Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Dream May Come True

Have you ever had a dream come true? If you are dreaming, you can experience any of your wildest fantasy, event if your fantasy includes meeting famous people. This dream is not mine but someone close to me, you may not believe it but it happened.My friend's has this dream for a long time and that is to meet his idol Zinedine "Zizou" Zidane, the former French's national team's skipper. If you watched last year's tournament in Germany, you probably will know him. He was making his "mark" in the tournament by headbutting Italy's defender Marco Materazzi. Zizou claimed he was being insulted by something that Materazzi said. Making him lost his temper and you know what happened next. But before that shameful display, Zizou has long been known as a maestro in football. He lead French national team to be world champion in 1998 by beating Brazil 3-0 in the final, where he scored two goals. Two years later he then lift the European Cup in Amsterdam beating Italy in the final through a golden goal by David Trezeguet. He was also a winner at club level, with Juventus and Real Madrid to name a few of clubs which he played for. He won almost all silverware that can be won.
If you watch the local Indonesian tv or read the newspaper, you will know that he was in Jakarta to meet with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He even taught a few tricks to the president and a bunch of kids. Coming to Bali, maybe was not on his agenda. But who knows, my friend Benny was really hoping he will come to Bali. Now, coming to Bali is one thing, but meeting him by coincidence in a traffic light, wouldn't it be too much to ask? Hey nothing is too much for the almighty if he wishes it to happen.
Benny was driving his motorcycle to work when suddenly near "Simpang Siur" he was passed by two white Landcruisers. He glimpsed at those cars, at first he didn't realize who was in the car. Suddenly, he was like struck by a lightning. He said to himself, "It's Zidane, couldn't be him. But it is him." He was still unsure, but he tried to chase that car. When he got close enough he was then really sure that it was Zidane. Didn't want to waste any time, he got a hold on his backpack, moved it upfront. Opened it and took his Kodak digital camera out. Zidane was in the front car, while his bodyguards (two really scary muscle men) was in the car behind. He prepared to shoot but got uncertain whether to take picture or shoot video. But he decided it was better to take pictures. The window door was a bit opened, so he screamed, "ZIDAAANEEEEEE !" Zidane was playing with his children, hearing someone called his name he turned with a bit discomfort. Benny managed took a picture (you can see it below), but when he tried to take a second someone was yelling, "Hey, who are you. What are you doing?" Benny was surprised because within a flash Zidane's bodyguard have come out of the car and took his motorcycle's key. Benny said, "Sorry, I was just going to take a picture of you". At first he thought the bodyguards will take his digital camera but thank god they didn't. Nobody else realized that Zidane was in that car, well if they were they wouldn't have brought a camera with them except for Benny. After that the green light turned on and the car drove away, leaving Benny with his "keyless" motorcycle. He had to call someone in the office to pick him up and get the extra key. He got late into the office, I hope his boss wouldn't get mad at him.

What lesson can we learn from this story? That you can meet a famous footballer anywhere? No, surely not. It is, if you have a dream, keep living it, try everything that you can to achieve it and don't forget to pray as prayers have a lot to do with luck, just ask Benny. If you have achieved your dream, it would give you great satisfaction. As my friend Benny described: "This is one of the best of the best moment in my life".


  1. what a lucky cak benris, I should pass the sunset road too this morning and perhaps can meet the famous "ZIZOU"...
    congrats cak benris...

  2. wa.... i wanna meet him....!!

  3. his action in france world cup final, i think it's the best, he is trully a football legend

  4. One of the best story ever on blog so it concerns my Bart chassing ZIdane, one of the hottest soccer player on earth. Too bad Zizou is taken..:( oups, sorry Bart!
    Agus, thank you for telling us what Benny had experienced on that day.
    It was his best moment of the year!

  5. Cak, fix the image please? all my friends want see the face of Zizou that I've taken. tx a lot