash-video.zip
8) http://thepiratebay.o tglto 4 1 027 38 lF itna_the_movie_-.English_-_AVI_and_FLV_format

These urls are choosen as they appear on the first page of every search engine. They will not be accessible for unlimited time. But the government will review the list periodically.

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  1. it's politically correct, and the limitation of the blockage is a good move... the critics of the blockage shall see the other side of the point of view as well.