Friday, March 19, 2010

Earn Extra Bux

Do you love working online from home? Are you looking for an easy way of earning cash through shopping? Most people nowadays need to have an extra plan to generate more money beside their daily job. Because of the policy from their office which clearly stating that they are not allowed to have a second job, many of them turn their attention to making money from the internet. At first there was paid review but some can not start the business because they do not have a working blog. Generating revenue from selling others products depends highly on the traffic to your site. But now there is an easy way of making money through cash back rebates.

How do you earn money from cash back rebates? It is very simple. First you need to sign up through sites which provide this kind of service such as Extrabux. After joining the site then you can start shopping for products that you need. Search the product on the search box provided at Extrabux. You will then be given a list of trusted affiliate stores which sell the product you are looking for. Of course for a buyer the logic is to shop in the store which gives you the cheapest price. Pick the store and shop there. As soon as you purchase the product, Extrabux will earn commission from the sale. The majority of this commission will then be returned to you as "cash back". This way of shopping is called comparison shopping and will guarantee that you pay the lowest price for the product.

How will you get your cash back payments? Once you have accumulated a total commission of $10 then you can request a payment. Login to your account on Extrabux and on the My Account page, click on the Request Payment link. The payment will be sent to your mail via check or electronically through your PayPal account. This comparison shopping with Extrabux is really simple and if you love shopping this is a good way to shop because some of the payment will be given back to you as cash back. So join Extrabux now and start earning your cash back!

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