Thursday, April 09, 2009

Product Creation Through Public Information

by: David Hale

Have you ever surfed a government web site? Have you ever heard of Project Gutenburg? Both of these sources are treasure troves of free information to assist you in your product creation. Most information on U.S. government websites cannot receive a copyright and thus is free to be re-purposed and published by you.

Now, this is not to say you should simply slap a cover page on it and call it your own, but think of ways in which you can package information from different government websites into an in demand information product. How about collecting information on government grants for small business owners and marketing that as an information product?

No one will buy it you think? Have you seen Andrew Lesko on TV selling his book on Free Government Money? Where do you think that information came from?

Project Gutenberg is another great source of open source information. Anything listed on the site is so old that it cannot receive a copyright. Many Walt Disney movies are theatrical adaptations to open source information.

Looking through the list of titles one will be amazed at what is listed. You will find something that will make the light bulb go off in your head and you will start thinking of all of how you can use the information in your product creation efforts. Information seekers today are looking for the most concise information in a one-stop product. That is to say, if you were to collect information for these sources that is targeted at a specific in demand niche, you will have a very sellable product.

People today are time conscious and do not want to spend hours on end searching hundreds of web sites for the information they are seeking. If they were to find the targeted information in one product, they will buy it.

Many of the big name Internet marketers today got their start on developing products from public domain information. They are now multi-millionaires.

If they can do it, why can't you?

Here's another possible source of products...

Have you ever written a research paper for school? Whether it was for High School or college, the report can easily be edited into a sellable product. As long as you have a 10+ page report, you are good to go.

People today are in search of very specific content on niche areas. If you believe you are the first person to think of writing a research report on your subject, just take a look at the reference page in your report and that should convince you otherwise.

Simply editing the words you used to be more conversational rather than academic will do the trick. Additionally, you will want to remove any reference citations you may have written into the report.

Your 10 page research paper can now be 10 articles of one page each, one 10 page report, or two 5 page reports. How about recording it? Most personal computers today have a basic recording software included in them. All that is then needed is a quality microphone and you can record an audio product.

How about conducting a presentation on your research topic? Creating a simple Powerpoint presentation is relatively simple to do. If you paper is on a topic that is in demand, there are hundreds if not thousands of people who will not only buy your report, but also the recording and presentation. The most up to date version of Powerpoint allows you to integrate recordings onto your presentation. If you own Camtasia, this can also be used to record voice to your presentation.

So, how simple is that? If kids today are told that they can turn their reports that they hate to write into cash, just imagine how passionate they will become about learning and writing, not to mention becoming an Internet information product creator.

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