Friday, April 18, 2008

Online Search Strategy

by: Giovanni Gallucci

YELLOW7.COM develops an SEO plan that is customized to meet your websites unique search engine marketing goals. As our SEO partner, you stand to benefit with your own team of SEO specialists dedicated to servicing your account during the SEO engagement. We follow a tried and tested SEO process that is essential to the successful execution of your websites search engine marketing strategy.

Pre-Analysis and Development Plan

YELLOW7.COM assesses the current status of your website. Our SEO specialists do thorough research of your websites search engine friendliness and user-friendliness in relation to your competitors. Then, in conjunction with your team, we identify SEO opportunities and tactics to ensure your website ranks higher on search engine listings.

Back-end and Front-end Optimization

With back-end optimization, we study your websites structure, navigation links, external links, sitemap and other SEO elements to detect if they in any way prevent search engines from crawling and indexing your website. In effect, we ready your websites back-end for search engines to spider, index and include in their database. We believe that good content attracts user attention, interesting external website links and referrals. Hence, for the front-end optimization, we suggest content revisions, rewrite content if necessary as well as create relevant content to support your targeted keywords.

Once we've optimized your website, we manually submit it to the various search engines and directories, closely monitoring its inclusion in search engines. YELLOW7.COM develops search engine optimization strategies that advance your page ranks and link popularity.

Maintenance and Development

As part of this engagement, YELLOW7.COM tracks and analyzes web traffic reports and your rankings in major search engines. We conduct ongoing keyword research of your target keywords, as some keywords lose their popularity over a period of time. YELLOW7.COM also maximizes your online media opportunities through the various available channels such as link building, email and newsletter campaigns, PPC and other options.

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