Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Human Nature?

Have you ever blame anyone for something? Have you ever wonder why did you blame this person? Was it really his/her fault? Or was it just your brain justifying that she/he was guilty to cover your guilt? I guess it is really easy to blame other people for your mistake(s). This is really common, so wise men call it human nature. It is as human as eating, drinking, making friends, or even the need to have a partner in life (partner in crime not included).
Take this for an example. In my office we have a server, and I am working in a department where we build software for the company to use and manage the daily works. But sometimes a lot of users just blaming our department whenever the software doesn't work. Maybe they have forgotten that aside from the software there are also what they called hardware, which includes the server itself, networking, or even the user's computer. These what make the software works, and it is not otherwise. So to have the software working properly as you told them to do, the peripheral must work first. Users don't know this, all they know is that when the software giving error messages, they just pick up their phone and call our department to solve the problem. Sometimes it is the problem with the software, but most of the times it is the user's mistake. If it is their mistake they won't admit it, they keep saying that they have done the proper way and the software giving error. Oh so human, isn't it? Maybe the human have forgotten what makes them so different from plants or animals, their common sense. Before we blame other people, just take a few moments to look back and evaluate. Hopefully we don't have to put the blame to anyone and that will make the world a better place to live in.


  1. Hopefully we don't have to put the blame to anyone and that will make the world a better place to live in. ---> i'm hundred and ten per cent agree with you...

  2. yah... namanya juga nasib pak. Disini(kantor saya) juga gitu, helpdesk dah kayak tong sampah.

    nikmati aja lah pak, dah resiko itu. kalau ga mau disalahin ya jadi bisnesmen aja. Gampang kok, modal 5 juta, buka warung nasi, dah bisa buat hidup. :D

  3. Yup gto deh, kerjaan kita selalu salah :D padahal banyak salah gara2 human/user error, tetep aja kita yang disalahin, yah makane mo buka coba2 warnet neh.. sekalian menyalurkan hobby ngeblog...