Friday, August 10, 2007

Bali: Your Favourite Getaway?

Hurray, it's Friday. Friday means you have almost completed a week. It means weekend holiday, you can do anything you want after Friday such as sleeping (one of my favorite), shopping, go to the beach or just staying at home to play with your kids. But if you like traveling, you will surely use the weekend to go out and see new places. If you've gone to places you must have a favorite. What is your most favorite getaway place? For some people, especially Indonesian, Bali is probably their first choice of destination for holiday. Bali with its many beautiful beaches: Kuta, Nusa Dua to name a few, its warm people and their unique culture and beliefs, has been the number one destination for tourists who come to Indonesia. In fact, a lot of people only knew Bali, they often ask: is Indonesia near Bali? or is Indonesia a part of Bali? It is really funny if you ask that questions to Indonesian, but the truth is Bali more famous than Indonesia.
Many celebrities have come to Bali and admire the beauty of Bali. The most recent famous person who came to Bali is Zidane (the former French Football National Team captain, World Cup Winner in 1998 and Euro Cup Winner in 2000). He came to Indonesia to visit and meet with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and after that he came to Bali. His visit was not known from the media, but my friend, Benny, was lucky enough to come across him in Sunset road. You can read the full story here. What about Indonesian celebrities? Recently one of my friend, Rina, met with one of our brightest athlete, Chris John. Chris is currently Indonesia's most known boxer. He is the current WBA and IBF featherweight champions. Do you know where Rina met him? He was window shopping at Centro Mall when Rina called him and asked him to take a picture with here. Speaking of celebrities, I did meet a celebrities when I was having lunch in Warung Nikmat with my friend, Wiwin. She was a television actress, but I never watch television so I didn't her name. Later Wiwin told me that her name is Ayu Cintya.
Now, what is the morale of this posting? The answer is Bali is still most people's perfect hideaway if you're on holiday. Despite the bombing which have happened here the beauty of Bali still attracts tourist. I hope that this will continue on as many Balinese depends their life on it.


  1. kalo saya liburan paling-paling tidur. habis mo ke mall ga da duit. mo main sama anak, belom punya...

  2. liburan saya pulang kampung... :)

  3. libur hampir usai..fiuhh..bali yah..kapan bisa kesana lagi y ??

  4. ntar lagi kan mo liburan panjang neh... jumat tujuh belasan... huehehehehe tak terasa indonesia udah merdeka 62 tahun... gak ada bedanya rasanya... wakakakakaka.... bali musti penuh lagi neh :( long wiken soalnya...