Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 GB

This is another funny story. It happened just now. I and my coworkers were just doing our daily routine, that is typing (source code of course). One of my associate needed to install C# on her computer. She already had Visual Dot Net installed but it turned out only VB.Net was available. Hence we told her to reinstall the application.
G: Just reinstall the application and you should see C# there.
C: I don't think we can reinstall it.
G: Why?
C: I don't think there is enough space for the whole program.
G: How many gigabytes do you have left in your computer?
C: Only 3 GB.
G: And what is the size of your harddisk?
C: 10 GB.
G: ?????
I found it really funny, because in the world where hard disk is already reach Terrabyte in size, you can not imagine someone would have a hard disk with that capacity. It is really to small, 10 GB today is the same as a floppy disk ten years ago. Then again, she is a programmer. I really think that she need bigger space for her hard disk.


  1. who is this lady? am i know her? is that a new 1?

  2. who is this? patrick? someone i know? say your name.