Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Happened to My Cable?

I just notice that my tv cable is not working. I can not watch anything whereas there is a big match today, Manchester United versus Arsenal from the Emirates Stadium. Why does it has to happen today? Why not tomorrow when the match is over or yesterday or the day before yesterday so the problem will be solved by today.

As you know that Premier League is only broadcast by a company (I don't want to mention names here but I am sure you know who am I talking about). So as an entertainment for my internet cafe, we installed the cable and hoped that our customers will enjoy their stay there. Football is really Indonesia's number one sport and Premier League has many fans here. But today we couldn't watch a big match that could be the decider for this year's title race. Sadly we could not witness it as the government blocked the frequency because the tv cable provider has not done his duty. One of the reason is that they have not paid the lease of the frequency they are using to broadcast. So until they have done their obligation the frequency will remain blocked.

It is really annoying that a big company like that could be very careless of doing their duty. As a customer I am really disappointed because I have paid my rent and hoped that I could watch what I have paid for. I tried to call the customer service but it always has a busy dial tone. Is it really busy or the phone is disconnected? I don't know, all I know is that I will miss a very good game of football just because a small problem. And the most annoying thing is that this is not because of me but it is something that I have no power to control.

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