Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Since I have known internet, I have come across many social networking site such as Friendster, Facebook, MySpace and many others. All of those are unique in their on way thus each of them have followers or fans. Now there is a new social networking site called Acobay. Have you heard of it? Well I think you probably haven't heard of it because it is only in beta version. But don't be wrong this beta version is already working like a charm.

Registering with site is really easy, just choose your login name and password. Once you have registered with the site then you can start networking with friends or new people. How can you do this? It is really simple. Just go to the Stuff Map and you will see many categories which you can choose such as automobiles, cell phones, computers and many more. Since I am a gadget freak and just recently bought a Blackberry I choose the cell phone category to start finding friends. What really amazes my is that the subcategories of cell phone category is really complete. I can easily find my model under the Blackberry category. There are many people connected there with their own comment and experience of the cell phone. In each of those comments you can find the user, simply click the user to view their details. It is that easy to connect with your new friends according to your personal interest. So go join the site now and start connecting with many new friends around the world!

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