Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Day At The Hospital

Finally I am able to post again. Last two days I was at the hospital. My little girl was sick and she had to spend a day at the hospital. It happened really quick, one minute she was laughing with us and the next minute she was vomiting. First, I thought she had swallowed a small piece of her toys. But that was not the case. Then she threw up every time we tried to give her milk or water. That was when I realized that this was not the usual case of drinking too much.
We called our doctor and told him what have happened. He then told us to stay calm and keep tying to give her the medicine. If the vomiting continues then we have to take her to the hospital. Unfortunately for her, she vomited all the time that night. So, first thing in the morning we took her to the hospital.
We arrived at the hospital at 7.30 AM. We waited for ten minutes then the doctor came. He then examined my daughter and he suggested that we have to spend the night there because my daughter has lost a lot of body fluids. He also told us that we have to put an IV to her to help getting the medicine inside here body. Wow, that was really shocking for us, because I myself never spend a day at the hospital or having an IV attach to my body. The nurses attached the IV to my daughter through her right foot. It was really sad to see a needle stick to her right foot. Poor my daughter.
Fortunately, right after that she stopped vomiting. Oh, we were really glad to see that. But she didn't want to drink milk or water. We had to force her a bit. But do you know what's the worst part? When the IV was almost empty, suddenly my daughter screamed and cried. We were confused at first but then realized that the IV have turned red. It was my daughter's blood. That's why she screamed really loud. Now that was worst but this is even worst. This happened twice, first when the IV was almost empty and then right after they have changed it with the new IV. Oohhh that was unbelievable. I called the doctor and told him to remove the IV. Only then my daughter stopped screaming and she could rest until morning.
The next day, the doctor told us that the lab result for my daughter was good, so we can go home. But still we have to see him again just to check if she has really recovered.


  1. Oh my god! this was so sudden!! I don't know the medical terms that you used, really hope she's doing fine and good.

  2. semoga lekas sembuh y mas adik nya..