Friday, July 06, 2007

The Power Of 7

If we talk about the number seven, then we are talking about numerology. Number is a result of human culture that is bond to mystical beliefs. Many scientist have dedicated their life to research number and their power. One of those is German's top researcher, Annemarie Schimmel. She published her book, entitled The Mystery of Numbers, on 1993. In her book, she said that numerology and the mystics surrounding numbers have fascinated mankind for thousand years. The sun and the moon have always made men felt that there is something hidden behind it.
Schimmel knew that the number seven has always been the favorite. This made her wrote: "we are hoping that after reading the book, the readers won't make 6 and 7 as their favorite numbers, but to also have knowledge about symbolism and the mystics about any number".
Shchimmel who also know as a philosopher added, "at least the readers will be able - we are hoping for it - to understand why there are three street lights (red, yellow and green), why many people have chosen "lucky" numbers such 7 to be their car's registration number. Number 7 have fascinated men for many years now."
On the other hand, Schimmel wrote that odd numbers have an important role in many culture beliefs, and in theology speculations." But for Plato, all even numbers are bad sign. Vignil said that God loves odd numbers.
All this maybe have not been the consideration for most people yet the number of couples who are getting married on this day, 7th July 2007, are huge. According to the South Jakarta registration office, there is a fivefold increase in the number of people who want to get marry on that date compared to any other date. This shows that people still believe that number 7 is the lucky number, probably it will stay as favorite for a long time.



  1. saya nggak punya nomer favorit...semua sama saja..hehehe

  2. nomer favorit? so pasti nomer 3 soale 3 selalu lekat denganku :D

  3. Un petit bonjour depuis la suisse.
    Amicalement Désirée

  4. @Désirée: thanks for the comment, fortunately I can't speak French. I have visited your blog, but couldn't understand a single word. But thanks for stopping by and gave comment.