Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Link Exchange

For you who have been blogging for quite a while now, have you managed to increase the traffic to your site and thus increased your page rank?From my experience the easiest way (if you do not want to pay) to increase your traffic is just to surf people's blog, leave comments or just post in the shout box and hope for the owner to visit your blog in exchange. The other way is to join a link exchange such as Linkalizer. This site serves as a middle man between people who want to exchange links. First you have to register, then you will have to choose a category suitable for your blog. After that you will just have to wait for offer to exchange link, should you accept the offer then you have to put the link somewhere on your blog. The same would be done for you.
Now, to increase your page rank (in a blog indexing site, such as technorati, pagerank, kampungblog) you need to have a lot of sites link back to your blog or a page in your blog. You will have to be patient though because it really depends in the quality of your posts. Check out these blogs: Aroengbinang-> Pagerank (PR): 4; Technorati (T): 178, Anang's Blog-> PR: 4; KampungBlog (KB): 3. Both of those sites have loyal readers, you can see this by looking at each post which has a minimum of six comments. I am really impressed because I have been posting quite a while but the maximum number of comments I got only six (there are a few of mine in those :D). Anyway the point is you need to post regularly, not just a common post but a good and unique post so your reader will want to come again.
Speaking of unique, check this site. What so unique about this site? Well you can see from the posts there. This site is dedicated for fellow bloggers who post a message in the shout box. Now for each time you post a message in the shout box you will be credited by a link in his daily post. Isn't that a good way to increase your page rank? It's not pretty but it will do the trick I guess. It even gives a review for bloggers who come often. You can see the review about my sites here and here. The owner of this site really has a brilliant idea, this way people will keep on coming and leave message in his shout box and in return will increase their page rank. Quote from MacGyver: "From the bottom of my heart, I salute you".


  1. wahahahahha...

    jangan frustasi gitu dong pak.

    kalo menurut gw sih, blog anang itu bisa tinggi hitnya karena dia sering posting mp3. nah, gw yakin seyakin-yakinnya rangkingnya doi di kampungblog tinggi karena banyak orang searching judul lagu mp3 di mesin pencari. so, santai aja lah pak.

    lagi pula, tulisannya anang tuh biasa2 aja. jauh lah sama blog ini.

  2. wehehehehehe... komentator di atas pedas sekali ya... :P

    thanks tapi bisa menjadi pelecut semangat...

  3. he...he...mas Agus ini orang yang peduli dengan rank...

  4. Thank's Mas Agus. Saya baru tau LinkAlizer justru dari sini.
    Ngomongin pagerank memang lagi hangat. Sampe2 ada kontes NgaduTrafik2007.

  5. wah sekarang gantian saya yang baru tau ada NgaduTrafik2007. btw itu ngikut dimana yah? wah dah jelas kalah deh... buat mas Anang maaf ya blog Anda jadi dibawa-bawa, aslinya saya salut karena blog Anda tuh ranking di kampungblog tinggi terus... jadi pengen ngikut... mudah2an bisa ranking 100 besar lah :D