Sunday, November 07, 2010

What’s The Deal With ADSL Deals?

by: Alan Spencer

Save money with ADSL

If you get a subscription right now, the first three months won’t cost you a thing. Depending on which deal you choose, this means you’re saving a lot of money. But this isn’t the only cool deal around, there are lots of different subscriptions to choose from and they all come with cool, money saving perks. If, for example, you like to extend your subscription with some extra security measures, it will be cheaper when you fix this with your ADSL provider than when you take care of it yourself.

The power of ADSL

With ADLS you get very fast internet which makes downloading big files more easy than it’s never been before. But how does it work? Without getting too technical, ADSL comes in through an analogue or digital phone line. This means the availability is very high. But there’s a minor flaw in the whole ADSL game. If you don’t live close enough to the power station, the speed of your internet goes down rapidly. Bandwidth always stays the same, but quality (speed) might decrease. Don’t worry though, it’s just something you might like to know. And it might happen, it’s not guaranteed to happen!

One or more providers

Another factor why ADSL is faster is that within most cable networks usually one provider rules the line. For real, you can’t choose another company. ADSL however is on your own phone line and you can see for yourself who holds that line. You don’t share it with others, and therefore the speed doesn’t decrease when others around you go online.

What do the others offer?

Of course it’s wise to look around so you can see what everyone has to offer. The choice isn’t really that big of a deal, as you can go online with whatever you choose. But what are the perks? The providers want new customers so they’re bound to have discounts and other win-win options. And your bank account wins too! The speed of your connection is just one of a few things you need to pay attention to. But surely, less money means more fun!

What’s the deal?

If you order an ADSL subscription you’ll get the so called Dongel. This device is free of charge and makes it possible to get online immediately. Of course your account first needs to be activated. This Dongel is very convenient when you’re on the road. Just switch it on and if there’s a Wi-Fi hotspot you can go online. On trains for example! You’ll save a lot of money, because as we all know Wi-Fi is free.


If you want to use fast and easy internet and you want to do this often. Because of the stable, fast connection that is ADSL, you can go online whenever you like. Unlike cable internet, you don’t share the connection with others so those other users don’t slow down your internet. And you can use the internet as much and often as you like, for a permanent amount of money. So no extra costs when you use it more than you did last month.

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