Friday, April 27, 2007

Missing the internet

Yesterday we had a power breakdown in our main office. If I were still there, maybe that is a gift because that means that we don't have to work for all day.Can you imagine how happy would that make me? I can go home and play with my two children. Sadly our office had moved to Kuta Square, so yesterday we have electrity for the whole day. But you know what made me really annoyed? A power breakdown in the main office, left us with no internet connection. Try to imagine just sitting in front of your computer and working but no way to surf the internet, all that was left was yahoo messenger. I would rather lose yahoo messenger for surfing the internet in exchange. Sorry yahoo, no offense. Sigh....
In an company that has yearly turnover over sixty million dollars, this case is an irony.
How could an office that rich could not afford a power generator? Does the management, which most of them come from abroad, deny any knowledge of this problem? Well they should have prepared for it because it had happened a lot before. Or are they still hoping that the government will take care of this problem. As you all know, that the electricity for Bali came from Java. This would be a problem in the future, because the ability to generate power is fixed while the demand will increase all the time. The Balinese government had tried to overcome this problem by building their on power plant but was disapproved by the local people. So now, we are still dependant on the supply from Java and thus we have a monthly power cutoff. Everytime this happens, it will be a good day for a lot of people but on the contrary it will be a really boring and annoying day for me.

Lesson learned: never leaves the main office

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  1. bit late maybe to realize the whole story...yeah i remembered about the power cut, lucky me coz i worked in main office so i can hang out during the power cut. i cannot imagine you all stayed in the kuta square office without internet, i thought the power cut didn't effect yours......