Monday, August 06, 2007

Mississippi Disaster

Probably you have heard what happened in Mississippi because it was all over the news. A really tragic accident occurred on Wednesday, 2 August 2007 at 6 pm local time. The bridge collapsed when there were many cars and trucks passing on the bridge. It has been confirmed that there are 50 cars drowned into the river and 6 deaths. This toll will increase as there are many people still trapped under the bridge. A bus full of student was also passing at the time the accident happened. Fortunately the bus didn't go into river. Passengers only had minor injuries. The Mississippi bridge was being repaired when it collapsed. It was an old bridge as it was built 40 years ago with the height of 20 meters above the river. Witnesses said that the workers used big hammer to repair the damaged. Was that the cause why the bridge fell? Only god knows. Here are a few images right before and after the bridge collapsed.


  1. manusia adalah makhluq yang lemah. betapa pun majunya beradaban, ternyata masih ada saja kelemahan.....