Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Have you ever heard about Ifbyphone? If not then you have surely missed on a great technology. Ifbyphone is a company which hosts voice application and platform. Its target is small and medium sizes company that need voice services on line and off line. Not so long ago phone to web application was really hard to achieve, but by just installing their software you can call anyone from the web. With just a single click on the web you can directly chat with your customers. This is really helpful if you have many customers and need to call them daily and don't want to dial the wrong number.

Ifbyphone also has a call routing system which enables you to route any inbound calls the way you like. Maybe you want to group together customers according to their area and direct them to a single answering person. This routing system can also be scheduled. With the Phone-Me-Now feature you can call anyone from anywhere. If you can type a phone number to your blog site, email or web page, you can add Click-to-Call capabilities to it. So with a single click you can talk directly to the number you want.

Another important feature is the interactive voice response. By using this feature you can create many applications which use voice recognition as a verification method, thus eliminating the need of traditional web security technology. Adding ivr solutions to your website makes it even simpler for you to be in contact with your customer, not to mention making your site more secure.

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