Saturday, April 21, 2007

Revival of my blogs

After a long and lengthy absent, I finally able to post again. Sorry for the past two years a lot of things have happened. First of all I got married in 2005 and by the 17th of January my first son was born. We named him Ngurah Nareswara Putra Sanjaya Erawan. Well, if you want to know the meaning of the name is "a little king which the son of Sanjaya". If you know a little bit of history, you will notice that the name Sanjaya was used in the very well-known book, "MAHABRATA". Sanjaya was the son of King Destrarata, he described the war to the king, because the king was blind. Anyway, that is not the main reason why we named our son Putra Sanjaya. It's because Sanjaya is my name so Putra Sanjaya means the son of Sanjaya. Quite simple huh? To cut the story short, on 13th of December the same year my first daughter was born (surprised?). We named our daughter Aurelia Pradnyaswari Sanjaya Erawan. The name described it all, we want our "lovely" daughter to be an "intelligent" person. So now we have a son (who is starting to walk) and a daughter (who is starting to crawl). I also finishing my thesis to get my postgraduate degree. Hopefully I can finish it on time.

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