Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Most Popular Blogs Share 3 Common Characteristics

by: TJ Philpott

Some of the most popular blogs on the internet have gained their loyal following for reason other than what you would think. No doubt the quality of content found in the blog posting of a site has a lot of influence over its popularity. There is however subtle little things that readers tends to appreciate just as much as dynamic blog entries.

Often times it is these 'little things' that make for a successful blog.

Here are 3 'practices' every blogger should adopt that will only contribute in a positive way to the satisfaction of every blog reader who visits your site.

Contribute Your Own Content

When posting many will often use the content of others to place on their site and this is a perfectly acceptable practice. What you do not want to do is let this become such a habit that most of the content on your site originates from somewhere else. Make the effort to compose plenty of original content yourself to help give your site more of an identity. This will also give any visitor a more reason to visit your site.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Above it was mentioned that an acceptable practice is to use the content of others on your own site. The key to this that makes it acceptable is to ALWAYS credit the author since by not doing so you are 'stealing' the hard work of somebody else. Although the internet is vast in size this type of behavior will be identified quickly damaging your reputation and credibility.

Avoid Large Blocks of Text

Always try to compose your entries so that the sentences and paragraphs are short if possible. This helps to minimize large blocks of text on your site that not only discourages people from reading it due to its size but is also stressful on the eyes.

Most every one of the most popular blogs found online share 3 common characteristics that contribute immensely to their popularity. Although the quality of the blog entries viewed on any particular site has a large impact on reader loyalty there are other factors involved as well. Subtle 'little things' such as the 3 suggested practices discussed above also help gain the appreciation of the blog reader. People are looking for reliable and ethical sources of good information online. Admittedly the blog posting of any particular site is the first thing that catches their eyes. But over the long haul the manner in which information is managed and presented will be a contributing factor in making the site a successful blog.

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